The UAE launches the first project to develop a swarm of modern radar satellites and announces the establishment of a national fund worth 3 billion dirhams to support the space sector

With the support of the Head of State and the succession of the Vice President

The UAE is launching the “Sarab” project, the national program to develop a swarm of radar satellites, which provides radar imaging all around the clock and in all weather conditions.

The UAE is the first Arab country to develop a swarm of satellites … and the technology used in imaging will be the latest in the region

The UAE announces the establishment of the “National Space Fund” with a capital of 3 billion dirhams to develop strategic and research projects in the space sector and to support the establishment of national companies in space technology

United Arab Emirates: With the support of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, “may God protect him”, and the succession of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, “may God protect him,” the UAE today launched the National Radar Satellite Program (Swarm) to develop a swarm of radar satellites, which provide radar imaging around the clock and in all circumstances

The National Aviation and Space Administration has announced the establishment of a national fund of 3 billion dirhams to support the space sector in the country.

This qualitative step comes within the framework of supporting the strategic directions of space science and technology policy, which provides a frame of reference for translating the UAE’s efforts and ongoing efforts to consolidate its excellence in the space sector and its advanced industries. , to qualify Emirati cadres and develop national companies that contribute to the sector’s growth and consolidation of its pillars.

The project aims to achieve a wide range of objectives that will enhance the UAE’s efforts to find solutions to challenges related to climate change and environmental sustainability and contribute to urban development, work to integrate efforts and provide disaster relief and face food security challenges, inter alia, by relying on qualified national cadres and Emirati companies, in addition to encouraging partnerships with international institutions and providing incentives to them, which is an extension of the Economic Space Zones project aimed at consolidating the UAE’s position as a global center for talent, investment and innovation.

3 billion dirhams within the National Space Fund

The UAE has announced the establishment of a specialized strategic fund to support the space sector in the country, which works to provide financial resources and management of its management in line with the state’s orientation to find alternative and innovative solutions to projects. finance and develop the sector. 3 billion dirhams in promoting investments from interested entrepreneurs and private companies, and working to finance and facilitate the development of future space activities and projects, as the space sector in the UAE sees a major development and a trend towards private sector to engage in space activities, especially in the field of remote sensing and communication, and agencies play Space has the role of developing capabilities and supporting the sector by increasing its readiness and creating investment opportunities.

The Space Fund aims to sustain capacity development in the space sector, qualify Emirati cadres to lead the sector of national priority, and increase the contribution of the UAE space sector to diversify the national economy and encourage the sector.

and to attract globally specialized companies to develop their projects and activities in the UAE and make it an important center for work and investment in space, where the fund will work to strengthen partnerships between national companies and global advanced technology companies and to build.

The fund includes within its plans and projects the establishment of an academy to develop the capabilities of engineers in the development of satellites, a space data complex, and the establishment of a business incubator to support small companies with experience and contracts, which their work in projects developed by the fund.

Her Excellency Sarah Al Amiri, Minister of State for Public Education and Advanced Technology and Chair of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Space Agency, confirmed that the UAE’s launch of the “Serbian” project the country’s ambitious strategic vision in the space sector reflects and is an important qualitative step that improves the UAE’s position in the field of launching and developing satellites with technological complexity.

Al Amiri has indicated that the UAE attaches great importance to the development of the space economy, based on its growing role as one of the essential sectors enabling governments to diversify their economies, and the benefit of the technological solutions it provides. in several areas, to improve, paving the way for unprecedented economic, scientific and investment opportunities.

Al Amiri added: “The UAE’s efforts to consolidate the space sector continue within the country’s diversified economic system, and the UAE is keen to provide a stimulating environment for local companies operating in the field, in addition to strengthening global partnerships with many scientific and research bodies and specialized economic institutions Programs in the sector provide incentives for companies and investors to enter this field and take advantage of the opportunities it offers.

The National Radar Satellite Program for Remote Sensing is one of the quality programs and the first in the Arab world in the space sector, as it will contribute under its objectives to the monitoring of the changes taking place on the planet due to climate change and work. to find innovative solutions for environmental sustainability and resources on the earth’s surface, while contributing

The satellite system meets various economic and environmental needs in a way that supports the competitiveness of the UAE and its national economy by adopting advanced space technology that serves the key sectors in the country.

The first Arabic satellite for radar observation

The National Radar Satellite Project includes the first Arabian satellite for radar observation. The 6-year program will, for the first time, provide the UAE with continuous data of space around the clock and in all weather conditions, using advanced technology that achieves image accuracy (up to less than 1 meter), thereby developing a swarm of commercial radar satellites will be to support the economic sectors and a number of vital sectors in the country.

The program will also include the conclusion of contracts for national companies to develop radar satellite systems and process their data in the same way as the UAE mission to explore the asteroid belt. And open the door for jobs for them to develop their expertise in space and support them to enter the private sector by establishing companies in the same field, and according to the project’s schedule, the first satellite will be within three year within the swarm satellites launched.

It is noteworthy that the value of commercial spending in the UAE space sector over the past few years amounted to 9 billion, while the contribution of the private sector amounted to 50% of the total expenditure on the UAE space sector in 2019, which the participation of government and private sectors to contribute to investment and development of this sector.


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