Online shopping: non-racist sizes and inhumane working conditions

There is a big change in the classics of shopping brought about by online shopping sites, these sites have gained the trust of the public after a great effort, as the idea of ​​buying online for a long time more like an adventure was with unknown results, but firstly positive customer experiences, and saves time wasted in shopping at stores In exchange for the time invested to secondly browse the world markets, and finally the conditions of the global quarantine in Corona , it has placed us all an inevitable comparison between traditional shopping and online shopping.

My experience of buying online came late compared to many around me, as I had a time when I was reluctant to spend my money in places that were unreliable to me, after going into cramped fitting rooms for many years, tested clothes that smell like customers. tried in front of me, and walked out with nostalgia, because I did not get the piece I wanted.

My need to find an alternative to traditional markets deepened when I gave birth to my daughter during the Corona and quarantine period, I needed new clothes for her every month, which made buying clothes online an ideal solution has.

Turkish, Chinese or Vietnamese fashion markets publish their designs for online purchase, and clearly compete for lower prices in exchange for quality pieces, in addition to speed of delivery and the possibility of return or exchange. Recently, it has become rare to meet a girl who does not know the names of at least three fashion websites.

At the beginning of the spread of the phenomenon of clothing shopping on the internet, normal terms of purchase were available and easy, which made it difficult to grow this trade and enforce control over customers. The advent of the Corona pandemic, and the subsequent general closure of many commercial establishments made online shopping a necessity when new clothes were needed.

The online clothing market has expanded and continues to expand as the Gulf states posted an estimated profit of $ 20 billion from online purchases in 2020, compared to $ 5 billion in 2015, while Asia holds the world’s highest revenue market from the online retail sector .

My need to find an alternative to traditional markets deepened when I gave birth to my daughter during the Corona and quarantine period, I needed new clothes for her every month, which made online shopping an ideal solution.

The advantage of browsing fashion websites on the internet is that most of them have reached the categories that have long been plagued by traditional markets Limited a specific type of object.

The common denominator between these sites is that they are “non-racist” in dealing with diverse body shapes with diverse genes and ethnicities, and that they offer a wide range of clothing options for overweight men and women.

There is no type of fabric woven with specific dimensions that are only suitable for light weights, nor is there a dress that is sold exclusively for the slim, this is proven by looking at the section on excess weight in ‘ a large number of these sites, and dream to find many designs for jeans, skirts, dresses, swimwear, pajamas and others, can look at all bodies.

In addition to what has been mentioned, the clear interest in veiled women, after Arab markets were limited to the jilbab as the only – modest clothing – Turkish sites offered a new model for this category of women, and it was in fact a qualitative leap in the elegance of veiled women.

The choices in the types and designs of clothing increased, and the concept of Islamic clothing developed, which made modern Islamic fashion popular in Arab societies and in the world, and the presence of the traditional clothing we used in the past , has decreased. , and replace with more practical and beautiful clothes with lots of colors and diversity.

As for me, I have long suffered from fruitless quarrels with sellers in shoe stores, so the seller’s question to me about my shoes was followed by contempt and embarrassment wrapped in a look: “I mean, how do you pull your leg up 41” and looking for shoes that are suitable and comfortable for my feet took many hours of walking between stores, and trying on shoes With “wide shapes” in the seller’s opinion, then buy a shoe that does not meet my expectations, but it fits my big tiger, which for some reason deviated from the international measurements of women’s shoes.

Europe has long been a leader in shoes and clothing for large sizes, and I, like many buyers, choose suitable and elegant shoes from European liquidation shops scattered throughout the Arab world, but this has not once diminished my desire to new fashionable shoes, and this desire was only achieved thanks to sites Electronic fashion, and most importantly, I knew that my feet are not the biggest feet of a woman in the world, these sites offer shoes for women up to number 44.

International fashion brands used to target the rich class of people, so it was difficult for people with limited incomes to shop at them, but online shopping sites allowed the middle class to buy beautiful and elegant garments, with very good materials and competitive prices.

Some sites copied international designs and sold them for a quarter of the price, which reduced the obsession with buying international brands and dwarfed the idea of ​​elegance associated with the price of the piece and the name of the designer.

These sites worked to win the customer’s trust cumulatively, so soon after their appearance, purchases arrived in less time. Customers also received alerts about 70% off “real” discounts, improved search options, and added the feature to post comments on items after purchase, reducing customers’ fears that what they were buying did not live up to their expectations, as under each item there is a previous evaluation of those Buy it, followed by the type of material used in the manufacture, the method of washing and storage How are good clothes sold at cheap prices? This question can be very difficult, or rather, we may not want to know the answer, especially since the answer to it requires a long discussion and research on the ethics of buying at these sites, as the majority of clothing sold online today, the “Made in China” brand, but a simple search. In this sense, we are leading to the fact that these garments are manufactured in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India and Sri Lanka, under somewhat ambiguous working conditions.

It is not possible to ensure that there are no human labor violations in the absence of transparency, especially towards women, such as the very low wages, which in Bangladesh reach barely 15 cents per hour, and we can not be sure that the piece that we do not buy. is not a product of child labor, especially with the large number of international reports indicating their presence in these countries.

The question of not knowing the true sources of the materials used in manufacturing is another ethical burden. The wish is that these questions are not considered insignificant for buyers looking for good clothes at cheap prices, and that talk and curiosity about human rights and dignity at work spread as much as the market for online shopping is not limited to the reports of labor organizations.

Most of the garments sold on the internet today are labeled “Made in China”, but a simple search in this sense leads to these garments being manufactured in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India and Sri Lanka, under mysterious working conditions.

As for the last question – which may not be of much interest to the buyer – it is about the impact of this new market on the traditional clothing market, which has begun to shrink effectively with demands from retailers of governments to place more restrictions on online shopping , and here is meant the stores aimed at people with limited income The average, not the international brands.

The exchange between buying clothes at a reasonable price for our children and turning a blind eye to how we got these clothes is not an easy exchange for many, even if it seems to be so, especially for those from the middle class or below, especially in certain seasons such as holidays, the beginning of the school year and the beginning of winter.

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