The Minister of Communications reviews investment opportunities in the ICT sector

Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, met today via video conference with a number of heads and representatives of major French technology companies and business institutions that are members of the French Employers’ Council (MEDEF); Alaa Youssef, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Paris, attended the meeting.

The meeting highlighted the investment opportunities in the Egyptian ICT sector, the strategies launched to develop this sector, and the efforts made to provide facilities and incentives to foreign companies wishing to invest, with a focus on outsourcing of services.

The virtual session was organized by the Egyptian Commercial and Economic Office in Paris, in collaboration with the French Employers’ Council, MEDEF; It was moderated by Philippe Gautier, President of the French Employers’ Council (MEDEF).

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Eng. Amr Mahfouz, CEO of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), Eng. Ahmed El Harrani, Director General of Operations for the Middle East and Turkey for the French company Atos, and Eng. Tamer Ali, Director of Value Technical Center in Egypt, where the two companies represent successful models for French companies that have invested in the Egyptian communications and information technology sector.

During the meeting, dr. Amr Talaat confirms that the Egyptian state has a strategic plan to promote all sectors. It highlights the vital role of the ICT sector in implementing Egypt’s digital strategy, which aims to build a digital society through which technologies are adapted to improve government performance and provide digital services to citizens, in addition to refining youth skills and improving their competitive capabilities to meet the demands of the local and global labor market. Note that the sector has been the highest growth among the state’s sectors over the past four years; Note that the President of the Republic recently saw the opening of more than 20 projects in Egypt’s digital projects.

Dr Amr Talaat pointed out that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is redeveloping the Egyptian government’s software through the Ahmose project, with a budget of more than £ 2 billion; Expresses its commitment to Egyptian-French cooperation in the implementation of this project; He explained that there are many French companies working in the field of outsourcing that have success stories in Egypt by taking advantage of young Egyptian cadres who possess linguistic and digital skills.

Dr. Amr Talaat added that the ministry has doubled the training budget 22 times in 3 years; During the current financial year, it aims to train 225 thousand young people with investments of 1.3 billion pounds; He explained that the ministry had established the Egyptian Informatics University in the city of knowledge in the new administrative capital, and it is the first university specializing in communication and information technology and related fields on the African continent. He referred to the ministry’s efforts to support the entrepreneurship system and start-up companies in Egypt and Africa, where 8 digital Egypt innovation centers were established in the governors, and 19 centers were established to reach 30 digital innovation centers spread across the republic. . .

Dr. Amr Talaat explained the efforts made to develop the communications infrastructure, as investments were pumped around £ 60 billion to implement the first phase of the project to increase the efficiency of the internet, while investments in the second phase of the project will be pumped. with about £ 40 billion, and work is currently underway to implement a project to connect more than 3.5 million homes within the towns of a decent living initiative with a fiber optic cable network to provide high-speed Internet services to provide, with investments amounting to £ 40 billion.

In turn, Alaa Youssef, Egypt’s Ambassador to Paris, emphasized the strength and solidity of relations between Egypt and France, as the current period sees a development in the joint relations between the two countries in the field of communication and information technology. Point out the importance of establishing strategic partnerships to foster these relationships and achieve high value returns.

During the session, Eng Amr Mahfouz reviewed the axes of Egypt’s outsourcing industry digital strategy (2022-2026), which provides a package of investment incentives for international and local companies to address the competitiveness of the total cost of outsourcing industry in Egypt. By studying the requirements of the global market; The strategy aims to triple the volume of exports of cross-border information technology products and services, and to provide a new incentive package to attract more investment, in addition to improving Egypt’s competitiveness in research and development and providing value-added services, which contribute to accelerating the growth of the knowledge economy.

Philippe Gauthier, head of the French employers’ council, MEDEF, explained that MEDEF has been working for 32 years; It has been working with Egypt for years through the Egyptian Embassy in Paris; Note that MEDIF includes 15 companies working in the field of digital services; He stressed that Egypt’s digital strategy for the outsourcing industry offers excellent areas for joint cooperation.

Eng. Ahmed Al-Harani, Director-General of Operations for the Middle East and Turkey for the French company Atos, explained the company’s interest in investing in Egypt and being present as a result of the talks that took place during the minister’s meeting with MEDEF in France in 2020; The company aims to expand its business and increase the number of young cadres working in the company in Egypt, which reaches about 400 specialists.

Engineer Tamer Ali, director of the Valeo Technical Center in Egypt, pointed out that the company has been working in Egypt in the field of car programming for 17 years, as the company’s research center in Egypt has achieved worldwide success, resulting in increasing demand. had. of international companies that manufacture cars to carry out their work at the Valeo headquarters in Egypt.

During the meeting; Officials from the two companies praised the efforts of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to establish the data center and cloud computing industry and develop the communications infrastructure.

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