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AMMAN – The activities of the Eighth Arab Conference on Talent and Excellence Research were launched today, Tuesday, at the University of Jordan, under the slogan “Motivation in the Knowledge Society”.
During his sponsorship of the launch of the events on behalf of Prime Minister Dr. Bishr Al-Khasawneh, Youth Minister Muhammad Al-Nabulsi stressed that the education sector in Jordan enjoys royal attention, which directed successive governments to develop and promote the various elements of the educational process.

He added at the conference, organized by the International Foundation for Youth and Development in collaboration with the University of Jordan, that this sector witnessed the state’s life, achievements and light stations during the first centenary, either through regulatory legislation or through infrastructure, and note that the conference title and its research papers are all we need today.To promote talent and creativity among young people and strengthen their role in development.

He said the Ministry had singled out the National Youth Strategy as a key focus on youth, education and technology, eager to develop, in collaboration with its partners, a safe, supportive and stimulating scientific and educational environment through information technology use. to foster a culture of innovation and creativity among young people.

In turn, the president of the University of Jordan, dr. Nazir Obeidat, emphasizes that the motivation we want to plant in the students’ conscience must be preceded by real reform at the level of the system, curricula, plans, values, laws and public life, social, economic, political and partisan.

He said that the student who is sad about the existence of a great distance between theory and practice, will withdraw in himself and limit himself within the obstacles of his chasing, giving and enthusiasm full of meaning towards the morning, which we always assure them that it will be bright.

He explained that the University of Jordan is today conducting a comprehensive review of its various programs, tools and infrastructure, in order to achieve the goal for which it was established, as a national institution that produces expertise and science for the community and employers manufacture. pick up so that learning, innovation and creativity can continue and enlarge the production wheel.

In turn, the president of Al-Ahliyya Amman University, dr. Sari Hamdan, in the opening session spoke about the importance of motivation as the main driver for achieving goals with zeal and zeal. This is the power that drives students to excel, and emphasizes the importance of teaching students thinking skills and planning for the future, if we want to develop creativity in opinion in schools and universities.

In turn, the president of the International Foundation for Youth and Development, Dr. Adnan Al-Tubasi, indicated that the improvement of education and its quality lies in paying attention to all elements of the educational process and its infrastructure, starting with the student, supporting the teacher, developing curricula, diversifying teaching methods, modernizing examination systems, as well as the encouragement of sports, arts and programs Training, openness to the world and respect for opinion and other opinions.

Al-Tubasi stressed the importance of the student having a creative mindset, a productive personality and a balanced culture, in addition to the ability to educate himself, flexibility in thinking, situations and understanding with others with confidence and respect. .

On its first day, the conference included two sessions: the first of which was chaired by the President of the Board of Trustees of the University of Jordan, dr. Adnan Badran, in which the Minister of Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research, dr. Wajih Owais, spoke about the role of the Ministry in developing and improving the system of creativity and educational motivation in schools.

While the second session, chaired by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Jadara University, Dr. Saleh Irsheidat, including two papers, was the first titled “Higher Education: Global Challenges” in which the former Minister of Education, Dr. Adel Tweissi, while the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the National Center for Curriculum Development, Dr. Azmi Mohafza, addressed in The second paper deals with the mechanism by which the curricula contribute to the dissemination and promotion of motivation in schools.

On the second day, the first session, which will include four scientific papers, will be led by Dr Muhammad Al-Hajj of Zarqa Private University. The first will be presented by the Director-General of the International Center for Innovative Education of the Federal Republic of Germany, entitled “Education for Productive Thinking”, and he will speak in the second, entitled “School Violence and Its Relationship Motivation to Learn Among Middle School Pupils” Dr. Djiga Kazwi and Dr. Kulthum Laaib of the University of Algiers, while dr. Ahmed Nofal will talk about motivation-based education, and dr. Ghufran Al-Taima and dr. Fatima Al-Refai will talk about the reality of motivation-based education in the knowledge society and its relationship with the environment School administration from the point of view of teachers and principals of Jordanian schools.

The second session, chaired by the former Minister of Information, Dr. Sakhr Dudin, will include two papers, in the first of which the Minister of Culture, Dr. Haifa Al-Najjar, will talk about how to spread the culture of motivation in our schools and universities, while dr. Ibrahim Badran in the second, a member of the Board of Trustees of Philadelphia University, will talk about the future of Jordanian universities in the digital age.

The final session will be led by the former Minister of Education, Dr. Izzat Jaradat, and will be a discussion session to approve recommendations and hand out participation certificates and badges of honor.
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