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Courtship is seen as a stage of preparation for premarital relationships, and it does not mean a countdown and parting from independence and celibacy, but rather it is a period of harmony and deeply meaningful communication, and the building of a beautiful and stable life. with the participation of the appropriate spiritual partner who completes one and adds happiness and joy to his heart, and therefore the fiancé must benefit from it and create memories Unique and attractive moments that bring back their memories, and give them hope again as they grow older together .

Dr. Amal Ibrahim, a family expert, tells my lady: One of the important stages in the fiancé’s life is the stage of getting to know and knowing each other’s temperament and the positive and negative qualities in each of them and how to deal with with them, so you need to learn how to make your fiancé happy?

Steps to please Al-Khatib

Steps to please Al-Khatib

Try to show confidence in him.

Do not repeat the same question about what is in his mind and mind, especially if you both encounter a problem; Because the man feels from the many questions that the woman does not trust him, but you should calmly discuss the outstanding issues between you, and try to reach a solution that satisfies you both and is a reason for greater understanding.

Avoid criticizing him for everything.

Do not try to criticize him in front of family, relatives or even strangers; For the man will show his pent-up anger, and he will absorb that anger for the first time, but if it is repeated, he will quickly review you in a way that makes you angry, or his anger will appear clearly on him, and words will come out of his mouth that you will not be able to comprehend and you will regret it.

Jealousy is a wonderful and commendable thing between a man and a woman during and after courtship:

But if that jealousy is within its natural framework and its logical limits, if the woman’s jealousy exceeds the limit, and she tries to increase her fiancé’s jealousy, then it will inevitably cause a lot of problems, and you will not be able to control it. , but his trust in you will automatically diminish, and life will change into a great deal of conflicts and troubles between you.

– Do not try to make comparisons between him and anyone, no matter how close he is to you:

Because it is possible for a man to feel incapable of satisfying you without you intending to, and here something unthinkable of him will happen to you.

There are differences and similarities

A smart woman should tell her fiancé about the similar things between them, as if she loves a certain sport like him or loves reading just the way he is. Also, if there are no similar things, do not be upset; Because every human being has a different personality, and that difference between you is a healthy thing; Because it will make you complement each other.

All men hate being restricted.

Do not try to surround him with your many questions from an example of why when I called you, you did not answer your phone, with whom you spoke … So do not try to make him feel that he always be watched, but rather give him a space of freedom without neglecting him and without restricting him.

Ways to communicate harmoniously and smoothly with the preacher:

Ways to communicate harmoniously and smoothly with the preacher:

Constantly go out with the preacher and talk and discuss with him face to face:

Choose the appropriate time and place for a friendly, gentle dialogue with him, taking into account his circumstances, and avoid talking to him via messages or phone calls about important topics.

– To be honest with the preacher and to turn to him:

When the girl feels fear or hesitation about the next stage in their lives, and tells him the characteristics or behaviors he is doing and scares her for the future.

Use positive, gentle dialogue:

Dialogue that is without expressions of justification or intentionally blames the preacher, listens to him attentively and works together to manage disputes in a good way that ensures that hearts are brought closer and intimacy and affection are increased.

To get along well with him and give him enough attention:

The good manners of the girl play a big role in attracting the fiancé and increasing his love and respect for her, and his faith in her as a suitable partner who is happy to live with her and later the married life with share joy and love, and this is shown by staying in nature and avoiding pretension and artificiality, attention to appearance and wearing appropriate clothing.

It is also necessary to listen carefully and attentively to the man:

To get along well with him and with others around him, as well as to care for him and provide him with care and support, that is, to take the initiative and give and not just receive love and affection from him, and we should not forget the charming smile that captivates a man’s heart and makes him attracted to her and wants to get closer to her.

Show love, affection and beautiful feelings for him:

A man should hear expressions of love and longing from his fiancée, which make him more confident in his decision, encourage him to take the initiative and verify his feelings, and encourage him to express it, the relationship between them consolidate and reconcile them. hearts, by constantly talking to him and asking with interest for his conditions, and choosing warm words that capture his heart.

Use words to express gratitude:

Gratitude for his presence in her life, and for his importance and special place in her heart, in addition to reflecting these feelings on her actions before him, and when she meets him, so she treats him with love and affection, endures him, and speak softly, softly and politely to him.

Build trust and make it the basis of the relationship:

Trust supports the building of happy marital relationships and makes it healthier and more stable, and brings the two fiancés closer and makes them more comfortable and reassuring for the future and stage of the marriage later, and the fiancé can build proper trust with her fiancé and it strengthens.

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