When Elif Shafak hoists the gay flag

More than five years ago, Turkish writer Elif Shafak (or Shafak) announced during her TED Talks in New York that she was gay. She said she had not published before because of fears of stigma, ridicule and hatred, adding: “I have always talked extensively about minority rights, women’s rights and gay rights, but when I thought of that TED talk, I realized one thing: I did not have the courage to never say in public that I was a homosexual, because I was afraid of the slander, stigma, ridicule and hatred that would surely follow my statement, but a one must of course never remain silent due to a contract. for fear “…

Al-Modon has previously published an article on the Turkish response to Shafak’s homosexuality. A group of Turks have declared that Elif’s words are an “insult to Turkey”, calling for her to be prosecuted and for her Turkish citizenship to be revoked while she lives in it. Britain. She was accused of playing a marketing ploy and that she “initially evaded the issue of homosexuality in selling her books.” Others saw her recognition of her sexual orientation as a step that preceded the release of a new book, or even an attempt to win a Nobel Prize.

Shafak, who has a master’s degree in gender and women’s studies, is a global social activist, known for her defense of freedom of expression and her belief in individualism, not in national, religious and cultural collective identities. “She will never forget her case and struggle because of her homosexuality” (Sarah committed suicide in Canada two years ago).

It seems that some Arab writers, in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon and other countries, recently discovered the homosexuality of the Turkish novelist, specifically after she published a photo of her hoisting the gay flag, and hysterical remarks against it on the issue, between calls to boycott her job, and others to separate her personal life and her job! As if this is the first time they know the homosexuality of a writer or writer, and they do not realize that there are dozens of gay writers in the world, whether in the ancient heritage or the present and prevailing modern times (Federico Garcia Lorca) , Oscar Wilde, Yukio Mishima, Marcel Proust and Truman Capote) …

And the remarks about Elif mostly associated her literature with homosexuality, considering that she “poisoned the honey” with calls for a return to the so-called “clean art.” He wrote Mohammed Saleh Beware of who you take your ideas to, and protect your Arab mind in this crazy world.

It was written on the Syrian novelist’s page Lamis Al-Zein: When Elif Shafak comes out with the gay flag, she’s just speaking out.

When wars force you to live in a country that does not allow you to object to indoctrination of your children with toxic ideas that are contrary to common sense, and you can withdraw them from you if you do, it is folly that all Western claims of democracy and individual freedom to express himself, and to accept whatever ideas he wants when he grows up; But you are to some extent forced to accept a reality with which you are not satisfied and you are unable to reject.

As for when a number of “Majid” magazines are published in an Arab country with comics carrying the flags of homosexuality, and the children’s channel mbc3 adopts this malicious idea to spread its poison in the minds of children; Unfortunately, most of their parents are so ignorant and obsessed that they leave the task of education to television without much supervision. This, with God, is an alarm bell if he does not wake us up to educate parents and educators, so we can only blame ourselves if the ax falls on the head, and you find your hope in the legs of a boy you wished for in the best way.

We ask God, in these virtuous days, to protect us from temptation, both apparent and hidden.

An initiative to raise awareness.

hung angel khressI do not deny that at one point I was influenced by Elif Shafak’s writings, nor do I deny that it is innovative … However, I did see her carry out a systematic process of “poisoning in honey” regarding promotes ideas that society does not accept without adornment … Among them is that faith is mysticism and worship This is not the basis, including the promotion that the relationship while Rumi and Shams was a love affair .. and others .. Many young Muslim men and women were influenced by her ideas as she recounted in her novels events that were supposed to take place in Muslim countries, and as a result of her novels, many young women and girls were influenced to Sufism. And to what they call the “religion. of love ”where there are no restrictions but love..Love God and do what you want..This is what they say..and this, by the way, is the basis of the new wave of veil removal. .

The most important thing is that today we have an urgent need to support clean, creative and art that resists these ideas that permeate the minds of young people with glamorous titles: love, freedom, pride, and in fact they carry nothing but blackness within. .. Every artist, whether he is a musician, writer, director, a graphic and cartoonist, and others .. It is a resistance project at the heart of the struggle, capable of embracing the ideas of truth among children and to defend adults in the face of black art .. so that creativity is the weapon at the forefront of his pure art .. God ..

Asmaa Tohamy wrote: This is news I saw yesterday !!!

This is Elif Shafak, the author of the book The Forty Rules of Love hoisting the flag of homosexuality, a book not even written in the balance of halal and haram, that girls flocked to read.

Wow, she’s a winner over homosexuality now.

At this moment I remember that girl who sees in reading novels that she is a sufficiently “educated” girl so that she knows what her money is and what she owes, and this is an example before her, a writer who believe that perversion in human nature!


By the way ..

The novels – apart from a few – are an illusion and commercial world that lets you live an exciting fantasy story you want to live out, rosy dreams waiting for you and eagerly awaiting it with the dream knight underlined in that novel.

Like the novel “I loved you more than I should have” (this is a direct analogy and example). After reading it, you long to live that life and you suddenly invoke your passion! And light a fire in your heart, and rioting will not be quenched!

Then point your compass off.

She said Reham HusseinElif Shafak is an award-winning novelist whose books are widely read in Turkey and the Arab world, and she has published a number of political articles in Europe and the United States.

Shafak writes in Turkish and English, and her books have been published in about 48 languages, and she has so far published 15 books, of which 10 are novels, including the bestseller “The Bastard of Istanbul”, “The Forty Rules of Love and the Three daughters of Eve. ”

Published by Penguin House in the United Kingdom and represented worldwide by Curtis Brown

And her latest novel “10 Minutes and 38 Seconds”

All this, the Turkish writer Elif Shafak is subjected to a violent attack by many countries due to her tendencies. I do not know when a person will cease to take on the role of God, and the work of the artist or writer of his personal life, and not necessarily everyone who follows us is convinced that they should be within Our circle of customs and traditions not.

An Iraqi Shiite sheikh wrote Muhammad Hassan Al Haider Elif Shafak .. Sufism and Perversion

I have read this Turkish author most of her works, and I do not deny that she is distinguished by a literary style that attracts the reader, but I have known since reading the first pages of one of her most famous novels – and the first thing I read to her – that she throws poison in honey, and what poison with what honey!

With its harmonious style of emotions, it puts the reader in a world without logic and rationality, based on crazy emotions that only aim to rebel against reason, logic and sobriety.

Yes .. each of us has a demon in the corners of his soul who from time to time inspires him to rebel against the mind and unleash animal desires, and each of us suppresses his demon in various ways: forbidden , guilt, sobriety, respect, logic, morals … etc.

But this writer and her like motivate that devil, torment him, cut the ropes from his chains and give him the ropes of the leader until he turns into vices again … (This is a part of a longer text that swear words include).

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