Which is better: “MacBook Air 2” or “Air M1”?

The MacBook Air 2, Apple’s latest device, has a faster chip, but its real appeal is its larger, brighter screen and improved webcam.

In her report, published by the American Wall Street Journal, author Nicole Nguyen said the MacBook Air 2 is one of the thinnest and lightest computers in the world, and comes with a number of features that include longer battery life.

The MacBook Air 2 became popular a few years ago as a functional laptop. A change took place in 2020 when Apple released a new version of the company’s first chip, the M1.

The MacBook Air 2 runs significantly faster, quieter and cooler than older versions of the Intel system, and unlocks almost instantly.

Apple says the new MacBook Air 2 with the M2 (M2) system is capable of professionally editing 4K and 8K video clips.

The external enhancements of this device are the centerpiece of its true appeal, in terms of its larger and brighter screen, and a larger top row of keys.

There are two classes of MacBook Air 2, a basic model starting at $ 1,199 and a model with more storage and better graphics capabilities starting at $ 1,499. The device is also offered in different colors, including classic silver and space gray.

People who buy a new MacBook can choose between faster and faster (the new M2 Air). Here are the key improvements Apple has made to the new version:

Safer charger

The MacBook Pro M1 Pro includes a power-safe charger. It is a magnetic charger that separates from the device in case someone pulls the cable, thus reducing the possibility of your computer falling to the ground.

Bigger screen, less weight

The screen measures 13.6 inches diagonally. And with its enhanced bright lighting, it’s easy to look outside. The new version is also a bit lighter than the previous version.

The screen size of the “MacBook Air 2” is 13.6 inches, and the new version is slightly lighter than the previous version (Getty Images)

HD webcam and better speakers

The new version has a 1080p camera, which has a clearer picture. The enhanced integrated audio system, which now supports media compatible with surround and space sound technologies, is better than the M1 Air, but performs lower compared to a range of Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

A set of high-performance keys

The top row of the keyboard, where the volume controls are located, is now full size. The larger touch sensor is great, so it’s faster and easier to unlock the computer, enabling payment and password manager authentication.

The company says video editing on the M2 is 15 times faster than on the Air powered by an Intel processor. The M2 is capable of handling hours of 4K video clips seamlessly.

The author explained that the device starts to slow down when 75 tabs are opened in the Chrome browser. In colleague Joanna’s review, the M1 Air started to slow down when 65 tabs were open and the older Intel-powered Air model started accelerating the cooling fans when 35 tabs were open.

The author said that the battery rating of the “M2” is the same as the “M1”, up to 15 hours of web browsing and 18 hours of watching movies on the Apple TV application.

With a full day’s work, the battery lasted for more than 10 hours, including hours of video calling, writing emails and documents, and switching between Instagram, Twitter and Reddit.

Do you need to update your device?

Price-conscious buyers should consider getting the M1 MacBook Air, as Apple sells the refurbished devices for as low as $ 849.

For most Mac users, if your current computer is slow and you want to be part of the Apple system because you own an iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple device, the M1 MacBook Air is worth an upgrade.

Unless you are thinking of doing any work in Photoshop or Final Cut Pro, you do not need to go up to a 10-core GPU. The author recommends that you upgrade the storage capacity to 512 GB if you plan to keep your computer for more than 3 years.

The latest version of Air does not include face recognition, you can not upgrade memory or storage after purchase, and there is no USBBC port on the right. However, the author sees it as a reliable MacBook.

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