G42 Healthcare signs agreement with Oxford Nanopore Technologies to distribute its genetic sequencing products

Supports the G42 healthcare vision to make the UAE a destination for the health and life sciences sectors

Oxford Nanopore Technologies delivers real-time, accurate, scalable and readily available DNA and RNA analyzes

ABU DHABI: G42 Healthcare, the leading healthcare technology leader in Abu Dhabi, today announced the signing of an agreement with Oxford Nanopore Technologies to become a distribution partner for the company’s DNA and RNA sequencing products in the GCC, Jordan, Pakistan, Egypt and Iraq.

The agreement is in line with G42 Healthcare’s vision to make the UAE a key regional center for the health and life sciences sector by providing immediate, accurate, available and scalable DNA and RNA analysis technology. This technology supports scientific analyzes to broadly understand the biology of humans, bacteria, viruses and environments, as well as diseases including cancer. The Oxford Nanopore sequences in this field include MinION, GridION, PromethION, VolTRAX and Flongle.

Through the distribution partnership, G42 Healthcare aims to improve its existing sequencing capabilities by providing its own Oxford Nanopore technology, which adds a range of market-leading features. These include the ability to sequence all sections of DNA and RNA, from short to very long, providing richer genomic insights, the ability to send data in real time for fast results, and the ability to generate original DNA and RNA sequences to sequence to illustrate richer information including It contains sequence data in real time. A series of analyzes can be performed from whole genome composition to target sequencing or metagenomic analysis.

In addition to distributing this technology, G42 Healthcare is able to provide tracking services internationally under the agreement, with the ability to provide sequencing of human and non-human samples to a range of clients, including governments, research institutes, hospitals and omics field centers in the GCC and abroad. With a deep focus on sequencing as a service, G42 Healthcare has the ability to provide comprehensive / fast, high-impact capabilities to enable the interpretation of rich, accurate biological data on a scale, utilizing nanopore sequencing technology.

Ashish Koshi, CEO of G42 Healthcare, said: “G42 Healthcare has applied nanopore sequencing technology to facilitate the implementation of the world’s most comprehensive population genome initiative in the UAE, giving us an in-depth understanding of how to scale work, from sample management to In line with this, our agreement with Oxford Nanopore is significant because it helps provide high-performance, readily available and scalable DNA and RNA analyzes in a timely manner, accelerate clinical research and monitor disease outbreaks.We look forward to potential future developments that may include The provision of high-impact tests via nanopore sequencing.

Kochi added, “G42 Healthcare will use its expertise to support projects in every GCC region and new markets in the region. As a comprehensive service provider, we can support both long- and short-reading order requirements, regardless of government location, capabilities and infrastructure. , healthcare providers and institutes. ” Research. This agreement is a strategic step forward in realizing our vision to develop a world-class healthcare sector in the UAE. “

Gordon Sangira, CEO of Oxford Nanopore Technologies, said: “Our technologies provide accurate and comprehensive real-time genomic data in formats that can be scaled down from bag size to mass production. We have developed a new generation of observation technology that uses nanopores or holes within “high-tech electronics. advanced to perform accurate molecular analyzes. We look forward to working closely with G42 Healthcare to advance our vision for analyzing anyone’s samples, anywhere.”

Oxford Nanopore technology is used in more than 120 countries for the biological analysis of human, plant, animal, bacterial, viral and whole biological systems, down to diseases such as cancer.

Earlier this year, G42 Healthcare’s Biogenix Laboratory became the first laboratory in the Middle East to complete COVID-19 surveillance sequencing and mutant detection using Oxford Nanopore technology. The Biogenix laboratory thus became the first accredited genomic epidemiology laboratory in the Middle East for high-accuracy, cost-effective sequencing of COVID-19 mutant detection.


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About G42 Healthcare

G42 Healthcare is a leading healthcare technology company working to develop a world-class healthcare sector in the UAE and abroad, using advanced medical data and technology to open the horizons of personal and preventive care and transform the traditional healthcare system .

The company established the Biogenics Laboratory, the first accredited laboratory in the UAE to test the Covid-19 virus, and helped facilitate the implementation of the #ForHumanity campaign, the first global third-phase clinical trial of the inactive vaccine to combat. the Covid-19 epidemic, involving 43,000 volunteers from more than 125 nationalities across the Arab world, and established the region’s first contract research institute (IROS) to conduct clinical research on and for the local population. The company supported the UAE health authorities in implementing the national vaccination program as it researched new vaccines and drug treatments, and established the “OMEX Center of Excellence”, the largest and most advanced “OMEX” biological science facility . in the region, which is one of the key elements supporting the UAE Genome Program. The most comprehensive genomics program in the world.

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