Swallow travels adventurously in his worlds of gossip behind

Youssef Ghanem

How wonderful it is for the writer and writer to connect the thoughts and ideas in his mind to reality, and how beautiful it is for him to invest words and meanings and use appropriate vocabulary and allusions to achieve his goal around his paintings with letters and Lahem ”(Dar Surat Arabic), as well as in“ Gossip Behind the Mihrab ”(The Foundation for the Arab Expansion), which exposes the falsehood and focuses on the social reality in which people live, and which constitutes. a distinctive addition to the Arabic literary library with its narrative and depiction of reality.

In “Masks of Flesh”, which Jordan writer and media figure Ahmed Al-Tarawneh presented to her, he said that storyteller Hussein Al-Sunnah does not let the thresholds of storytelling be tested unless the adventure is worth it. , indicating that he has outdone himself in this group compared to the previous one, as it is clear from the texts he has chosen for his group that he knows exactly what he wants, there is a full life in every story , in which the narrative is not only an idea that I wore the dress of cut by force, but life Included proceeds from the narrative it forms and the daughters of ideas blow away from it, and the motivated reader who the truth in the looking for folds of the narrative, easily picks up between the lines. and easily reaches, in spite of doubt and high bumps, to the beautiful meaning wrapped in words without a sense of vulgarity, on the contrary, he sees how much He is happy with a lush text he walks through freely, to find that the writer listens as he jumps on the wounds and creates pleasure for the reader who plunges his eyes into the pain of the text. Where is the consciousness that is its purpose?

Yes, the swallow that clashes with reality exposes its darkness and exposes the falsehood around it. In the worlds he has seized from this vast world, we find it teeming with cruel irony. He expressed a humanitarian crisis with the overlap of theology with customs, traditions and religion to lead to the system of behavior experienced at times by the defeated Arab person and at other times by the weak.

In masks made of flesh, the swallow draws us to know how the man’s face turned into a “dog face” and the looks of others at him and his dealings with them and his eagerness to look in the mirror until I asked him about his face. , the face of the ..!.

And in the hymns of a citizen who does not move. And his speech focused on the darkness, the moon and the stars by night, and the sun and the sky by day, and his conversation and the gathering of the people of the city ​​around him.

And “I miss hugs and wake up”, a case that comes up to him once a year before twelve o’clock and continues until dawn, and his wife’s surprise at the delay of his annual illness, and his conversation with his wife and him which she likes, even though he’s romantic, but he’s cold and dull with her !, to “just a message from an old woman”, What got him out of that house on the left of a girl who is now a old woman is with one-sided love, and his transition to peace on the Arab nationalist and the recommendation of one of his colleagues in prison, the new neighborhood and the home of the “Kahraba” family.

With the swallow we reach the jogging step of life with a “mud cry” and the pain of feeling helpless and lost, and the feeling changes into a reality that surrounds the soul and body, and that you do not go through the whole world is not sought, and you are expected to perform the duties of life.

There is a scalpel, in “publishing hunger”, moving from place to place in search of food, the hunger of the Minister of Nutrition and the loss of his money by the pension minister, and the preoccupation of officials with issues of the citizen and the homeland, and the judge sentenced him to starve in the street after looking at “cake” and its impact on public taste and reputation. The homeland, and his happiness with the decision, because he will not bear the worry of eating for 8 months!

We arrive at a “water connection” for a man who is meticulously organized in everything, from entering the bathroom to carefully chosen music to unleash his imagination and relive images of his childhood and youth, to confess his secrets and subject to the torment of the soul, soul and passion, and his relationship with “Faten”, her anger, crying and slandering him with words mixed with tears, as well as Trump or the mayor, to “a fils..modder” and his to achieve relationship with his uncle. , friend and teacher of the Arab who broke his car’s windshield.

And his friend Karam’s traditional wedding in “roses and water”, his unique love, the charm of tired hearts, and his visit to her grave every Monday and Thursday with the white rose!

