A co-operation and partnership agreement between “Al-Khabeer Consulting” and “NeoSOFT” to provide innovative technological solutions in the Egyptian market for the first time

Hany Adel – CEO of Alkhabeer Consulting Company: Collaboration with “NeoSOFT” supports the efforts of the financial and banking sector in the process of digital transformation in Egypt and opens new horizons for entrepreneurs and enables banks and financial technology companies to build innovative technological solutions to support financial inclusion

Nishant Rathi – CEO of NeoSOFT: Egypt’s digital appetite grows and soon Egypt will be recognized as the world’s next digital hotspot

Alkhabeer Consulting Company, owner of the Benkawy platform, has signed a joint venture agreement with global company “NeoSOFT”, which specializes in providing innovative information technology solutions. sought-after clients from the financial and banking sectors, including banks, finance companies, insurance companies and entrepreneurs, and work to study clients’ requirements and analyze their needs to create appropriate technological solutions.

And “NeoSOFT” is one of the largest international companies specializing in providing innovative technical solutions. Over more than three decades of innovation and development, “NeoSOFT”, through a leading and specialized team of 4,000 engineers and consultants, has been able to provide its services to more than 1,500 clients and efficient and excellent completion of 6,500 projects in 50 countries around the world. .

The leading company is CMMi Level 5 certified, and provides its services through 9 technology development centers in India and more than 10 branches in various countries of the world, and its collaboration with “Expert Consulting” will be the first presence and launch of the company in the Egyptian market, after its impressive success in the UAE The United Arab Emirates and the Gulf States.

In this context, banking expert Hany Adel, CEO of “Al-Khabeer Consulting” said: “Collaborating with a global company with the size and capabilities of” NeoSOFT “will enhance the efforts of the banking and financial sector in the field of digital “Transformation support and innovation. The company has a proven track record of successful projects with more than 117 banks and financial institutions around the world, and we strive to benefit from their expertise in providing innovative solutions to the Egyptian market.”

Adel added: The state has a vision and a real desire for digital transformation, which is clear from the prescriptions of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic on several occasions, and at the level of banking, the change and development supported and guided by the Central Bank of Egypt reflects that vision and implements it. .
And the CEO of Expert Consulting continued: We in Egypt have many ideas that need technological capabilities to implement, and here comes the role of “NeoSOFT”, which has the technological expertise and capabilities that enable it to carry out large projects implement contributing to the achievement of Egypt’s Vision 2030.

Regarding the details of the cooperation agreement, Adel explained that cooperation with “NeoSOFT” gives “The Expert LLC” the exclusive rights to market the company’s services and products to the Egyptian banking and financial sector, which enables us to support the efforts of our customers. of banks and finance companies on their journey to Digital Transformation using the various and innovative services provided by “NeoSOFT”, in line with the Central Bank’s guidelines that strongly support the digital transformation process.

For his part, Mr. Nishant Rathi, Founder and CEO of NeoSOFT said: “Our proven success makes us confident in our ability to activate digital empowerment in this region of the world, which will drive business results and economic growth and create opportunities for the whole community, that the appetite for digital Egypt. It’s growing and growing, and I’m sure Egypt will soon be recognized as the world’s next digital hub. ”

Regarding the collaboration with Alkhabeer Consulting Company, Rathi said: We are ambitious and strive to provide increased value to clients through an approach that drives the digital industry, which is why we work with banking expert Hani Adel, who shares the same ambition share, with the aim of driving growth by leveraging technology while empowering the local community and entrepreneurs.

NeoSOFT seeks to encourage the adoption of new technologies in the country, while inspiring and enriching current and future local talent in this field. In addition to helping companies through their digital journeys and developing an ecosystem to nurture the next generation of artistic talent.
From consulting to leading the technology roadmap, and scale-up implementation, NeoSOFT has the capabilities to help develop Egypt and make great strides toward digitization. With a wide range of offerings, including product engineering, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, data analytics and the Internet of Things, this partnership will help Egypt build new business models that are born locally but function globally.

Expert Consulting is one of the most prominent emerging companies in Egypt specializing in providing financial and banking advice, entrepreneurship and marketing, in addition to the launch of the “Bankawy” platform three years ago to be the largest platform specializing in the dissemination of awareness and financial and banking education in Egypt Egypt based on innovative social communication mechanisms and technologies.

The “Expert Consulting” aims to initiate regional expansion in the Arabian Gulf region and Africa and to compete in the field of financial technology and payment solutions through cooperation and partnership with various entities to bring about the necessary integration to achieve the company’s plan reach.

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