Information on specialization in public health and health informatics in Saudi Arabia

Information on specialization in public health and health informatics in Saudi Arabia, Where this specialization is known as one of the leading specialties belonging to the specialties of the health sector, and it is noteworthy that this specialization is of great importance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and we will get to know you through most important information related to this specialization, and the salary of the health informatics specialist.

Information on specialization in public health and health informatics in Saudi Arabia

The major subject of health informatics is concerned with linking the path of communication, information technology and healthcare, as it is one of the important fields of work that provide many services to the medical staff, including nurses and doctors, Which is beneficial to the patient in determining the appropriate treatment plan for his medical record, where the IT specialist retrieves information related to healthcare, in an accurate and high quality based on the report of the most appropriate treatment plan, and uses modern information technology, and various devices that organize and operate medical and healthcare records to analyze them within a plan to obtain the best levels of healthcare by storing information well and being able to retrieve it when needed.[1]

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What are majors in health informatics?

A number of specializations fall under the health informatics specialization, namely:

  • Pharmacology Informatics.
  • Specializes in Mental Health Informatics.
  • Consumer health informatics.
  • Consumer health informatics.
  • Specialized in Dental Informatics.
  • Specialization in Clinical Informatics.
  • Specializes in Mental Health Informatics.
  • Specialization in Primary Care Informatics.
  • Specialization in Translational Bioinformatics.
  • Telemedicine informatics.
  • Nursing informatics.
  • Informatics specializes in mobile computers.
  • Specialization in Clinical Research Informatics.
  • Specialization in Clinical Informatics.

Health Informatics Jobs

A graduate of the College of Health Informatics can work with one of the following characteristics:

  • Head of the medical information department.
  • Informatics nurses.
  • Clinical data analyst.
  • Health IT Consulting.
  • Clinical Informatics Manager.
  • Medical records and health information technicians.

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health informatics technician salary

The value of the salary of a health informatics specialist varies according to his level of education and the number of years of experience, as his salary reaches more than 40 thousand US dollars annually in the early stages of work experience, and this number increases if the employee has large experience and long years of work, it can exceed his salary The barrier of $ 80,000 annually, and it is one of the essential professions in the medical work sector, based on his experience in determining treatment plans for many patients through the ability of the specialist to accurately extract the patient’s health data.

How much does it cost to study a major in health informatics in Saudi Arabia?

The cost of studying health informatics varies according to the number of hours of the bachelor’s degree program, as the total cost is calculated after the value of one hour is multiplied by the number of hours required to obtain the certificate, while the cost of the study of health informatics at the Saudi Electronic University is calculated by calculating the cost of one hour (130 Saudi Riyal), and the total number of hours of the program reached (139 hours) so that the student is qualified to work in this field, and hence the full cost of study (18,070 Saudi Riyal).

The skills of a health informatics professional

It is necessary for a health informatics professional to have a set of skills, which are:

  • To be able to build a theoretical and practical database that revolves around the technical systems, communication systems, networks and rules used in the fields of healthcare, which include (medicine and dentistry, files, pharmacy, nursing).
  • To be sufficiently familiar with the field of review and management of health information used to provide assistance to all health practitioners and to provide the most appropriate options for patients.
  • To be able to analyze all the requirements and needs of the client within the medical organization or institution in which he works.
  • To solve problems encountered by work and to have a view through which he can work on improving those negative points.
  • To be able to work in medical departments known as (workflow) classification.
  • To possess a wide culture in technical cuts.
  • To be a follower of all applications of medical work and healthcare of patients, and other important matters.

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The importance of a health informatics specialist in a hospital

The importance of the work of a health informatics specialist is due to the fact that he is the first qualified to handle patients’ medical records, in addition to the person who is able to retrieve this data when needed, and he is the person who most is qualified to store important information in a proper manner, to be able to retrieve it in a timely manner, the IT specialist is the unknown soldier In deciding the treatment plan, and plays a fundamental and important role in correcting these decisions with strong and accurate information about the patient’s health status.

At the end of this article we will know about Information on specialization in public health and health informatics in Saudi Arabia. We also learned about the skills that a health informatics professional should possess.

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