And how did the swallow choose the “white pillow” to see its softness, softness and smell, and the girl who, after a stormy love story from her family, ran away to a land defending the rights of love, that is’ a pillow for pets !.

Also “my name and their names” and looking for names that look like his name, and in “reincarnation” he reads “how to reincarnate a human personality” and the desire to dance with his wife on emotional music, maybe time brings him something back from youth and memories, and is the woman’s dance for her husband halal, and how beautiful women manipulate men The good ?!

And because “love must come first” there are confessions by the uncle about multiple women’s relationships and cases of love for the father, and how there are women like medicine and women like water and women not this or that !, to say : “My mother curses the stars” and officials make promises to take advantage of rain and quench thirst.

Then he deals with the proliferation of Korean workers in “Korean in Tarot” and the lack of separation between them, and the beautiful neighbor, and did he eat with them other than cake and dates?!, “Others were here” and ” eat “the air” and they talk about football and team competitions and talk about the winners of the matches away On addressing the tendency and destabilizing human, social and moral security.

This group Sunna comes after “Gossip Behind the Mihrab”, which began by introducing Youssef Shghari with honest revelation and spontaneous flow to the storyteller Hussein Al-Sunnah, simply and spontaneously in what he offers and what in his soul to his fatherland is. and the people who live in it, but everywhere towards man, criticize the stagnant social reality The one who does not change, presents his ideas without consultation, bureaucracy, religious fanaticism, waste of grace, hostile to wars, and corrupt clergy criticize, as well shows that there is another world outside the borders of the homeland, globalized cities in which identity is lost.He tells of his feelings and describes the world around him.In “drunk bodies”, rain sweeps the whole earth and thunder penetrates into the souls with terror. The last words that came out to wash their bodies barefoot with rain showers. Rain was bodies, but souls and hearts remain as they are, to reach Nizar Qabbani Street and remember Cut “Scream the wolf’s cry in the middle of the night “.

And in “The Moan of Memories” near Deira which is attached to the Tarot Palace “Ishtar”, and the scent of heritage from its corners, to the “Message from China”, you oriental brown love of poetry, the colonization of the heart with passion, the echo of the voice along the Great Wall of China, the silence of place and time, the warmth of the end of the night, and the search over your island and the smell of your body and look into you eyes, to mix memory with perfume, with “the glow of imagination” and find a solution to many problems such as anxiety, routine, depression and insomnia, with a cup of hot milk, and then “stupidity .. very special” and “cats .. ants” and a “Triangle of paper” and the decision of a citizen to marry and complete his other half, the red and brown fruits that came to be harvested and the mother’s sale of her gold, as well as the narrowness of the world with “songs of a lonely citizen” and gathered about life, men’s tears and the wrath of the sea, and with “the sheik of my town ”is there a citizen who did not leave the room for a week because his fiancé asked to divorce him, so what is the reason, and what is the relationship of the town sheikh?!, so that a “new year” comes and the family gathers on a cold day and wishes this year, and on the “fifth minute after midnight” the big news is announced, after which “drunk dyes” appear The buildings are quiet and elongated, and the story of the paintings.

The story “Me and my mother … and the taboos” comes up and the question about his relationship with women, the airplane girl, who rebukes his grandmother and does anything, provided the Creator does not anger the creature or offend or offend the creature do not give. him or his family.

There are “crazy white questions” and his lack of faith in ominousness, the day his wife brought a ready-made garment, the forbidden kiss on the cheek of a girl whose language was Arabic and the color was French, and the great escape from his cousin whom he promised to marry.

So “here you are alone” after reading the book and looking at the ceiling and a few tears falling, his father is the world and his city is the whole world and his smartest youth and most beautiful daughters and the personalities and the get to know the world and the decisions that change the mind and the pen, to achieve “salt with the taste of honey” and to work as a manager with a food distribution worker for schools And his friend, a lover of loneliness, wherever he even going with a “black cup and an old man’s dance”, so we listen to “a prisoner’s chat” in a room that has no slippery window except for a piece of cloth, and then choose the idea and ritual of sleeping with a “head, palm and pillow”.

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