For these reasons, the Philippines has chosen the “son of the tyrant” as president.

Bongbong Marcos officially took over as president of the Philippines late last month after winning a landslide victory in the May 9 presidential election, with 31 million votes out of 55 million who participated in the election process.

His opponents brought the history of his father’s rule, protesting in the streets of the capital, reminiscent of the black history of Ferdinand Marcos, who ruled the Philippines with an iron fist and caused human rights violations and his name was associated with corruption and looting of the public. money, while Marcos Jr. because of its historical sensitivity did not speak about his father’s rule, and built His election campaign was to establish unity in the country and bring about economic recovery and renaissance, so that Marcos Jr. ‘s victory remains a unique event. it involves a popular division between Marcos’s vision as a savior of the Philippines from its economic obstacles, and what it sees as a continuation of his father’s authoritarian rule that ruled the country for two decades and died in exile, far from his homeland with his luxurious family. After his government was overthrown in 1989 in a popular revolution.

With the return of the ruling family to the Philippines in 1991, it revived its political activity and led to the return of the son of the Philippine president to the presidential palace Sal Pong Pong Marcos restored his father’s grip on the country. rule with iron and fire, or will he take advantage of past mistakes to rid his country of corruption and revive its crumbling economy?

President’s son

Pong Bong Marcos comes from a family with a long history of politics and power. He is the son of the late Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, who ruled the Philippines for more than two decades, specifically from 1965 to 1986, and his mother was a member of the Philippine House of Representatives during the 1990s. His sister was elected a senator in 2019. As for Bongbong, he is the only son of the late president, and he has held two government positions and was appointed a senator until 2016, and he ran in the last presidential election with Duterte as his deputy. , but lost to Lenny Robredo.

The period of Marcos Ferdinand’s rule was linked to martial law, which was introduced in 1972 and disrupted the work of Parliament. It also witnessed the arrest of a large number of opposition politicians and the imposition of full control in the country, and caused a number of offenses in addition to corruption affecting the president himself.

But corruption and the resulting public outrage were associated not only with the president but with the entire family, as it was known about Marcos’ father’s family that they lived a luxurious life and spent exuberantly while ruling the country. has. The then president’s wife owned more than 3,000 pairs of shoes found in the presidential palace after the family fled in the wake of popular protests that toppled President Marcos ‘regime, at a time when most of the Philippines’ citizens lived in poverty, which increased the anger of the population. to the luxury family.Which led to a popular revolution, after which the former Philippine president was banished to Hawaii, where he lived with his family and died in 1989 away from his homeland.

The boy, Pong Pong Marcus, was in his twenties at the end of his father’s reign. He previously held the post of deputy governor in Ilocos Norte from 1980 to 1983, and then became mayor of the same city until his father and the whole family was banished to Hawaii.

Coming home

The story of the Marcos family did not end with the exile in Hawaii, as it returned to the Philippines in 1991 and began to regain its political activities, while at the same time initiating cases against them inside and outside the Philippines. The Philippine courts and the Swiss Federal Supreme Court have confirmed that the late Philippine president has hidden a large sum of money abroad, estimated at about ten million dollars, and formed a special committee in an effort to recover these funds. , but it only managed to give back only. $ 4 million.

The Marcos family also stood trial on charges of profit and tax evasion, but the courts acquitted them, but in 2016 the court issued a 77-year prison sentence against the wife of late President Imelda Marcos on seven charges that related to corruption, but she did not go to jail and was released on bail pending an appeal.

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The Marcos family’s return to political life was greeted at the same time with welcome and caution, as Pong Bong was able to return to the post of Governor of Ilocos City in 1998, and then became a member of the Philippine Senate, which paved the way for the Marcos family’s return to the presidential palace after an absence that lasted more than four decades.

Despite the large number of opponents of the rule of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, there are some supporters of his government, who believe that his presidency has experienced a boom in the country, which is building infrastructure projects such as hospitals, roads, bridges, etc. ., which rejects the opponents on the grounds that these projects were based on corruption, unbridled foreign lending.

To the presidential palace

With the announcement that Bong Bong is eligible for the presidency, opposition voices began rejecting the boy’s return and his quest to improve his father’s image. During the last period before the election, opponents tried to stop Bong-bong from entering the top position in the Philippines, by filing a lawsuit in the Supreme Court because he was not eligible to participate, as he was involved in tax evasion cases. was bound, but the lawsuit had little effect.

At the same time, the character of Pong Pong became popular among the Filipino people, and supporters for his election campaign increased after he made it to national unity and the improvement of the country’s economic conditions. In the polls that preceded the election, Bongbong Marcos was at the top of the list of candidates likely to win the presidential election, gaining the largest percentage of approvals among the candidates, who reached 56 percent, far ahead of his closest rival, former vice president Leni Robredo, who was seen as an indication to approach the chair.

Although Marcos Ferdinand Sr. was sentenced in Hawaii for human rights violations, forcing him to pay $ 2 million in compensation to some 9,000 Filipinos affected by his rule and martial law, but that was not what the new president mentioned in his speech. during his election campaigns. . During its election platform, Bong Bong avoided addressing controversial and controversial issues, affecting the focus on the need for unity in the country, economic issues, the increase in jobs and the confrontation of rising prices. The current president also refused to apologize for his father’s mistakes and explained that he was young during the father’s reign and could not be held responsible for his father’s actions. During his election campaign, he emphasized that he should not be judged on his background, but on his actions.

The controversy that accompanied Pong Pong emerged during the election campaign, which is accused of leading an organized campaign of rumors and misinformation that seeks to polish his father’s era as the “golden era” of the Philippines. , while Twitter suspended hundreds of accounts affiliated with Marcos’ campaign. last January for allegedly violating Platform Rules manipulation. In addition, Marcos refused to appear in a number of debates and television interviews about the presidential election, citing the lack of objectivity of the dialogue moderators.

dream and rumors

Bongbong Marcos’ big victory with 31 million votes in the presidential election reflects the new president’s wide popularity, but this victory is explained by a number of different reasons. Opponents believe the victory is due to the planned campaign launched by his team to spread rumors and misinformation on websites and social networking sites, whether over the period of late President Ferdinand Marcos’ rule or over his opponents in the election, while some believe that Pong Bong’s victory is due to the desire of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. rule as the golden era of the Philippines.

Analysts in political relations regard the popularity and wide popularity of President Bongbong as a reflection of the years-long failure of the political elite to achieve any tangible benefits on the ground, which made them not democracy as a solution to the existing problems in their country do not see. . On top of that, the election platform based on bringing the Philippines back to the world stage and its rise, was a dream of many Filipinos, which caused them to rally around the new president and his election in the recent election. In addition, Lenny Robredo, Bong-bong’s closest rival and former Vice President Duterte, has made a number of voters reluctant to choose her as the face of the economically unfulfilled old regime.

There are many reasons that explain the great victory of Pong Pong and the return of the Marcos family to rule in the Philippines again, but it is certain that the state of controversy that Marcos Jr. accompanied since his candidacy will continue during his reign. one of the most controversial presidents of the Philippines.

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