The story of Napoleon III’s palace and Empress Eugenie on the Atlantic Ocean Biarritz

Biarritz, the city of kings and nobles overlooking the Atlantic Ocean … An attractive tourist destination, and the former imperial residence of Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie, known throughout history as the city of nobles after its reputation in the past as a summer resort for the rich and upper class in France. This city on the southwest coast of France is characterized by its beautiful natural coastline, which includes the most beautiful hiking trails to explore historic sites and its vast beaches, and it is considered a prominent surfing destination in the world. Biarritz includes several museums, the most famous of which are: the “Biarritz Aquarium”, the Ocean Exploration Center “City de Lucien” and the Chocolate Museum.

Georges Clemenceau Square

This square is the main center that connects the streets of Biarritz, and a short distance from the charming Bellevue Square, which has a panoramic view of the city’s beach and its surroundings. Biarritz is characterized by its luxurious architecture and aristocratic art heritage.

La Grande Plage Beach

This golden sandy beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and welcomes surfers from Europe, America and others. Many hotels, resorts and restaurants are located on this famous beach, especially the ancient “Hôtel de Palais”, which is an ancient imperial monument of history that defies time.

The life of kings in a luxury hotel

The life of palaces and pure luxury lives by the patrons of the legendary Hôtel de Palais, which was the former imperial residence of Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie, who were on holiday because the empress was attached to the beach where she learned to swim as a child, and where she spent the holidays with her parents, Count and Countess de Montego.

The hotel has been completely refurbished to meet the needs of the 21st century while preserving the heritage and spirit of the iconic Biarritz building, and is ready to welcome guests from around the world this summer. The recently completed refurbishment works reflect the splendor of the legendary palace, including the hotel’s lobby and restaurants, which allow more daylight to brighten it up. The rooms have also been refurbished to reflect the palace’s unique architecture and rich history.

A table rich in the fruits of the sea and the famous traditional farms of the Basques

The Hôtel de Palais offers 86 rooms and 56 suites with charming 19th-century décor, and each room and suite offers unique views of Biarritz or panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. The hotel offers its guests fine culinary experiences inspired by the products of the sea and the famous traditional farms of the Basque Country. The hotel includes the recently awarded Michelin-rated La Rotonde restaurant, which is divided into an area dedicated to fine dining and distinctive cuisine, and the other to traditional dining options for the whole family. The chef at the luxury restaurant “La Table du Rolien Largo” serves the best dishes of the freshest sea and land ingredients. The hotel also houses the “Cote Maison”, which offers local and Basque cuisine.

Situated close to the hotel’s gardens, Le Sunset Restaurant offers breathtaking views of the sea and the Basque coast, and has an outdoor area for relaxing and all – day pool dining. As for the “Napoleon III” cafe, it invites its guests to enjoy a warm and elegant atmosphere that allows them to socialize and mingle with friends and loved ones, while offering a list of carefully selected drinks .

An unforgettable spa experience

The hotel also houses the Imperial Spa, a four-story property that offers a unique and memorable luxury experience that includes an indoor pool, steam room, hammam, jacuzzi and ten treatment rooms. The resort also includes a fitness center with stunning ocean views, equipped with the latest generation of Technogym equipment, while a team of trainers provides training for Pilates, yoga, qi gong, boxing and more. Near the hotel are sixteen golf courses in an area of ​​30 kilometers, which offers the opportunity to play golf all year round.

Overlooking the sea, the Club Imperial offers warm sea water and a children’s pool with five tents with all the facilities and equipment needed for families. The location is ideal for direct access to the famous beach “La Grande Plage”, where private “huts” are for rent. During school holidays as well as during the summer, the Children’s Club offers a wonderful range of fun-filled activities for children between the ages of four and fourteen.

In addition, Club Imperial offers families a wide range of activities suitable for all ages. Concierge services are available to help plan and organize memorable outings.

An ideal destination for the rich

The hotel château, built in 1854, is ideally located in the city of Biarritz in the heart of the Basque Country, less than 25 kilometers from the Spanish border. It offers a wonderful view of the Atlantic Ocean. It is the perfect destination this summer to enjoy a luxurious royal experience, beach activities on the Atlantic Ocean and to visit on a historic beach par excellence visited by history by kings, rich and noble. Biarritz leaves in your heart and mind the remnants of an elegant, refined and memorable historical story. And print in your phone’s memory many pictures of landscapes, monuments and streets that are not repeated.

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