Tabuk University announces admission dates for bachelor’s and intermediate diploma degrees for the academic year 1444 AH

The University of Tabuk revealed through its official account on the social networking site “Twitter” today, Tuesday, the dates of admission for the bachelor’s and intermediate diploma degrees for the next academic year 1444 AH.

Admission dates for the next academic year 1444 AH

The Dean of Admissions and Registration at the University has stated that the submission of applications for admission will start on Wednesday 28/12/1444 AH corresponding to 27 July, and will continue until Tuesday 4/1/1444 AH corresponding to 2 August , and added that the admission results will be announced on Tuesday 11/1/1444 AH corresponding to 9 August next.

General admission rules for the academic year 1444 AH

According to the University of Tabuk Admission Guide for the academic year 1444 AH, the general admission checks include the following: The applicant must be a Saudi citizen or of a Saudi mother, a high school certificate or the equivalent inside or outside the Kingdom, and the high school equivalence is issued by The Certificate Equivalence Committee at the Ministry of Education in case the certificate is from outside the Kingdom, and that the study is at secondary level on a regular basis.

The general admission checks also include that the secondary school certificate should not have passed for more than 5 years, i.e. the certificate was issued in the academic year 1438-1439 AH or later, taking into account the special conditions for health specializations, and the applicant’s age must not exceed 25 years, which means he was born in 1997 CE or later, and the academic achievement test will not be less than 50%, and the general aptitude test will not be less than 50%, and the test scores available in a measurement center will be approved upon application. The validity period of the test scores is 5 years.

It is also required that the applicant does not have a previous academic record at Tabuk University during the last 4 semesters, and that the applicant has not been dismissed from the university or any other university for an academic or disciplinary dismissal, and that the applicant does not accept or register for the same degree or other scientific degree at the university or any other university, and the applicant is responsible for the correctness of the data, and the admission is deemed invalid if proven otherwise The applicant is also responsible for the follow-up of the admission procedures through the university’s website and the university’s official social media.

Bachelor programs available

The Dean of Admissions and Registration at the University has stated that the bachelor’s degree programs at the headquarters in Tabuk include the following: College of Medicine (specializing in medicine and surgery), College of Pharmacy (specializing in Doctor of Pharmacy), College of Applied Medical Sciences , majors (medical laboratory technology, nursing, physical therapy), College of Engineering Students are admitted to the college for the specialization of general engineering, and then they are awarded during the second year to the following specializations (civil engineering, electrical engineering), industrial engineering ) based on the regulations of the special college, the College of Computer and Information Technology, specialization (computer science, information technology, computer engineering) College of Science, majors (Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Statistics), College of Business Administration, (Accounting F) Finance and Investment, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Business Administration, Management Track), College of Education and the Arts (Islamic Studies, Arabic Language, Languages ​​and Translation (English), College of Sharia and Regulations (Regulations, Sharia), College of Design and the Arts (Interior Design) , Fashion and Textiles).

The Dean of Admissions and Registration added that for bachelor’s degree programs in university colleges in the governorates it was as follows: University College in Haql Governor (Computer Sciences, Biology, Languages ​​and Translation in English), University College in Dubai (medical) laboratory technology, accounting, marketing, marketing and English Translation) Al Wajh Governorate University College (Computer Science, Chemistry, Management Information Systems, Languages ​​and English Translation), University College Umluj Governorate (Nursing, Computer Science, Biology, Languages ​​and English Translation), and Tayma University College governor (computer science, languages ​​and language translation). English, Business Administration, Management Job).

Intermediate Diploma Program

The Dean of Admissions and Registration stated that the intermediate diploma programs include the following applied college at the headquarters in Tabuk (Health Services Department, Construction Engineering Technology, Cyber ​​Security, Programming and Computer Science, Network Systems Management, Environmental Studies, Environmental Environment, Environmental, Environment Human Resources, Risk Management and Insurance), College of Applied Field Branch (Network Systems Management, Environmental Studies, Human Resources), College of Applied Dubai Branch (Programming and Computer Science, Risk Management and Insurance), College of Applied Branch (Environmental Resources, Environmental Resources) Resources), the Applied College, Umluj Branch (Network Systems Management, Risk Management and Insurance), and the Applied College, Tayma Branch (Environmental Studies and Human Resources).

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