In 2021, Banque Misr will provide 15,620 non-financial services to entrepreneurs

Dr. Mohamed El-Antabli, head of the small and medium business sector at Banque Misr, confirmed that the Nile Pioneers initiative; One of the initiatives of the Central Bank of Egypt, which is an integral part of the banking business, which was limited to the provision of financing and financial services, to the expansion of the provision of non-financial services and the integration of banking activities in to close, financially and non-financially, with the achievement of financial inclusion and digital transformation, which enhances the concept of a comprehensive bank.

El-Antabli said in light of the growing tendency of the Egyptian state and the Central Bank to support entrepreneurial activities, owners of ideas and emerging and small projects, the Nile Pioneers initiative is an important tool to support young people and entrepreneurs and to provide. them with pre-financing services, and help them in all stages of their projects, from the idea, to production and expansion.

He added that Banque Misr is one of the first banks operating in the Egyptian market to rush to participate in the Nile Pioneers initiative and its various programs that support entrepreneurs and projects, or the Business Development Service Centers program. , which counted 3 centers, provided more. about 8,620 non-financial services to entrepreneurs who benefited from it.About 8,000 projects and entrepreneurs, and the Bank also participates in the Design House program that works to support the local industry, increase its competitiveness, and work to replace the local industry with imported products.

He explained that Banque Misr’s participation in the Nile Pioneers initiative stems from the bank’s leading role in community development and contributes to the strengthening of the Egyptian economy, and to supporting small, medium and micro enterprises to combat unemployment and domestic increase product, and sustainable development, and in recognition of the importance of supporting banking sector customers not only not only financial solutions but also non-financial services.

He pointed out that non-financial services have become equally important for their role in supporting projects of various sizes in development and growth, especially with the consolidation of the mentality of the banking business, rather than merely financing agencies for entities working directly to create jobs, reduce unemployment and improve income The Egyptian family, which is reflected in the national economy, all in line with the Central Bank’s guidelines.

In turn, Rasha Saeed, Director of Support and Development in the Small and Medium Enterprise Sector and Supervisor of the Nile Pioneers Initiative at Banque Misr, said that Banque Misr’s strategy in providing non-financial services depends on the preparation of a qualified work team at the highest level of training and efficiency in accordance with the determinants of the Central Bank of Egypt and in collaboration with the Institute of Banking, in order to support projects and entrepreneurs.

She added that the bank launched 3 business development centers – for non-financial services – in mid-July 2019 in the governors of (Menoufia – Damietta – Luxor). These centers have more than 15,000 non-financial services to more than 7,000 entrepreneurs and project owners by the end of December 2021.

She pointed out that the services provided by Banque Misr Development Centers include: advisory services, feasibility studies and initial financial analysis, facilitation of licensing, facilitation of training, network services with investors, facilitation of access to finance, and has contributed to help the owners. of projects most affected by the Corona pandemic aim to overcome the economic repercussions and take advantage of the new opportunities created by the new situation, such as e-marketing opportunities.

The supervisor of the Nile Pioneers Initiative at Banque Misr revealed that the bank’s development center units helped some 944 entrepreneurs and project owners obtain loans, credit facilities and bank retail worth £ 781 million.

She pointed out that Banque Misr’s business development centers are a key partner in many of the success stories of entrepreneurs, in addition to helping project owners grow, expand, develop marketing methods, use the Internet to promote products and network, and to help with the required bank financing, and some of these projects have obtained certificates Internationally accredited for their work, such as ISO certification (quality in manufacturing, management and compliance with environmental requirements).

She noted that Banque Misr’s business development centers had taken part in the commercial and awareness campaigns launched by the bank under the slogan “With you at any time .. anywhere” in several governors of the Republic, in parallel with the presidential initiative A Dignified Life ”in line with the guidelines of the Central Bank of Egypt, where the campaigns were aimed at providing banking and non-financial services, in addition to promoting financial inclusion efforts by raising citizens’ awareness.

At the level of the Design House program, the Director of the Department of Support and Development in the Small and Medium Business Sector and the supervisor of the Nile Pioneers initiative at Banque Misr, explained that design houses are located in 4 Egyptian universities (Nile University) is. – Ain Shams University – Al-Azhar University in Qena Governor – Arab Academy of Science, Technology and Transport). Al-Bahri) is under the auspices of Banque Misr, based on the bank’s zeal to support the industrial sector and enable entrepreneurs to innovate and develop new products that meet the needs of the consumer at the best cost, while the quality element is taken into account, as the key to success in various industries, which contributes to the promotion of the development wheel and the creation of more job opportunities, to combat unemployment. , community development and positive influence on the domestic product.

She pointed out that the US Space Agency – NASA has chosen the Nile University Design House, sponsored by Banque Misr to implement the (VITAL) fan project, as the only body selected from Africa to manufacture the device under 13 companies selected around the world from 331 companies in 42 countries. Their application for a license to implement the project has been registered.

She added that in the Bank’s zeal to be present in the regions, the design house of Al-Azhar University in Qena Governor was established to specialize in the fields of agriculture, water treatment and renewable energy Large factories in Bo- Egypt.

The role of the design houses sponsored by Banque Misr was not limited to specialized industrial fields, but its role expanded to interact with the crises we face on the ground, such as the spread of the new Corona virus, as one of the design houses sponsored. by the Bank was able to design and distribute many medical products such as protective face masks in addition to Manufacturing products that support people of determination in cooperation with international bodies, including the European Union.

Rasha Saeed indicated that Banque Misr also supports small and medium business owners to participate in local and international exhibitions, including; The handicraft exhibition in Milan, Italy, through which the bank provided full support to the Egyptian exhibitors of entrepreneurs to travel and display their products to contribute to the promotion of their products and gain new experiences for export to European markets, and it comes from Banque Misr’s leading role in supporting project owners, entrepreneurs and the local product And work to increase exports.

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