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Summer event

Pa Imad Twal

07-19-2022 18:17

With summer coming, students are eagerly awaiting the start of the holidays. For most school-going children, the summer event means lots of TV watching, video games, social media, swimming, outings, hanging out with friends and avoiding anything that looks like a book. Meanwhile, parents are wondering about How to keep their kids busy during this time of year. Often children during this period tend to lose academic and cognitive skills because they do not spend enough time learning, as more than one study has found evidence of a pattern of learning loss during this period, I think the results of these studies make sense, if not obvious, that when you stop doing something every day, you lose some of this ability, but students do not usually take much time to regain that ability after the school year has begun.

The summer event is an important time during which children can get out of the classroom and recharge themselves mentally and physically, so it is wrong to use the concept of “summer vacation” instead of “summer opportunity” because vacation means stagnation and break, while opportunity is the opportunity for the student to innovate, innovate, create and innovate For things he did not do during the school year, such as extracurricular programs that you will not find literally within the curriculum, but in the spirit of the curriculum, such as e.g. art, science trips, reading, swimming, sports programs, visiting the beautiful nature … etc., I see these times of the year, as many do, as an opportunity for parents and their children to relax and bond. summer event provides an effective learning environment that is just as important as the classroom, which includes seating and books. This means spending quality time exploring, unleashing creativity, talent and fun. The summer event is a time when students can relax and spend time. with family and friends. and exploring new hobbies or interests, in fact, the summer opportunity for many students is a time to keep learning and improve their careers She saw them too.

As parents, some find it difficult to associate the words “summer” with “learning”. We know that parents want their children to have fun in the summer, and they also want to keep learning, but we are not talking here about restricting children from studying seats and depriving them of the joy of the summer opportunity. In fact, summer learning should be clearly different, be a mix of play and learning to enrich their skills, in fact, summer can be a great opportunity for more real world learning opportunities that your child may not be able to explore during the school year. not.

We need to encourage students to think about what they enjoy, what areas they can improve on and what their goals are for the future. There should be opportunities to help them learn more about themselves by expanding their interests, gaining new experiences or taking on responsibilities, and interacting with others around the world. There are endless types of activities you can do with your children to stimulate a love of learning when visiting children’s museums and zoos, to travel that can broaden a student’s horizons while experiencing other cultures, and volunteering is also a great way to learn leadership skills and gain a better understanding of the larger world.

For many students, summer is an opportunity to learn new skills or dive deeper into areas or areas of interest. This is the perfect time to test ways and techniques that impress them in unfamiliar situations that build skills and enrich life experiences. It is a more fun and spontaneous learning experience beyond the confines of the classroom. Learning experiences outside the classroom is a form of experiential learning rooted in the simple principle that “experience is the best teacher.”

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