Businesswoman Rasha Al-Dhanhani: “Finances alone are not enough.” This is the secret of my success

Businesswoman Rasha Al Dhanhani is a living embodiment of the unlimited ambition that Emirati women enjoy and that leads to success in the world of business and finance. Several, to become a global “brand” through its “Papa Roti” project, which has opened branches around the world, with great success.

Al-Dhanhani, chair of the board of directors of “Papa Roti”, has created new flavors and distinctive secret blends as she believes innovation and excellence are the path to project success, emphasizing the need for project owners to share take in all the details of establishing their projects, and not just being financiers, to gain experience that will help them achieve real success.

She confirmed in her interview with “Al-Roya” that the idea to create the “Papa Roti” series started on one of her trips to Malaysia, when she was attracted by the smell of “coffee”, so she tasted it, and the seed of the idea of ​​finding such a product in the Emirates began to grow.

She advised young people who are about to experience private projects to have their hand in the project, supervisors and participants in all its details, and not just as financiers, and they should be present in all the secrets, with an in-depth study of the feasibility of the project, and the search for ideas not previously applied.

She pointed out that Emirati women have a presence in entrepreneurship internally and externally, and women businesses have greatly supported the national economy as the imprint of Emirati’s businesswomen has begun to become apparent through their ideas and projects.

the beginning

In detail, Al-Dhanhani said: “The idea started from my passion to travel and photograph dishes from different cultures of the world. On one of my trips to Malaysia, I happened to pass by the metro station, and next to a kiosk sell (coffee) bread I was very attracted to its smell, so I bought it and tried.While I was in the hotel, I took it a second time, and I had thoughts about why we do not have such a product did not, so I went back to the kiosk and asked the seller to contact me with the owner of the project. ”

She added, “I actually contacted the owner of the project and told him I wanted to take the idea of ​​implementing it in the Middle East, and I actually took the product and started working on its development, and from this is where the project started. “

When asked about the capital she allocates for the opening of a new branch, she indicated that the capital differs from one place to another, and of course when a branch in the largest shopping mall in the world, The Dubai Mall, unlike any other ordinary branch.

She said the most prominent thing she encountered at the beginning was how to introduce the coffee bread product to the “Papa Roti” project, and the timing was difficult and coincided with the economic crisis, and everyone was against the idea of ​​the project in that period, but it overcame it and pointed out that the economic crises stopped service projects, But for projects, food is essential, especially because people can under no circumstances refrain from eating.

She has confirmed that she has a “Papa Roti” project with its branches in several countries, covering the Middle East, Africa and Europe, in addition to the “Al Rasha” Investments Company, which is looking for new investments around its testing experiences, as well as an advertising agency that served Papa Roti’s beginnings in its infancy, as well as external projects and ideas for establishing new restaurants.

keys to success

She said: I see that the most important keys to success are that the idea of ​​the project is new, which means that the first steps in the path of growth are to choose the other thing, which is not in the target market, or that the product is presented in a way that was not known, the innovative product will grow, develop and achieve success.

Al Dhanhani gave an example and said: “I have developed new flavors and tastes according to the seasons in Papa Roti, in addition to creating many different and distinctive drinks.”

She highlighted the importance of academic study in the success of projects, and explained that her major was in the study of business planning.

She also focused on the need to enter the job market and its role in building experiences and strengthening skills, and “I worked in the field of property and its development, and it helped me make mistakes. identify and avoid, which all improve and increase the success of the project. “


She gave a set of advice to young people who are about to enter the world of commercial projects, starting with the fact that they have their hand in the project, supervisors and participants in all its details, and not just as financiers not, and they must be present in all the secrets to know what is going on in the field in which they are involved, and it is necessary to take into account the elements of the success of the project. , including choosing a good location and studying the feasibility of the project in depth. , as the study is the basis for the success of the project, and it is necessary to explore new, non-recurring ideas.

Women’s experiences

And she has seen that Emirati women are present in entrepreneurship, internally and externally, including designers who have made their way to the United States, and owners of various projects and restaurants in the UK, which means that Emirati women presence in all countries of the world.

She stressed that the contribution of women entrepreneurship in the UAE is significant in supporting the national economy, adding: “The imprint of Emirati business women has now begun to become clear in this field through their ideas and projects.”

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