The movie “Spider’s Head”: When a person fears himself

The most important question in this experiment is related to the effectiveness of separating the spirit from the feeling (Facebook)

Prisoners convicted of multiple convictions, allowed by the U.S. government to transfer to a special institution called “The Abnist Pharmaceutical Foundation.” Within this institution, inmates will undergo a rehabilitation program based on a hypothetical study aimed at observing human behavior and eliciting psychological and spiritual consequences after being vaccinated with imaginary experimental drugs. The title of the program is “Spider Head”, which is the same as the title of the movie “Spiderhead” directed by the American Joseph Kosinsky, which is available on the Netflix platform.

The system of living in the facility is completely different from the traditional system of government prisons. Various privileges are offered to prisoners who will become volunteers, not prisoners in the formal sense. The house looks like a luxury palace, with bedrooms equipped with high quality services, in addition to entertainment and relaxation rooms and leisure activities. Food and drink are the best that can be offered. It is a suitable environment to evoke the innate goodness in man and to compare it with the acquired good. In exchange for these fringe benefits, volunteers are asked to participate in a group of experiments led by Steve Abnist (Chris Hemsworth).

According to Steve, these experiences are supposed to improve human life psychologically, intellectually and socially. However, the motives and behavior of the characters in the work will float to the core of the story, especially the character of “Jeff” (Miles Teller), the hero of the film. It will fall to Jeff to deduce the mysteries of the experiment, its risks and implications for him and the volunteers. Similarly, it will neutralize human thoughts and common sense in exchange for the dependence on behaviors and emotions elicited by special drugs, which have high levels of showing one’s instincts and hidden feelings.

Experiences vary and vary with the type of medication. There is laughter medicine or medicine to kill sadness. Thereby a person is stripped of his intellectual integrity and integrity, and reduced to the lowest levels of naivety, to the point where he becomes irresponsible even for his values ​​and principles in an ironic way and at the same time for contemplation. As Plato says in his book “The Republic”: “Laughter is an emotion that transcends rational self-control.” Commentary on the 1994 genocide in Rwanda will only become a psychological symptom that elicits laughter from one of the volunteers subjected to this experiment, strangely and spontaneously without any awareness or awareness.

There is also a medicine that “strengthens eloquence” and “improves language and expression”, which aims to strengthen the human feeling towards materialism and nature, and to make room for idle and limited spiritual activity for reasons of educational origin. and social source by giving expression. its content and conclusions linguistically and pictorially. Perhaps this experience will be closer to the development of the vocabulary of expression for autistic people, who have deep psychological problems that limit their communication with the outside world.

As for the “elixir of love” medicine, it offers in itself philosophical concepts in the relationship of love and beauty in the circle of human communication. It is closer to the test of spiritual abdication of the throne of discipline in the interest of the body and its instincts, within a sensory connotation, which aims to give people the ability to love instead of being in loneliness and living alienation due to circumstance. and social factors. This results, through a sexual interaction between two conflicting partners, in a physical communication process devoid of any social considerations or behavioral controls that will activate, and this should be after the effect of the injection has ended. However, the most important question in this experiment relates to the effectiveness of separating the mind from the sense in the process of creating a more or less sustainable sensory partnership. Is it possible for a person to accept others without any social and communicative conditions if he only invokes absolute instinct?

The most important remedy in this experiment is “darkness of souls”. The ability to penetrate the inside of the human psyche, read its secrets and search for the causes of pain and anxiety is a goal that will yield positive results if treated and controlled. But it will be a highly sensitive experience. One’s personal space will be subject to unbearable psychological ruin when faced with its worst nightmares. On different levels, a person can commit suicide, as happened with the character “Heather” (Tess Haubrik). Here is an implicit recognition of man’s ability to destroy others if he has the means to break into people’s private psychological circle. Defended by “Jeff” through the period of his trials in which he, or other volunteers, in particular refused to take this drug, due to its catastrophic effects as it is not suitable as a product sold in the market , but rather as a dangerous weapon in the hands of those who control it.

This hypothesis was translated into the scene of the conflict that will take place between “Steve” and “Jeff” after the latter discovers a secret drug that he first gives to volunteers without their knowledge, called “obedience”. Through this drug, “Steve” was in control of the prisoners’ decisions and deceiving them that they were the decision makers. The aim of the study is to test the human will and its endurance and ability to submit and submissive when confronted with commands that contradict one’s deepest values ​​and emotions. So it was a devastating study of all the experiences on which the ideas of the film were built, and it showed the extent of contradictions and human ugliness when one has the power to own and want the other, as Steve did.

Demolition of anything the film attempts to research or experiment with in the human relationship with itself and its environment through scientific and medical methods is not an issue that intersects with the imaginary imposed here. The intended experiments in the band were not meant to show man’s fears, his shortcomings, his good or his evil, as much as the purpose was to seek wisdom and inner beauty in him if he could forgive himself without is a medicine that was able to achieve these goals.

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