Al-Maliki and October new leaks!

The October Revolution succeeded in turning the ideas of many of its opponents into supporters and overthrowing political and social concepts. has. and disgusting sectarian and corrupt performance on the other hand.

But I must mention one important thing to achieve the truth!
When the revolution began, not all the opponents were haters of change, but among them were the selfish ones who chose to go uninterested in asking for civil disobedience to always preserve its interests and its salary, to protect the bodies of the to circumvent young people who have blocked the roads with their bodies, and there are those who feared the homeland and there are the tails associated with foreign agendas that have nothing to do with the homeland.And there is a coward who afraid of change.
To be honest, I say I did not write this article to praise the position of so-and-so or belittle Allan’s patriotism, but I will try as much as possible to give a description of what is happening. happened and is now happening on the land of Mesopotamia.
At that time, the Iraqi parties were not openly opposed to the people’s revolution against the miserable reality of the state, except for the opportunistic, Machiavellian parties who did not hesitate to take up arms in the face of defenseless civilians, with weapons that the state defends. what they finance. Armed parties and factions were and still are ready to burn Iraq, Iraqis and even their opponents to preserve their interests, and they have already liquidated many of the symbols of the October Revolution, before a mass silence indicating the extent from humiliating national feeling except to denounce from here and reject my Facebook from there.

The Iraqi people’s great setback!
Iraq did not believe in its salvation from the Ba’athist regime and Saddam Hussein’s government, only to discover that whoever overthrew it came to take revenge on Iraq at the expense of the Iraqis, backed by militias operating on ‘ work in an organized manner to the benefit of this party. and this.
take note! When the October Revolution came out, they were accused of being traitors, just as the Ba’athist regime did to the revolutionaries after the Kuwait war. Iraq at the time had well-known prisons and specific destinations that carried out arrests and torture. Today, many parties, militias and prisons are known and unknown, and personalities are lost and we do not find them, not even behind the sun.
The Iraqi citizen lost himself in a maze of sectarian and tribal tensions that led him to cling to a “pride” or a group that would protect him and guarantee him his legal and illegal rights, just like the motives. of the marginalized join gangs and groups that guarantee him a sense of his worth.
For Iraq to turn into a real village governed by the laws of Bedouin and Jahiliyyah, and for the picture to be clear, I say that the prevailing law is “the law of the jungle”. All of these groups need legislation that guarantees the safety of the situation, so we find that these groups cling to sectarianism and factionalism that legitimize inhuman and terrorist behavior in the name of religion and at the same time affect religion and the saying of the prophet – may God ‘s prayers and peace be upon him -: It is an instrument of legislation in the hands of all groups and sects that manipulates and transforms it into images and celebrations, while the applications and behaviors are far from its symbols.

The people are awake
It is said in Afghanistan, “Listen to the sermons of the clergy, and do not follow in their footsteps.”
Ignorants who think the people are blind, the people see, hear, are affected and imitate their leaders. This is why we see that people practice corruption in most of the details of life, and they pay bribes while praying, and even the clergy seek refuge from corruption, they practice it under duress.
As far as the intellectual is concerned, he has abandoned his moral responsibilities in all areas, especially to rise up the darkness and enlighten the citizen, committing himself to the minimum work commitment to get his salary, and many of them even evade these simple obligations. Explaining why the professor gave up his educational role in the words of his colleagues, university professor RM, who lives in Amman, says: (I am afraid that one of the students in my class will fail.
Opportunism and greed dominated the behavior of citizens, so injustice in the distribution of opportunities became a regular thing, and inequality became a normal thing, so the perspective of the future was absent from the eyes of young people.
It is not surprising that drugs are spreading and a generation of ISIS par excellence, gangs, mafias and militias are threatening human dignity, in front of a state that cannot put an end to it.
At the same time, people see the law as an instrument in the hands of money and power, so the law is no longer just sanctified in words.
It is not surprising that the young man, who lives on the edge of life, feels that he who enjoys the benefits of the land is the one who has deprived him of all his rights, and accordingly he will work to restore his rights even if they are illegally called the “savvy” of a society that has lost its moral compass through the work of politicians.
The violence we see today will be exacerbated by the lack of resources, the most important of which is the exacerbation of the water shortage crisis, in a society governed by the laws of the Badia. Since the earliest times, the Bedouin conflict has revolved around grazing. pastures, so how if the water has decreased to the point of not getting drinking water.

For the date I say
In 1985, when I was a student at the Agricultural College, I studied the Mosul Dam and the water specifications of the Tigris River. The result was that the water of the Tigris was suitable for drinking and irrigation as far as Mosul, suitable for irrigation and unsuitable for drinking in Baghdad and unsuitable for anything in Basra.
Environmental activists in Iraq claim that 1.2 million cubic meters of pollutants are dumped in the Tigris River city of Baghdad alone, causing 600,000 Iraqi citizens to suffer from “cancer”, according to medical reports from specialized authorities.
With the decline in water levels and the increase in pollution, it can be said that the water in Baghdad is sewage and in Basra is heavy water, a crisis that will increase the need for high-level health care facilities that do not exist on the land. and destroyed infrastructure, something that will increase people’s tragedies and increase suicides due to despair and repercussions This life imposed on them.
This conflict will change the nature of Iraq.
When the state leaves the citizen without a home and without a job, it is very natural for him to take illegal or dishonest ways, he can become a criminal or a terrorist to eat and drink and he will take revenge takes on the men of the state who inhabit palaces in one way or another, but it is not in the interest of the country, in the absence of a national compass and national leaders.

The right of the people to fulfill their destiny
These recent elections have given a clear indication that the path of votes will not lead to a result, and the withdrawal of the Sadrists from the process confirms that the ball is in the court of the people, who have no real leaders. .
The Iraqi people will come to the inevitable conclusion that the solution is in their hands, and they must take a stand against those who try to confiscate their vote.
This position reminds me of the dialogue between Bourguiba and Colonel Gaddafi. Bourguiba advised the colonel:

You have to educate your people.
I’m afraid he’s going to rebel against me.
It is better for an educated people to rebel against you than for an ignorant people to rebel against you. This is exactly what awaits Iraq with the fall of the scientific and cultural institution, and I do not need to describe the devastation that has befallen this institution.

Psychological condition
The Iraqi people got rid of the Ba’athist regime and the corruption of Qusai and Uday to degenerate into the corruption of dozens of their like and dozens of parties and factions. October and to shatter the last dreams of young people, this state of despair will be the impetus for a massive revolution without restrictions.

Iraq is at a crossroads, and all indicators point in one direction, namely to clear the area of ​​uncontrolled weapons, which are in the hands of militias linked to parties that did not take into account the homeland or the civilian , and at a time when the prevailing belief was that there were sacred ties between these groups that no one could transcend, to show the true face of Maliki’s records.For these groups, and the extent of their involvement in the destruction of Iraq.
How will this conflict be handled internally? How will the powers of the people and the state deal with them? And what is the role of neighboring countries and superpowers? I find it very difficult to predict the course of future events step by step, but I say for sure that this birth will be difficult before Iraq sees the face of the new baby.

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