Golf is LIV these days and the big tournaments and more are LIV

Golf is LIV these days and the big tournaments and more are LIV


Street. Andrew, Scotland – For now, there’s at least one double party for the men of the golf jury: Look at the golf tournament, and then you’ve about the future of golf.

Look at a winning and possibly brilliant man, like 28-year-old Australian Cameron Smith on Sunday at the 150th British Open. Dan: I wonder if he’s going to LIV, the Saudi outbreak campaign that attracts golfers from the PGA Tour and men’s golf. 2022

Smith won and blinded with five consecutive birdies from 10th to 14th, a smart save on 17th and another birdie for 18th, then brought his clarinet designer to the press conference, and then the fair question about LIV as Question 16 as the questions presented. Fair Follow is 17th, out of a total of 31.

Question: Vice President, sorry I had to put it in the circumstances, but your name is still mentioned – this week you were reminded of LIV Golf. What is your location? Are you interested? Is there any truth in the suggestions you can expect?

At St Andrews, Rory McIlroy did not do much wrong. It was not enough yet.

Smith: I just won the British Open, and you ask about it. I think it’s not that good.

Continuation question: I appreciate it but the question still remains. Are you interested in anything? Is there any truth in that?

Smith: I do not know, my friend. My team around me takes care of all this. I’m here to win golf tournaments.

Next question in the room: Did you eat spaghetti bolognese last night?

An unconventional year found in it, all because Smith avoided eliminating the chance that he could be the first player to win a major, and then stopped competitive golf on the LIV and the 54-hole uncut soft rounds . Shifting the question may have left the subject open for the next few days and weeks, even though the Daily Telegraph reported Monday that Smith has promised to play in the Fedex Cup playoffs, the rest of the PGA Tour season. play. The PGA Tour has so far banned LIV defectors from playing in PGA Tour events.

As an extra dressing for the party, Smith turned up from No. 6 in the world to No. 2 on Monday morning, just behind Scotty Scheffler and ahead of Rory McIlroy. Both Sky Sports and Cross Sweden have reported that 2016 Open champion Henrik Stanson will join Liv, endangering their Ryder Cup captain.

When it comes to golf, LIV golfers were far more successful than they were at the US Open near Boston in June, where they happened to be insignificant. The new column’s best golfer to date, Dustin Johnson, finished 24th in his highest position.

Johnson also led the LIVers at St Andrews, but sparked controversy over the weekend before finishing in the U-13 on Friday, seven shots from the lead. Others nibbled behind Johnson: Bryson de Chambeau tied for eighth, Abraham Anser Switzerland 11th, Taylor Gotsch and Lee Westwood tied for 34th. As a favorite track was hacked and 73 players were below the low point, LIV players Patrick Reed were also among them. Ian Poulter and Sergio Garcia.

This was confirmed by the words of LIV’s most responsible player, Goch, the 30-year-old Oklahoma who ranks 41st in the world rankings: “As humble as possible, it does not take much for us at this level to stay sharp.”

For the most part, LIV talks flow well under the grand celebration of golf history in the sport’s birthplace. 2013 champion Phil Mickelson was not invited to the Champions Dinner. 1986 and 1993 Champion Greg Norman, Nacho’s head at LIV, was not invited at all. Westwood got into a heated argument with a reporter in which Westwood claims that the media is more interested in LIV than the public, a decision that has been refuted by traffic numbers around the world. Poulter completed his first run and said he heard no noise.

Among the golfers who seemed to be able to handle the problems was Dashampo, who said on Saturday, “I think in time everything will work out on its own. I think somehow there is a way to exist and work together by creating the best entertainment we can ever have. ”

Jenkins: Golf in St. Andrews is real, and therefore there is no place for Greg Norman

“Everyone, so he feels against us, and that’s fine,” Goch, who was a member of the winning team at the second LIV meeting in late June in Oregon, said Friday. Like I said, we were pretty much tied together, I think. “

Others, like Westwood or Smith, seemed less prepared.

As at the US Open, the four days of competitive golf are flooded with the LIV call, with the exception of the veil on some interviews and show calls.

Goch had the ribs he took from his teammates for his comments after winning a comparison between Joe LIV and the Ryder Cup.

“Yeah, a bunch of actors showed up, and they said, ‘Really? Really?'” He said. “I was like, ‘Wait a minute, guys. Give me a break. I just won. “I was with them for a while. Maybe I was a little aggressive with the comments.” No, I mean, like I said, I was with them for a while. “I was so passionate that I could spray champagne like they do in Formula 1. I was in the moment. Perhaps a slightly aggressive remark. And rightly so, I took a little heat for that. ”

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