We will answer you and hurt you .. Naira Ashraf’s killer: I received threats for 3 months and her father broke his promise

Confessions of the accused, Muhammad, the murderer of Mansoura student Naira Ashraf, in front of the Mansoura university gate on June 20, due to her refusal to marry him, in case no.

The accused told the interrogators: “What happened is that Naira Ashraf Ahmed Abdel Qader, may God have mercy on her, was in the Faculty of Arts, Al-Mansawah University, and I knew her at the end of the first section two years ago, and by one of her names, she knew me and knew her, and she introduced us to each other, and she was a student of mine that I do. ” Research in all subjects, and I did all the research and did them, and she communicated with me and we started talking to each other, and I started a courtship relationship between me and her. We would start our lives together, and she would share the same feelings and words with me, and that was in the time of Corona, and I always met her constantly. I applied to her, and in the month of 2020/9 I found that she was talking to me and saying that she would work in Cairo and I wanted a place to stay and I told her there was no problem and that I will work for you whatever you want while I was working in Cairo at the time and I saw an apartment for her and our soul. We sat in Cairo and sat together in the apartment, but my working hours did not work, and before the exam I went back to the area and I normally communicated with her until a week before the exam, I found that she was not working me. ”

Broken nose, cuts and bruises.

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The accused added: “I asked her company, and she told me she did not like her, and I was surprised that she posted photos on Instagram, so I talked to her and told her:” You are free. ” She traveled in a place of form and made a block for me The first time I entered her university and I wanted to talk to her, I reached the security and she said that I was attacking her and that she do not know me, and at that time the university official believed her until I showed him the conversations between me and her and that there was a relationship between me and her and that she was the one talking to me And that all that you say is a lie and that she knows me and she is trying to disguise me and at that time the officer believed me and what I did. Very.” And he continued: “In the month of March 2021, the exams started again, and I met her, and there were problems between us and her family. In this session, they decided that I should delete the photos I have with me and pass on a letter of trust so that I do not touch their daughter again and do not answer her biography. WhatsApp and the phone and I say it’s a shame you do. I spent my heart’s blood on you, and she answered with mockery and I was disgusted by her. You have the right, and you are obliged to give it back to me and that you discipline your daughter for everything you have done, and I started following her movements and saw how she goes to where, because her father was a reporter who was absent and until we knew she was a base on the coast and I told her dad we could make a record to keep her and go get her, and I met him one day when he was with he told me he says I want to talk to you in a dialogue and I talked to him and met him and he said that his daughter is not happy to marry her after her actions and that I am the only one who can marry her and that he will force her to do so and I told him I want my fire to cool down and be saved, and I was surprised that after she came back that her father was behind His words with me and he told me that the decision and her mother would allow one of them to make records against me and harass me, and that the receipt they received they have, they will lift it up to me if I open my mouth with any need of the words that were between me and her, and at that time the agreement between me and her father will be resolved, and everyone will be alone.

And he added: “Then I sent her an email on Instagram, and it was written that the night was worth a thousand pounds, and that she was offering herself, and she thought I was the one who made this account., and I downloaded the photos for him and came back to insult me ​​again and threatened me that she would make records against me and not leave me in my condition, and this talk was at the end of 2021, The dialogue between us continued like this, and there were differences, and I thought about getting rid of it and dying it to lighten my mind and free myself from what I had done to me, but I was afraid of my sisters and myself, and I met her in Ramadan, which is late.I started responding to her insults and I started making scores in you so I know how to respond to her because she was blocking and I asked her to finish all the dialogues and go back to each other and she refused. “

And he continued: “I am from Ramadan, which is over, and I have decided that I will get rid of it and see an end to this issue, and I have made a decision between myself and myself that I will revenge and get rid of it.A household store and I was waiting for a third exam to do what was in my brain because I was afraid she would do her bill and there would be people with her from the people and in the third exam, which was OK on 6/11/2022, I took peace with me, drove and went to the exam and did nothing, and on the fourth exam I went down with my calmness and completed the exam and walked and did not meet her, and yesterday, before the fifth exam, I was in one word with my girlfriend.I met her.I knew the dialogue between me and Nayra, and he knew everything about us , so I said I should get her ready and leave her in this world, and I went down with me today 6/2022, and I got the bus drove and met her. She and her colleague were sitting, and when I saw her, I said, “This is an opportunity to relieve myself and get rid of her. While she got off the bus. The first time we got off was she was a little ahead of me when I got off, and all that was in my mind was that I was going to get rid of her. ” It came out of the bag I was in, and I healed my ulcers from it, and there are people who came near me to divert my attention from it. I told them that no one came near me, and I lost them with peace, for no one can get it out of my hands until I’m not rid of it at all, and then one of them takes me off my back and takes me away from her, and that’s all that happened. “

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