He went out in comedy, and excelled in the use of music

Heba Melhem

Hosni did not introduce new ways of life; But he strengthened honesty in the lifestyle. He did not introduce new superheroes. The superhero rather actually exists, and he is the one who has the power and ability to maintain the principle and work with it. The hero is the one who does the right thing, and is not dragged behind the mistake, even if the opportunities are available to him. This means that this cute movie included beautiful ideas on culture and morals, and supported his story with enjoyed beautiful, natural characters who interacted spontaneously, and reached the audience.

It is not possible to be sure that the story of the movie “I Love You” by “Tamer Hosni” is stereotypical, it is rather a realistic story, and the Arab community is full of stories of this kind, stories that always accompanied. by catastrophic consequences, because they are linked to lies and betrayal, so you see how they destroy a person, or families, when it is The event is based on playing with emotions!

Hosni presented the story and used it in his style and sense of comedy, but he remained on principle.

He was stable with his various tools

He went out in comedy, and excelled in the use of music.

The songs used were not only for the writer, but there was also the presence of strange songs.The angelic voice of the French singer Indila with her masterpiece love story can not be ignored, but this artistic production was crowned with the feeling and print of Hosni, the Arab singer, who has long been considered a beautiful model influenced by an entire generation of Arabs. Young men and women are now fathers and mothers, and they are still striving in this life, seeking self-development, for ways out of their various crises, and for an opportunity! This artist has always been the companion of their dreams, successes, pains and even the hours of their madness.

Never before have movie theaters in Palestine and Jordan seen this dedication and belong to an audience by a production. As with Hosni’s productions, this may be due to their thirst for stories of love and peace, albeit within a comic framework, given the accumulation of life and the tendency towards violence in general and detail. The movie theaters did not own themselves for a whole week in front of the youth delegations and families who formed an audience with one destination, namely to watch the movie “I Love You” by the extensive Arab artist “Tamer Hosni”.

From beginning to end, the viewer remained aware of the effort put into the work, and its comforting events, and was able to understand the dimensions and values, as it provided an opportunity to look positively at yourself, and at the others also positive.

It was a movie full of colors, colors of beauty, laughter, a young spirit, honesty, sincerity, contentment and love.

The word “love” may evoke a stereotypical and immediate memory, and a series of distorted or healthy images and situations to which a person has been exposed, but it is love; It is one of the greatest foods that God Almighty has given to man. Love, affection and kindness all work miracles, especially if they are based on a specific principle and clear values. The film came as a campaign and an invitation to love, honesty and self-care. It was noticed that the audience’s interaction was apparently in a theater, you see how they clap their hands and interact with the sound and different body movements.

The critique directed at the film and the person of Hosni differed, so it seemed strange what was said about the right of writing, directing and acting. The viewer, who seemed integrated and interacted with the smallest details and characters, was not noticed; No errors were noticed in the composition and the dramatic context, rather there was a clear element of surprise in the events. Surprises in the expression of love and admiration, surprises in the same event and context, when one of the characters admitted that she had deliberately removed the joy and stability of the one she loved, after sacrificing herself as the victim and the sacrifice considered! Where there were some absurd articles that included themselves within criticism, but it was not constructive or even destructive criticism, but rather absurd words from here and there, even if it only checked the characteristics of the audience, which was a clear have intelligence and awareness of what is being presented to it; I would have realized the extent of the human need for the lightness of shadow and spirit, and for the dose of passion and emotional peace that has been absent for years in our Arab drama, the drama that is a reflection of society, affected by it word. , and touch it, but all that is presented to the public is violence and murder, rather the mastery of violence, which has made societies. All Arab countries are witnessing a series of crimes that are similar in concept and direction, as happened in the crime of the Egyptian girl from Mansoura, the Jordanian applied student, and others.

The only recommendation I would make based on several reviews of Hosni’s films is that despite the beauty and creativity of his recent heroines; His eagerness to invest in their creativity; However, he needs a heroine of his weight, his experience, the momentum of detail in the characteristics, feelings and dimensions of the stories, and this is mostly in line with the respect that Tamer Hosni enjoys, and the security towards his artistic productions , audio and video, and complete confidence in the quality of what he offers to the Arab viewer and the Arab family that She allows her sons and daughters to go to movie theaters and watch the finest productions of the fine artist Tamer Hosny. With the end of his films being screened, the audience withdraws in succession without wanting to follow up on subsequent film screenings, and it is the affiliation of the audience that has seen movie theaters in Palestine and Jordan.

* Professional experience of more than 10 years in the media field, 7 years in research preparation, 4 years in projects and strategic planning, as well as community participation, gender and human rights studies, and needs assessment. She recently prepared a book entitled: The Reality of Cultural Media in Palestine and its Impact on Forming Collective Awareness. It is under publication and the book signing ceremony will be on the sidelines of the Palestine International Book Fair to be implemented in September 2022, and the construction of the Palestine Prize for Journalism and Media 2012 project, for the benefit of the Journalists Syndicate, under the banner of His Excellency President Mahmoud Abbas, and funded by the Palestinian Investment Fund and Wataniya Mobile (now Ooredoo), Palestine.

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