Sisi discusses in Berlin the establishment of the naval military industry

Within the framework of Egypt’s plan to develop its naval arsenal, increase its manufacturing capabilities and competencies, to protect its maritime borders, and to ensure navigation and investment in the Red and Mediterranean Bahrain, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has met last night (Sunday). ) with Peter Lursen, owner and chairman of the board of “Lursen” company. German International Maritime Industries, on the sidelines of his visit to Berlin to attend the Petersberg Climate Dialogue.

Ambassador Bassam Rady, the official spokesperson for the Presidency of the Republic, said that “the meeting witnessed the follow-up of aspects of cooperation with the German company, which has deep experience in the field of maritime industries and the development of arsenals, in addition to training programs for technical workers and increasing the capabilities of Egyptian cadres in those fields. ” The Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Lursen”, “expressed his pride in the process of joint cooperation with Egypt in the field of the company’s work, as well as the promising opportunities for direct investment in Egypt, especially with the comprehensive development that the state in the infrastructure sectors in recent years. “

And this is not the first meeting with the head of the “Lursen” company, as the plan to train Egyptian cadres in the field of marine arsenal dates back to several years, when Sisi and Laursen met in August 2020 “for cooperation between the Egyptian side and the German company, which has deep experience in the field of building ships of different models,” according to the then presidency’s statement, and the meetings between the two sides have been repeated in recent years.

Lursen also visited the Alexandria Arsenal in August 2020 to learn more about the different manufacturing sites and stages of shipbuilding, in preparation for collaboration between the two sides in this area.

And in November 2020, “the German government agreed that the (Lursen) company, Egypt, would deliver nine patrol boats and a coastal defense boat, in a deal worth 130 million euros,” according to German media reports at the time, according to a report published through the website “Africa Intelligence” in September 2021, “Lursen submitted a plan to Egypt to establish a shipyard and marine facilities near the Suez Canal, to enable Egypt to build military and commercial ships and thus its dependence on the outside. ”

Egypt was first at the top of Germany’s largest arms importing countries last year, with a total value of 4.34 billion euros, according to a report by the German Ministry of Economy earlier this year.

Major General Samir Farag, a military and strategic expert, said in statements to Asharq Al-Awsat that “Egypt’s steps to develop the naval arsenal are aimed at securing its maritime borders, in the light of regional developments, and its to protect economic investments, including supporting the Egyptian navy with the latest submarines and naval frigates. Four submarines from Germany, and frigates from France and Italy.

He added, “In addition to supplying the latest weapons to the Egyptian navy, Egypt seeks to increase the efficiency of human cadres and locate the naval arsenal industry, as it has agreed with the French side to purchase four frigates, of which one was manufactured in France, while the other three are manufactured in the Alexandria naval arsenal. and selling it to other countries in the future. “

On 22 September 2017, the Egyptian Army received the “Fateh” frigate of the “Gowind” class in France from the French “Naval Group” company to be the first among 4 contracted, provided the other three will be built in the Alexandria- arsenal, and indeed the forces received on 11 January 2021 The Egyptian Navy, the sniper frigate “Port Said” of the “Gowind” class, from the Alexandria shipyard.

Farag said that “Egypt has made intensive efforts in recent years to develop its marine arsenals, until it became the sixth in the world,” noting that “the purpose of this development is to secure maritime borders and protect regional investment. . “

Farag explained that “Egypt has opened the Berenice Military Base in the Red Sea, which is the base that forms the Southern Navy to protect navigation in the Suez Canal, and recently opened the July 3 base in the Mediterranean to to support and protect the Northern Fleet. Egyptian economic investments and their rights in gas. natural. “

Al-Sisi inaugurated the Bernice Military Base on January 15, 2020, which the Presidency of the Republic described as “the largest military base in the Red Sea region, and aimed at protecting and securing the southern Egyptian coast, protect economic investments and natural resources. , and confronts safety challenges in the Red Sea, as well as safe movement Global navigation across the axis of movement from the Red Sea to the Suez Canal, and the economic zones associated with it.

On July 3, 2021, the Egyptian president inaugurated the July 3 Fleet Base in Jarjoub, to represent a new addition to the western strategic direction within the Northern Fleet. According to the opening document posted on the official website of the Presidency of the Republic.

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