Makhzoumi: Ghada Aoun is a showman, and we try to secure 65 votes for a sovereign president

Representative Fouad Makhzoumi, who commented on Judge Ghada Aoun’s storming of the Banque du Liban, said that “what happened in the Central Bank today is a show,” and continued: “I support the law of independence of the judiciary, but we have a politicized judiciary and “I do not lead the way Munir Riad Salameh,” but there must be a mechanism “.

In an interview with the “Dialogue” program, Rola Haddad, via LBCI, he said: “The most important right is represented by the presidency and a homogeneous” renewed “bloc that agrees on basic issues and our program is integrated. “

Makhzoumi pointed out that “the Doha Agreement created the trilogy of” the people, the army, the resistance “and gave legitimacy to Hezbollah’s weapons, and we bet on the elections to keep Hezbollah out of the political arena. , but it remained unfortunate, somehow present. “

He pointed out that “the people must demand that the representatives rise up against Hezbollah, and the representative must take a clear stand or go to his house, and we must raise the ceilings and confront the party, and that is one of the goals of the Tajdid bloc. ”

Regarding Hezbollah’s rallies, Makhzoumi said that “there is a contradiction in the government, which is” unfortunate “and in the light of current conditions we will not be able to bring” lira “into Lebanon, and guarantees must be met. the Gulf states are provided to support Lebanon, and illegal weapons must be prevented, and the party’s hand must be raised. The airport is for Gulf tourists to return to Lebanon. “

He added: “Prior to the recent visit of US Mediator Amos Hochstein, Hizbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah announced his support for the state in the file of demarcation, which coincides with Iran-US talks in Doha, and when these talks were disrupted, he changed his position. “

Makhzoumi said that “there is no coming war with Israel. Neither Hezbollah nor Israel can be involved in a destructive war at the moment, and the threat is just talk at the moment, and the party’s maneuvers over Karish are just ‘ an implementation of Iran’s agendas, and therefore the party does not want to go to war. ”

On the issue of forming a government, he said that “the consultations were formal, and I do not think that the appointed Prime Minister Najib Mikati is capable of forming a government that will gain” confidence “and “Mikati is a continuum of the ruling system, and for that I did not give him my vote.”

And Makhzoumi added: “To gain Mikati’s confidence in” Strong Lebanon “, he must submit to the instructions of the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Representative Gibran Bassil, and he confirmed his rejection of this matter, and in 2019 I rejected the conditions that have been imposed on Mikati at the present stage, and what is happening between Mikati and the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun. “Wrong, wrong.” I think they maneuver, and that’s against the country’s interest.

He added, “The Tajadid bloc has not agreed on a unified name to head the government as neither of the four members imposes their opinion on the other.”

Makhzoumi continued: “The Taif agreement did not fail, but rather it was not implemented, and the idea of ​​powerful sect leaders and forces destroyed the country.”

He stressed that he “refuses to allow the Free Patriotic Movement to acquire the energy portfolio, and refuses to allow the duo to acquire the Ministry of Finance.”

On the possibility of Aoun staying in Baabda, Makhzoumi said: “Aoun is” smarter than that, “and no one dares to stay in Baabda Palace until the end of his term and take responsibility for the anger of the people. and I do not think that the caretaker government can take over the presidency. ”

He asked, “What are these options that Hezbollah gives us? Death from famine or from war ?! This talk is rejected, we are Lebanon, prosperity and culture, and I say to the party: You can not threaten us. “

Makhzoumi stressed that “the idea of ​​a ‘strong president’ has failed since he bankrupted Lebanon, and we want a reformist and consensual president who does not belong to any corrupt party. We have as a bloc what several options renewed, the first of which is the army chief. vote to get it done. “

He pointed out that “the Renewal Block consists of 4 people, but we communicate with many sovereigns and we can enlarge the block, and we agree on all files as we complement each other.”

Makhzoumi asked: “How can we agree to the budget, when it conflicts with the interests of the citizens?” He added: “We have gone into a lot of details that do not end with Capital Control. Our problem is the lack of a natural budget, and 55% of the proposed budget does not include a reform plan. Today’s citizens’ concern is to to fill gasoline and buy bread., and we can not sell gold, and we “sell fish in the sea.” citizens to enforce laws. “

He continued: “I asked Mikati about the money stuck in the banks, and he said that people took a part of their money and spent it, as far as the big institutions that took a lot of money through interest were concerned. “Do they deserve to get their money back. as it is?”

Makhzoumi pointed out that “the system has no intention of adopting the law on the removal of bank secrecy, as the system is afraid of this matter.”

He said: “All sects in Lebanon are marginalized, not just the Sunnis, and the MPs of the Future Movement are still present, even though the party is” hyper. “

Regarding the strike of public sector workers, Makhzoumi pointed out that “there are 330,000 workers, in addition to retirees, we need to correct all their wages as the citizen” died of starvation. “

He stressed that “Lebanon’s basic problem is first and foremost political, and when a government is formed outside Hezbollah’s control, Gulf support can be obtained to help us.”

Makhzoumi stated that “the water problem in Lebanon is that the pipes are more than 60 years old, and the Makhzoumi Foundation is ready to secure these pipes, but the problem is that the state does not have the money to install them. “

Regarding the division of the Beirut municipality, he said: “There is great corruption in the Beirut municipality, and there is a political party that controls it, and the problem is that the governors do not have executive power, and I am against dividing the municipality. municipality For example, there are Sunnis in Ashrafieh, what will happen to them then? ”

He stressed that “there was fraud in the elections, and we are awaiting the outcome of our appeal.”

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