The regime will not return those who have been displaced … and the proposal to split the Beirut municipality will respond

central- Between the two stations of the Jeddah Security and Development Summit and that of Saudi Arabia and the tripartite Russian-Turkish-Iranian summit tomorrow, Lebanon and its claims are without guidance, waiting on the pavement and waiting for their results that inevitably reflect on it. will be, regardless of the conflicting readings and analyzes in their regard, as it is expected to attend His file in Iran, as he attended in Saudi Arabia, through the statements that gave him a fair share of his concerns, proves his continued presence in international priorities, contrary to the concerns of his officials and about him, who apparently do not value regional and international transformations, and their repercussions on the state that caused his collapse, even They did not have the made an effort to comment on what was going on around. them in the region and the possible setbacks.Their great concern about jokes and political strife does not leave them time to read and reflect on its dimensions.

From Jeddah and Tehran to Beirut, which is busy with its municipal council and the proposals for its division, which has divided opinions and views vertically between supporters and opponents, warns against the return of the division between eastern and western and calls for the acceptance of decentralization as a framework for a solution.

As for Baabda, it is waiting for a visit by the President-elect after his return from a long visit abroad, and the eyes turn to any meeting he may have with President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun. Is he going to visit the Baabda Palace, or will the static data remain on the side of the formation of the government while the formation wheel is broken?

Drian warns: In this regard, an advanced position has emerged today by the Grand Mufti of the Republic, Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian, who emphasized that “the birth of the government is the real entrance to the election of a new President of the Republic and for reform and to combat widespread corruption in the state, “noting that” continuing to impede the formation of the government may be a prelude to disrupting the election of a president of the republic and here. ” There’s a big disaster. He stressed that “the formation of the government has become something that can no longer wait, especially since the collapse, destruction and paralysis pervade state institutions,” and expressed his fear of “a social and security explosion flooding the country as the case not be rectified. by state officials, who have not been able to secure electricity. ” Water, a decent existence, hospitalization, medicine and outrageous prices, and it bears the responsibility of all who put obstacles, barriers and conditions in the way to form a government to save us from the tragedies in which we are in every sense of the word is.On the other hand, he was amazed by “what some people say about the Humayunist proposals and projects in the section of Beirut’s municipality. We have preserved it and will preserve it at all costs..

Formation necessity: In anticipation of any new government developments, President Aoun, during the reception of the delegation of the US Working Group on Lebanon, which also toured through Ain al-Tineh and the Saray, stressed the “need to form a new government that the negotiations will follow up with the International Monetary Fund, “calling on” not to delay the demarcation of the southern maritime borders. ” The President of the Republic stated that “the current events are the result of a reality that has caused sterility in the work of institutions and the unwillingness of officials for years to address it.” In turn, Ambassador Ad Gabriel stated that “the talks were good and we stand firm with the Lebanese, and the Lebanese government must act swiftly to make repairs and changes, because time is running out.”

Demarcation: In this atmosphere, Mikati today held a series of diplomatic and ministerial meetings at the Grand Serail. In this context, he received the Ambassador of France, Anne Greu, and held with her a horizon tour that dealt with the current situation in Lebanon and the region.. He also received the Ambassador of the United States of America, Dorothy Shea, and presented her with the bilateral files, particularly those relating to the issue of US mediation for the demarcation of Lebanese sea borders..

Jumblatt and the party: Not far from there, the leader of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, thought that “as long as we do not reach a defense plan, which will later become Hezbollah’s weapons in coordination with the Lebanese state and under the command of the state, yes, the decision of war and peace with Hezbollah and Iran, and we may have entered the Russo-Ukrainian war because Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s words were clear, “No to gas in the Mediterranean,” which means he is the West replied, “You will not be able to compensate for the shortage of Russian gas from the White Sea, Israel or other places, and Lebanon is gone with the wind.”. Jumblatt saw in a television interview that “there is no prospect”, but stressed that “we should not give up as some research centers in America do, which say that” Lebanon is in the hands of Hezbollah. “Yes, the decision for peace and war is in the hands of Hezbollah, but there are Lebanese who never With this trend is the evidence that happened in the elections. Jumblatt pointed out that the divisions in Lebanon were out of the question, declaring that “the Syrian regime is languishing within all sects, no one cares, Druze or non-Druze, use it all for its own purposes and for the rule of law” Divide Syria or not division I do not know, but it has reached displacement A third of the Syrian people will return to Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and the West, and will not give them back.

have crime: On the other hand, the President of the Republic chaired a meeting at Baabda Palace, attended by the Deputy Minister of Justice Henry Khoury, President of the Supreme Court Suhail Abboud and members of the Council, and the Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Judge Ghassan Oweidat, who discussed the current judicial conditions and the work of courts and public prosecutions. Aoun stressed “the need to expedite the resolution of outstanding cases, especially those related to financial lawsuits and the crime of the Beirut port explosion, as the families of the victims and prisoners are still awaiting the word of the court” . ” The research also touched on ways to achieve justice as soon as possible. Aoun stressed that “it is not permissible to disrupt judicial work under any pretext to punish the perpetrators wherever they are,” as “access to the achievement of real reform and the fight against corruption by the judiciary is, which must remain immune to not be affected by pressure or temptation. “

public sector strike While the strikes remained unchanged and the judicial assistants joined in, a meeting was held in the Serail led by Mikati and in the presence of Finance Minister Youssef Al-Khalil to present a set of proposals relating to keep up with the end of the strike of employees in the public sector. The proposed solutions include a gradual increase in the wages of workers in the public sector without any mention of the form of this increase, or to finance it, either through monetary policy or by the treasury.

Bread crisis: Life, too, the bread crisis is stagnating. In this context, the head of the syndicate of oven owners in Mount Lebanon, Antoine Seif, explained that “the reason for the bread and flour crisis is that a number of mills have stopped working and the festive season has begun without stockpiling for the bakeries. ““. He added in a radio interview, “The stock of wheat is insufficient, and some mills have enough stock for a week, while others are enough for days. The bakeries are not working in full production due to the lack of sufficient flour to produce bread, “noting that” the Minister promised us that quantities would arrive via ships, we hope that it will arrive in due time. ” And that the money is transferred to her and subjected to laboratory analysis.

Impossible to complete: As for the Minister of Economy, Amin Salam, who visited the Grand Serail, he said that the borders are not controlled, and that there are traders who have crises in the country, and the previous policy of support becomes a disaster and we are experiencing the latest repercussions and it is impossible to continue in this way. He added: The World Bank loan, one of its main objectives, is to continue to secure wheat for Lebanon and rationalize support for the next nine months, thus gradually increasing the price of a batch of bread until we find solutions .

Money Committee: Meanwhile, the head of the Finance and Budget Committee, MP Ibrahim Kanaan, announced after the committee’s meeting, “We have passed a law amending bank secrecy to prevent tax evasion, the fight against corruption, the financing of terrorism and illegal enrichment. dien. ” he added: To say that the Finance Committee has not completed the budget is a falsification of facts, as the government has not fulfilled its promise since April to end its study on the unification of the exchange rate in the light of taxes and fees on banking. and salaries on the 1500. He continued: The government has promised to send the draft “deposit fund” in writing within days of the session attended by the Prime Minister, who has not done so to date, and the government must do what is required of him..

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