Education: Tomorrow is the last chance to apply for the School of Nuclear Energy Technology

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education has announced the opening of the door for admission to accept a new group of students to enroll at the Advanced Technical School of Nuclear Energy Technology (in the city of El-Dabaa – Matrouh) for the academic year 2023 / 2022 of all governors of the Arab Republic of Egypt, explaining that the door to apply electronically started from Saturday 16 7/2022 to Tuesday 19/7/2022.

Successful Egyptian students are allowed to apply for a certificate of completion of the study in the basic education stage in the same year, provided they have a preparatory certificate, provided that the student’s total is not less than 260 degrees, and the degrees (mathematics), science and English) are not less than 95%.

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education specified the categories of students who are admitted to the entrance examinations for the Advanced Technical Secondary School for Nuclear Energy Technology as follows:

The successful student in the preparatory certificate in the same year of all governors of the Republic.

Students who obtained the 2022 Preparatory Certificate, according to the optional total calculated as the total of the student in the Al-Azhar Preparatory Certificate.

For students applying to Matrouh Governor, it is required to obtain a preparatory certificate from Matrouh Governor and a declaration of success for the first and second grades of preparatory schools of Matrouh schools.

The Ministry has established the procedures for applying for entrance examinations as follows:

The application form is registered electronically through the Ministry of Education’s website.

The student completes the electronic application procedures and prints the application form with the guardian who signs it to submit it to the Student Affairs and Examinations Divisions in the education administrations for review and approval with the logo stamp with the following documents:

Paste 2 personal photos of the student on the application form.

A copy of the preparatory certificate or an approved success statement.

A true copy of the birth certificate.

A receipt for the performance of a £ 100 service to apply for the entrance examinations to the Advanced Technical School of Nuclear Energy Technology at the expense of the Egyptian Post Support and Funding Fund for Educational Projects.

The education directorates receive the application documents after they have been approved by the education administrations with receipts for payment of service performance and attach them to the required application documents.

The Ministry also announced the conditions for applying for the examination as follows:

The student must be of Egyptian nationality.

To not be more than 18 years old on October 1st.

Obtaining the preparatory certificate in general or Azhar first round with a total of not less than 260 degrees for all governorates.

The grades of science, mathematics and English subjects should not be less than 95%.

The student pays £ 3,000 for additional educational services, and this is increased annually.

The electronic test for applicants will be held on Sunday 24 July and Monday 25 of the same month in the governors, which are entrance exams.

The Ministry of Education has announced the entrance examination system for students applying to El-Dabaa School as follows:

This examination is regarded as a quiz test at the Advanced Technical School for Nuclear Energy Technology.

This examination is held electronically by the electronic committees designated for this examination, and the result is announced to students via the ministry’s website. A maximum period of 10 days from the date of publication of the test result, provided that the grievance at the Citizens are submitted. Service Office at the Ministry’s General Office.

Students are admitted to the Advanced Technical School of Nuclear Energy Technology according to the annual numbers.

After the electronic examinations, the students and the equation are arranged as follows:

1- The nominal sum of the electronic test components according to standards set by the National Center for Examinations and Educational Evaluation.

2- The student must pass the success criterion in each component of the electronic test separately, according to the success criteria determined by the National Center for Examinations and Educational Evaluation.

3- Successful students in the first phase are arranged in descending order to select the required number for the second phase of examinations in one of the

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