Where did the most prominent beauty queens Lebanon become today?

Beauty, culture and ambition … 3 words on which the characteristics of Miss Lebanon have been based over the years! From Georgina Rizk, who held the title of Miss Universe and raised the name of her country high, to the most beautiful queens whose name has risen, for example Kanadine Njeim, who was known for her acting roles, and Valerie Abou Chakra, which acquired. great popularity. Several years have passed since the coronation of these queens, some of them have entered new fields and another has disappeared from the scene … Where have you become the most prominent beauty queens in Lebanon today? In this article, we take you on a quick tour of the most prominent before and after photos of Miss Lebanon, and tell you where they have become in their careers.

Miss Lebanon before and after

Georgina Rizk, Miss Lebanon 1970

The beginning with the Lebanese Miss Universe Georgina Rizk, who was crowned Miss Lebanon in 1970, and won the title of Miss Universe in 1971. Georgina Rizk was able to capture the attention of the world with her beauty and culture. Where is Georgina Rizk today? She is the wife of artist Walid Tawfik. She has 3 children, Ali, Al Walid and Nourhan.

Dina Azar Mej Lebanon 1995

Miss Lebanon before and after

Dina Azar is a jewelry designer today, and worked in the media field for a while, where she presented the Celebrity Duets program on LBC. She also launched a YouTube channel in 2015 that includes tips in the worlds of fashion and beauty.

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Nisreen Nasr, Miss Lebanon 1996

Miss Lebanon before and afterIn addition to the title of Miss Lebanon in 1996, Nasreen Nasr represented her country Lebanon in the Miss United Nations competition in 1997. She entered the field of media for a short period, then moved to the world of engineering, where she established. own company, dealing in decoration and interior engineering. In 2017, Nasreen Nasr married Lebanese businessman Karim Karagola.

Joel Ballach, Miss Lebanon 1997

Miss Lebanon before and after

Since winning the title of Miss Lebanon in 1997, Joelle’s name has been widely known, and she has been classified by many as one of the most beautiful queens of Lebanon. On the other hand, Joel was tenth in the Miss World competition. She has worked in media and acting, to this day when she is a fashion designer. As for her personal life, she is married to a Lebanese businessman named Adel Nader.

Clemence Ashkar, Miss Lebanon 1998

Miss Lebanon before and afterClemence Ashkar, who has worked in the media and modeling for a long period of her life, is a wife and mother, has a great passion for music and is involved in humanitarian work, where she represents various charities.

Norma Naoum, Miss Lebanon 1999

Miss Lebanon before and afterNorma Naoum, wife and mother of two daughters, has previously worked in the media field and participated in a number of programs, most notably Studio El Fan.

Sandra Rizk, Miss Lebanon 2000

Miss Lebanon before and afterSandra Rizk worked in the media field and also presented and performed programs. She is an ex-wife and has a girlfriend named Noor. Sandra Rizk later founded her own pocket brand, Sandra Rizk Bags.

Christina Sawaya, Miss Lebanon 2001

Miss Lebanon before and after In addition to the title of Miss Lebanon in 2001, she also won the title of Miss International in 2002. She is the ex-wife of Lebanese journalist Tony Baroud and the mother of a son and a daughter. Christina Sawaya has had a long career in the art field that continues today, whether in terms of media, acting and singing recently.

Marie Jose Hanin, Miss Lebanon 2003

Miss Lebanon before and afterAfter winning the Miss Lebanon title, she competed in the Miss World competition in 2003 and was among the 20 contestants who qualified for the finals, after which she joined the Miss Universe competition in 2004. She worked in the modeling field for a period of her life. , but today she works as a consultant Technically, she also founded in 2010 a non-governmental organization that is concerned with helping the needy, called Live2share.

Nadine Nassib Njeim, Miss Lebanon 2004

Miss Lebanon before and after Nadine Njeim’s name has risen from the moment she was crowned Miss Lebanon, and her success continued throughout her career as she became one of the most famous actresses in the Arab world, after playing several lead roles. Today, Nadine Njeim launches her own brand, NNN, which deals with makeup and beauty products. Nadine Njeim is today the mother of a son and daughter.

Gabriel Bou Rashid, Miss Lebanon 2005

Gabriel Bou Rashid, actress, model and motorcyclist since 2015. She is the first Arab female motorcyclist. Gabriel Bou Rashid is today a wife and the mother of two sons.

Nadine Wilson Njeim Mej Lebanon 2007

After Nadine Wilson Njeim won the title, she became an actress who played several lead roles. Then she founded a digital marketing company. Nadine Wilson Njeim is also looking for continuous development and learning while completing her master’s studies at Harvard University. Nadine Wilson Njeim works in various ways to strengthen the role of women in society and highlight their abilities.

Rosarita Tawil Mej Lebanon 2008

Rosarita Tawil, wife and mother of a young girl named Mila, is very active on social media, and has a great passion and love for art and tourism.

Rahaf Abdullah, Miss Lebanon 2010

Rahaf Abdullah, who has participated in several acting roles after winning the title of Miss Lebanon, has also worked in the field of presenting programs.

Valerie Abou Chakra, Miss Lebanon 2015

Valerie Abou Chakra ranks fifth in the Miss World competition after winning the title of Miss Lebanon, in addition to the title of the most beautiful face in the world. She entered the field of acting and played several lead roles. She also had experience in the field of presenting programs, where she presented Project Runway Middle East. Today, Valerie Abu Chakra, wife and mother of twins.

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