September Net – The Prime Minister: Saudi Emirati money could not kneel in Sanaa

19 July 2022

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Today, the Central Military Regional Order in Sanaa organized a festive event to commemorate the mandate of the Commander of the Believers, Ali bin Abi Talib, peace be upon him.

On the occasion, a member of the Supreme Political Council, Ahmed Ghaleb Al-Rahwi, reviewed the real dimensions of the importance of knowing the principle of guardianship and preparing the nation to step into its glory and pride, from this important pivot that has the post-death period of the Prophet, may God bless him and his family, established as a stage that determined the fate of the Islamic nation and its true religious commitment.

He explained that Wilayat Day is an occasion during which everyone must return to the approach of Imam Ali and fulfill his mandate, pointing out that the nation must begin by changing its paths and reality by embodying divine precepts to emerge from the diaspora to come and correct. deviation.

The member of the Supreme Political Council pointed out that the significance of the revival of this opportunity lies in the acceptance of those to whom God has entrusted and the consolidation of the values ​​of loyalty according to the correct Quranic concepts as a culmination of greatness of the message that the Noble Messenger brought when he raised the hand of the Commander of the Believers and said, “Whoever you are his master, then Ali is his master.”

In turn, the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdulaziz Saleh bin Habtoor praised the good example set by Imam Ali, peace be upon him, in his life and in his closeness to the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family. and companions, and to continue to carry the banner of truth after the death of the greatest messenger in defense and victory for Islam and Muslims.

He pointed to the great values ​​that Imam Ali carried and its valuable consequences when read, studied and passed on to generations as a kind of intellectual immunity for Muslim generations.

He said: “It is important to point out that we are celebrating the eighth year of this day while under US-Saudi-Emirati-Zionist aggression, which has paid our Yemeni people an expensive price to face,” and in order not to be broken or defeated in the face of the tyrants of the century. “

Dr. Bin Habtoor added: “For the eighth year, our people are still at the highest levels of giving, paying their youth and effort, and giving everything they can to defend their homeland and dignity.”

And he added: “Any other people can not think that with our humble abilities and the crises that our people have gone through, we can withstand this aggression with all its weapons and in view of the facilities it receives and the size of the capabilities provided. to the countries of aggression, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. “

The Prime Minister stressed that the Saudi-Emirati money, which brought a large part of this world to its knees, was unable to kneel in Sana’a, which was proud and will continue to be and will continue to be. continues to be proud and headlining while resisting for the eighth year in a row, armed with its historical, religious and moral heritage, and the authenticity and violence of the Yemeni people.

He pointed out that the steadfastness, steadfastness and enormous sacrifices of the Yemeni people were lessons learned from the teachings of the true Islamic religion and the great legacy of the Yemeni people, in addition to the massive injection of instructions and instructions given by the leader of the revolution, mr. Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, in his series of guidelines, talks and instructions.

In the context of his speech, the Prime Minister referred to the Saudi-Jeddah meeting and meetings over the past two days and said: “The strange thing in this matter is that the issue of the ceasefire and its extension is being discussed by the aggressors and their supporters, while the facts confirm that whoever seeks a ceasefire or peace should discuss the matter with Sanaa, represented by the Leader of the Revolution and the Supreme Political Council under the leadership of His Excellency Field Marshal Mahdi Al -Mashat, and not with his mercenaries, agents and henchmen.

He explained that the Yemeni people were and will remain honest and loyal to their leadership and maintain that compass on which they walked and built to defend their homeland, to defend and preserve their dignity, and to win the victory for their entire nation win.

And he added: “We are proud to be part of the project of a free resistance fighter, my father, who does not recognize the Israeli entity occupying Palestine, as we are a project representing the Zionist project in the region. oppose and bravely confront its subversive projects that target the present and future of the nation, and we are part of this free and honorable Islamic nationalist position. “

The Prime Minister expressed his gratitude for the establishment of this event and other vital activities, and for his invitation to take part in this event, which is one of the great national and religious events of important significance in the life of the nation.

In turn, the mayor of the capital, Hammoud Abbad, stressed the importance of drawing lessons and lessons from the commemoration of State Day and complying with the precepts of the Greatest Messenger, pointing out that the commemoration of State Day is coming and many Arab and Islamic regimes have taken over America and Israel.

He explained that the aggression against Yemen was an extension of the conflict between truth and falsehood, pointing to the importance of following the precepts of the Great Messenger, which paved the way for truth and justice.

The event, hosted by the Director of the Directorate of Medical Services in the Military Region, the Director of 48 Hospital, Dr. Abdul Malik Al-Sailami, and attended the Order of the Military Region and its affiliated units, included words, poems. , and artistic and cultural flashes about the importance of state memory.

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