Cisco enables unified IT with simpler, smarter networks

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Cisco has announced its vision to enable IT teams to work smarter and simplify their operations through new innovations in cloud-managed networks and unified technology experiences.

Organizations rely on digital expertise to maintain the productivity of their workforce and ensure that they exceed the expectations of customers and partners. To create and develop business resilience, IT teams need unified solutions that connect enterprise technologies, sites, teams and devices, as today’s business environment is unpredictable.

The challenge is that IT environments have become large and complex, and user expectations are higher than ever. The connections that companies rely on have multiplied in number and diversity. This has led to the network and the overall IT experience becoming more fragmented, less secure and increasingly difficult as it scales. To address the growing complexity, Cisco delivers a more unified IT experience through intelligent cloud-based platforms.

unified information technology

At Cisco Live, the leading network and security event, the company unveiled new cloud management capabilities that provide a unified experience across Cisco Meraki, Cisco Catalyst, Cisco Nexus wallets and the new Cisco ThousandEyes product to proactively predict and predict WAN performance improve. These innovations emphasize Cisco’s strategy to provide customers with the resilience and productivity their businesses need to thrive in the face of unpredictability through the power of cloud-based platforms.

“Our customers choose to run their businesses with Cisco technology because we are at the crossroads of networking, security and the cloud,” said Todd Nightingale, executive vice president and general manager of Cisco’s Cloud and Enterprise Networking Wing, through simplicity. . Cisco addresses our customers’ greatest concerns by managing complexity with intelligent, data-driven platforms that drive digital businesses. ”

The future is managed in the cloud

Cisco is developing its networking systems to enable customers to switch securely, logically and seamlessly to more cloud-based business models.

With Cloud Management for Cisco Catalyst, customers can now monitor Catalyst switches, and manage new Catalyst Wireless devices, through the Meraki dashboard, providing greater clarity and flexibility for the customer experience. Customers with a unified giant network design or customers with branch network architecture can now simplify their IT operations by combining the best in cloud management and the best network hardware.

Announces Cisco Nexus Cloud, a cloud-based platform delivered as a service that provides the simplest way to deploy, manage, and operate cloud networks. Powered by Cisco Intersight for best-in-class connectivity and multi-cloud management, Cisco Nexus Cloud will expand customers’ ability to manage public cloud, private cloud and peripheral environments of any size or scale. Cisco Nexus Cloud will be available in the fall of 2022.

predictive future

Managing superior digital experiences is more important today than ever. Bad customer or employee experiences leave lasting and devastating impressions. IT teams need to come up with solutions that will enable them to move away from interacting with networking issues, and rather be proactive in preventing problems affecting their business from occurring.

Customers can now take advantage of Cisco’s advances in predictive networking with Cisco ThousandEyes, the industry’s leading cloud and Internet intelligence platform. ThousandEyes WAN Insights is the first step toward achieving the vision of Cisco Predictive Networks, enabling enterprise IT to move from interactive to preventative networks, improve operational efficiency, and ensure the application experience. ThousandEyes WAN Insights, which will be available soon, proactively alert IT teams to issues before they occur and jeopardize user experience, and provide recommendations for business policy and guidance for road improvement. Combined with ThousandEyes’ unmatched vision of Internet health and behavior, the addition of ThousandEyes WAN Insights helps empower customers to augment Internet and cloud-centric environments and deliver flawless digital experiences.

Simplify security at the edge of the network

Last week at the RSA conference, Cisco announced a unified Secure Access Service (SASE) solution. Cisco + Secure Connect Now is a cloud-based solution available as a single subscription client service. The company offers customers a fast-to-deploy and easy-to-manage SASE solution that radically simplifies how organizations connect and protect their users, stuff and applications.


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