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The concept of business development refers to actions that include initiatives, plans and concepts, designed to make business more efficient.

It is the process of making strategic decisions to accelerate business expansion, generate more revenue and maximize profits through strategic partnerships.

In this report, startup talk is all about business development manager.

Who is he?

The Business Development Manager is responsible for creating a development plan centered on achieving financial benefits and customer satisfaction. He can play a variety of roles at the same time, and the company’s business development team is always looking for ways to make money.

Various business development activities are carried out in various departments, including marketing, sales and administration, as well as supply and product management, and include networking, negotiating partnerships, as well as developing cost-saving strategies and collaboration.

Various departments work according to business development goals, and tasks are performed internally or with an expert in business development.

Roles and Responsibilities

The business development manager must perform the basic duties and responsibilities required of him and achieve both long-term and short-term goals.

Below are the main tasks:

  • Identifying salespeople with the right capabilities to increase sales.
  • Lead and supervise the sales team with the goal of improving performance.
  • Develop effective sales and business plans to achieve sales targets.
  • Implementation of courses and programs that improve the abilities of employees and address the problems that arise at work.
  • Verification of resource management in accordance with the budget conditions for the implementation of the action plan.
  • The study of customer needs and competitive market conditions, which helps to improve the preparation and implementation of sales plans.
  • Establishing and maintaining strong relationships with customers when new business ideas emerge.
  • Improve marketing strategies to raise awareness of the company’s product by coordinating with the marketing department.
  • Check the timeliness of information about the business and share it with the organization’s communications team, sales staff, management and customers.

Here are the most effective business development strategies:

Know the competitors

Understanding competitors is a key strategy for business development. It is necessary to evaluate the services offered by competitors and analyze the factors that ensure the company’s uniqueness.

Seize the right opportunities

It is essential to identify potential customers to work with, and to seek effective partnerships before signing any contract.

Attention to the website

Website design is very important because most of the clients browse through these websites before making any decision. It is necessary to add videos and other new features to be the preferred choice of potential customers.

Refine your listening skills

Listening is an ideal way to grow a business, and this skill can be used to grow a business. The role of the business manager is to know the client’s point of view, the issues or problems at hand, as well as the type of work performed.

Follow the comments posted

Nowadays, customers browse online reviews to decide if they want to do business with a particular company or not.

Therefore, you need to enable the Google notification option to keep up with online comments about the services offered by the company.

Focus on customer requirements

It is important to know what the customer wants rather than just offering your services, with the need to listen to his concerns and make sure the services are tailored to suit his needs.

time management

This is one of the most basic skills that every successful entrepreneur should have, and it requires prioritizing tasks.

Providing high quality services

When you start working with clients, it is essential to provide high quality services that achieve their satisfaction. An exact deadline must be set and respected for the client to ensure that new business opportunities are reached after that task is completed.


Providing a unique product or service to customers will ensure that they are loyal to your brand.

Attending business events

It is necessary to make sure that the work network is maintained. Staying in an office and working on plans alone is not enough. You have to attend several business meetings that contribute to building a network of relationships.

List of business development tools

Here are some tools that business development managers use:


If you are looking for organizations to work with, SimRush will help you identify the most profitable business opportunities. This tool is an online platform that provides subscriptions to marketing analysis software.


Every business development team needs a powerful email management tool. They are useful in marketing and can deliver messages for different email campaigns.


It is an online business software used as a tool to design and customize pages. This allows the attribute to know which users are visiting the page.


A tool for assigning certain tasks to others, which enables us to focus on important work by delegating repetitive tasks to other people, and helps us save time.


A fantastic graphic design platform that enables users to create posters as well as social media images, documents, presentations and other visual media.


A work network focused on employment with approximately 706 million members in 150 countries. They are used to facilitate professional, social and professional communication. Employers publish job offers to select candidates, while researchers can publish their resumes.

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