Al-Azhar Observatory confirms in its report: Systematic distortion of normal human nature … Abnormal and unacceptable extremism | religion and world

Al-Azhar Observatory has released a recent report confirming that the contemplator of the mechanics of extremism and its main driver are surprised by the spark that ignites the engine of extremism. Through research we find that extremism, with its various forms, has motives. Because an extremist person is not born so well, but rather is a person who stays together until these motives separate him or her jointly or gradually, and its impact differs from place to place according to the environment that the person embrace what is likely to fall into the clutches of extremism.

Perhaps the motive behind the extremism of the individual is the environment in which he lives or that surrounds him. It is now clear that societies are replete with many abnormal behaviors, which directly or indirectly shape the formation of young people and youth that are the fuel and future of countries, and under this behavior comes “deviation from normal human instinct.” He is good and abhorring all that is evil, and that the deviation and corruption that occurs in man is due to external causes.

In addition, contemporary societal realities are characterized by disintegration and conflict, where there are multiple entities, such as: social networking sites, media platforms, arts, sports and other institutions, which can work spontaneously or systematically to have a negative impact on young people. people, by spreading false values, and executing The criminal is in the form of a commanding hero, at a time when he commits acts that contradict normal human nature, which we notice very clearly in some works of art that soften terrorism (bullies ) establish, in order to distort the normal instinct of young people.

Deviation has become an ingrained paradigm

Day by day, deviance becomes a model that is rooted in the minds of young people. Unfortunately, there are many games and materials that soft powers systematically produce to destroy the normal instincts of young people and youth, through content that seeks to normalize some immoral behaviors, especially homosexuality, in order to destroy the system of moral values. social activities of the family, distortion of the identity of its members, and tampering with the safety and stability of societies. For example: The well-known Walt Disney Company intends to produce cartoons for children that violate religious, human and societal values, and is working to normalize this heinous crime, as the Disney Entertainment Content Officer has confirmed that there is an intention to transfer and to produce (50%) of the The cartoon characters that appear in cartoon films and series by the end of 2022 AD will be converted to gay characters, as an attempt to support the “LGBT community”.

In addition, there are games and costumes for kids aimed at normalizing them to the colors of the LGBT flag, such as the famous Bubbles game, and others. Just as there are positive effects of cartoons due to the positive behaviors they can cultivate, build the child’s habits and skills and provide him with many good teachings and experiences, there are negative effects on young people. It works to perpetrate or glorify violence in the child, and can completely destroy even the positive values ​​the child has acquired through his family or school, when cartoons are deprived of virtuous morals and noble values, and entrenched in rebellion against identity and healthy societal values, and even toddler with the normal sound instinct of the child.Which influences the identity of the child, his mental health and behavior; What makes it a poaching prey to violence and extremism.

family role

Hence the role of the family in the education of individuals; As it represents the first building block of society, and the first cradle for the formation of a psychologically, behaviorally, socially and cognitively healthy child’s personality, it is the first substance from which a child drinks. Parents’ failure to preserve the family and the absence of role models make its members an easy prey for extremist and terrorist organizations. Al-Azhar Observatory for Combating Extremism emphasizes that the family’s education system directly influences the formation of the individual during the various stages of development he goes through. This can lead him to intolerance towards his community or country; Due to the lack of a culture of tolerance, coexistence and acceptance of others, which can clearly occur in some societies with multiple sects, nationalities and ethnicities.

The Al-Azhar Observatory for Combating Extremism believes that we can overcome this dilemma by preparing and activating curricula, media materials and recreational activities that instill and nurture moderate values ​​and deny violence, and revive the practice of critical thinking that distinguishes the bad . from the good in the hearts of young people. To avoid intellectual, psychological and behavioral disorders that may arise due to a lack in the behavior of the educator, or from a lack of care and the absence of family control over the content offered to children, or from the accompaniment of bad friends, or of feelings of frustration and lack, or a lack of self-confidence, these reasons that can drive the individual to break out of society due to these ambiguous circumstances.

The Observatory calls on all institutions and bodies to work on immunizing children against extremist ideology in the preschool stage; For that stage represents the first place in a child’s life to get to know his external world, and to exploit that stage to plant the seeds of tolerance and acceptance of the other in the stage of the child’s subconscious. The awareness role of art in the fight against extremism should also be strengthened by writing texts that elevate people, refine conscience, contribute to awareness among young people, patriotism and should instill in their hearts, deepen the culture of peace and dialogue, to restrain. violence, terrorism and brutality, and combats extremist thinking.

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