I try to spread the culture of opera in the Arab world

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She founded the Amman Opera Festival, which is the first festival focusing on opera in the Arab world, and toured around the world to give concerts in the most prestigious theaters with a number of celebrities. She is the Jordanian soprano Zina Barhoum , which gave her expression. congratulations on the art she presents around the world, to In addition to her success and distinction in establishing the first festival focusing on opera, and her desire to present the “Amman Opera Festival” to the Saudi audience. About the idea of ​​the festival and its upcoming musical projects, we had this conversation with her.

You have established the first festival that focuses on opera singing in the Arab world. Who gave you this idea?

Opera is a Western art that enjoys short periods of interest in the Arab world, coinciding with the availability of its artistic performances. This forced me, under the auspices of Princess Muna Al Hussein, to implement the initiative to host the first opera festival in the Arab world in the Jordanian capital, Amman. With the aim of establishing an opera culture in Jordan and the Arab world.

Does Zina Barhoum see her as such a step as an adventure, especially since we rarely sing opera?

I hope the festival will be the culmination of my efforts to spread the culture of opera art in Jordan, starting with the Qantara series of music, art and singing in many concerts in Jordan and abroad, with the aim of build bridges of understanding and sympathy through my music More interest and expansion in Jordan and the entire Arab region, and every effective and purposeful work is a journey full of adventures. I’m glad to have AA Theater as an incubator for local and international talent, and as the home of the Amman Opera Festival, and I have dreams that I will realize with passion and perseverance.

Can you tell us more about AA Theater?

AA Theater is the Amman Academy Theater, the first multi-purpose acoustic functional theater in Jordan, with an opera house and concert hall. This multi-dimensional theater offers a living space; Where artists and innovators can collaborate and create. The theater features allusions to Baroque-era theaters, in terms of its burgundy and bronze colors, complemented by contemporary designs, and the theater won the Leisure And Innovation 2022 award.

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I hope to present my project for the Amman Opera Festival to the Saudi audience

My new album is in English..and I hope to repeat the experience of singing with Andrea Bocelli

Academy Theater Concert

You attended the opening ceremony of the Amman Academy Theater. How do you see this art project?

Amman Academy is a center of educational excellence, creativity and innovation. In the last eight years, its students have received many scholarships to go to the best universities in the world, and in the last ten years, 22 graduates have completed full marks at the International Baccalaureate.

Is there another singer who took part in singing at the Academy Theater’s opening ceremony?

The concert was attended by Nadim Noaman, the British artist of Lebanese descent, and the Jordanian Mirage Ensemble, accompanied by the National Institute Orchestra, and conducted by Fabio Buonocore of Italy.

Have you ever considered setting up a private school to teach opera singing?

Yes, many times, but travel and current artistic projects require a lot of time and effort, and this prevents me from devoting myself to founding a school of such importance, and I hope it will happen in the near future, if God willing.

You sing outside the herd because you offer a different kind of singing Do you find Zeina Barhoum the necessary support in this matter?

Yes, every artist needs support in his artistic career. It is with great pride that I thank all the people, governments, companies, my family and the capable public, first of all, for the continued support that gives me the energy to give and keep moving forward.

After the album “Al Qantara”, what about the new album?

My new English album, Wings of Love, Let’s Go Back in Time to My Musical Beginnings, My Passion for Pop Music in America with My Family in Pennsylvania, and My Next Album of Compositions and Words, which I started working on in 2020 during the pandemic, music and lyrics are an inspiration that stems from the impact of the pandemic on the world To promote love and union for a better world in the future.

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Singing in Saudi Arabia

Within a short period of time, an artistic boom took place in Saudi Arabia that included several aspects. How did you see this boom?

This boom is very positive, and very important for building giant steps to expand the cultural and artistic horizon in the country and build solid bridges between different civilizations and cultures.

Do you dream of having a party in Saudi Arabia?

I am happy to present my projects for the Amman Opera Festival to the Saudi public.

International tours during which she has collaborated with more than one international star. With whom does Zina want to repeat the experience?

With international superstar Andrea Bocelli.

She gave more than one concert at the most prestigious theaters. Which concert did Zeina hold the most, and does she still remember?

She was in Italy at Rimini and at the Carmen Opera. What I love about my job is getting to know new people in every job I invite, to take a new experience that contributes to my journey through time, and with music a unique glow that engraves every party in my mind make, and make hard to forget.

Finally, what do you dream about?

That my voice reaches the whole world.

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