Important meetings of Miqati in the Grand Serail. This is what the research focused on – the ambassador of the North

The caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati held a series of diplomatic and ministerial meetings at the Grand Serail today.

In this context, he received the Ambassador of France, Anne Greu, and held with her a horizon tour that dealt with the current situation in Lebanon and the region.

Mikati also received the U.S. Ambassador to the United States, Dorothy Shea, and presented her bilateral files, especially those related to the issue of U.S. mediation to demarcate Lebanese maritime borders.

Then Mikati, in the presence of Ambassador Shea, received a delegation from the “American Task Force for Lebanon” (Task Force for Lebanon) led by Mr. Advisors to President Mikati, former Minister Nicolas Nassif and Ziad Mikati also attended the meeting.

Financial Action Group

President Mikati received a delegation from the Financial Action Task Force “Ghafi” led by the group’s President for the Middle East and North Africa, Dr. Muhammad Al-Rashdan.

During the meeting, they discussed Lebanon’s commitment to international standards for combating money laundering, terrorist financing and weapons of mass destruction set by the group.

After the meeting, the Secretary-General of the Special Investigation Commission and the coordinator of the visit, Abdel Hafeez Mansour, said: “The delegation is visiting Lebanon and will stay there for three weeks. Funds, terrorist financing and weapons of mass destruction developed by the” Gavi “- group, the “Financial Action Group”.

He added: “This process is very serious and lasts from 14 to 16 months, and I started my office work, which represented a review of legislation and laws, which started at the end of last year. The results are as good as we hope. ”

Minister of Economy

President Mikati met with the Minister of Economy and Trade, Amin Salam, who announced after the meeting: “President Mikati has put three basic files on the table:

The World Bank emergency loan file relates to the support of the Lebanese wheat, and I am assured that a high-ranking technical delegation from the World Bank has arrived to work with us to implement this loan, which reaches the parliamentary committees has. , and we promised that in the first session it would be submitted to the General Assembly of the House of Representatives for approval. will be a guarantee to ensure wheat for the next nine months, and at a rationalized support price, to a point where another support mechanism is established, represented by support through the financing card, so that the Lebanese state will stop supplying goods and direct support for wheat, and the subsidy is transferred directly to the consumer and to the most needy classes. ”

He added: “From now until the implementation of the World Bank loan, which can take a month, we are assured that there are subsidized shipments of wheat imported by the private sector amounting to more than 45 thousand tons, and there are quantities that will arrive during the current week and next week that cover the Lebanese market’s need for Arabian bread for a period of time. ” A month and a half or more. We are also assured that the credits are still open, and there is no justification for creating crises and intimidating people, because the credits are there and the quantities requested. ”

And he continued: “With the full support of the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers, all the security services and the ministries involved will be on the side of the Lebanese citizen and the Ministry of Economy to stop all crisis traders, and all those “begging himself to repeat what we saw last month of stealing public money and stealing flour. We hope that crisis traders will not let us take stricter measures to ensure a bite of bread.”

In response to a question, he said: “As far as the issue of the Beirut port snails is concerned, there is a decision issued by the Council of Ministers to abolish the levies, but it has been suspended for further notice. respect for the families of the martyrs who demanded to be patient until matters become clear in the judicial inquiry. ”

He called for a radical solution to the issue of silos through an integrated project, as there are thousands of tonnes of grain inside and outside the silos that are fermenting and leading to fires. There is a technical team following up on this issue, and every step taken to put out the fires is taken with great accuracy, and the army helicopters worked to put out the fires but the results were not as desired. We look at how to put out the fires to put out the smoke that is being released and the people who live near the harbor.

In response to a question, he pointed out that “it does not harm the environment for this smoke, and we will continue our efforts to find the best way to address this issue and reach a final and integrated solution that “is represented in the demolition of nonsense, but the first concern, as the president said, is about public safety, because no one harms anyone.” “.

Army Command

President Mikati received a delegation from the Army Command and received from him the invitation from the Army Commander, General Joseph Aoun, to celebrate the Army Day, which will be held on the first of next August at Shukri Ghanem Barracks in Fiyadia.

The delegation included: Head of the Protocol Authority, Brigadier General Ibrahim Trou, Head of the Public Relations Division in the Military Chamber, Colonel Naji Bou Zayan, and of the Directorate of Intelligence, Head of Public Relations Colonel Ahmed Hajj Shehadeh.

Photos from President Mikati’s meetings:

Meeting with the French Ambassador

Meeting with the US Ambassador

Meeting with the delegation of the US Working Group on Lebanon

Meeting with the Minister of Economy

Meeting with a delegation of the Army Command

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