Albanian youth. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center is a thriving environment for the development and investment of the energy of national cadres

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The Builder Youth Program launched by the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center brings together the initiatives and activities launched by the center over the years. It is concerned with the category of youth and generations of the boys of the country, whereby the young men and women of the country offer bright models that reflect the noble principles of the Emirates and the civilized face of the country, in support of the strategy of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center aimed at consolidating tolerant Islamic culture and promoting the values ​​of coexistence, openness, brotherhood and civilized communication between people in the Emirates of Peace, embodying the legacy of The Original Human Emirates.
Amal Bamatrif, Director of the Center’s Civilization Communications Division, said: “The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center has managed to provide an exceptional experience in investing the energy of the country’s youth through the groundbreaking programs and initiatives since its inception in 2012., which is concerned with the youth category and to prepare a generation capable of continuing the march of The sustainable development seen by the country in various fields and to highlight the civilized and human face of the United Arab Emirates locally and internationally, by working with patriotism from the original heritage of the Emirates, which is one of the basic values ​​that the center would like to inculcate in all programs the youth.
She added that the center enjoys worldwide attention and praise thanks to the country’s youth embodying the Emirati value system based on coexistence and communication with different cultures, noting that most of the visitors’ comments on the Trip Advisor website described the mosque by providing messages of peace, harmony and tolerance, as one of the commenters put it.During our visit to the mosque we were very impressed by the beauty of this building and its message of tolerance and we were warmly welcomed from the moment we entered until the time we left, their multiculturalism.
The center was inspired by the name of the program “Al Shabab Albany”; One of the immortal poetic masterpieces of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan – may his soul rest in peace – whose value has been acquired in the hearts of the people of the United Arab Emirates because of the meanings it contains that reflect the founding father’s faith in youth as a wealth for the nation and builders of its renaissance and progress. The program’s logo is also inspired by the shape of The plant is in the stage of growth, which the category of young people and the values ​​that the center symbolizes are eager to bring in to bear fruit and be blessed by giving it to the fatherland.
The “Al Shabab Al-Baani” summarizes a set of programs concerned with the youth and youth category, the most important of which are: “Volunteering, training programs such as Ibn Al-Dar and the Small Culture Guide, development and refinement of students’ skills at higher education institutions, the practical training program for school and university students, and customized programs. ” for the People of Determination and other groups.
Jamal Al-Dahmani, director of worship and visitor services at the center, said: “The center, as part of its strategy, is working to consolidate the culture of volunteering in a way that embodies one of its core values, namely “We do volunteer, thank you for giving the land”; by providing the opportunity for young volunteers, from the center and outside, to volunteer in various fields. It develops and invests in them the love for the fatherland and the value of volunteering, and it develops the human personality and makes him more positive in his society, as volunteering is an extension of true citizenship and a way of life as it hones skills, their society and their country, and the clear image to the sons of Zayed, in various fields of volunteer work. ”
Amina Al Hammadi, Head of the Center’s Cultural Tours Division, in turn said: “One of the most prominent programs that the Center regularly organizes is the Ibn Al-Dar Program, which is concerned with qualifying national cadres. , including universities, students and graduates, in the field of providing cultural tours in the country. culture and the culture of the UAE society represented in tolerance, communication and coexistence, through the programs, activities and initiatives offered throughout the year.Since the program’s launch in 2012, the program’s graduates have more reach 190 graduates.Training, qualification and improvement of their skills to achieve the highest levels of achievement in cultural tours at the hands of the land d’s cultural tour specialist at the cultures.
She added: “The center is working to embrace the talents of the emerging category and prepare them for a promising future through the Small Cultural Guide Program, which is a training program based on an early and ongoing educational methodology that encourages them, refines their talents and energies, introduces them to the profession of tour specialist, and raises their awareness of their role as ambassadors who represent their country in an honorable manner. ” It offers future prospects for them to pursue the profession of cultural tour specialist, as the number of the program’s graduates has reached more than 389 since its inception, and the role of the center not only ends with their graduation, but its role extends to the development of a methodology that ensures that graduates are encouraged to continue by strengthening their participation in training, training. and the integration of cultural tours In a variety of groups, from a variety of workshops to advanced training stages, such as the “Ibn Al-Dar” program.
The “Rehab Al-Hamm” program came to reaffirm the center’s commitment to social responsibility, and its belief in the effective and influential role of people of determination as an essential part of society. Within the framework of the program, the center organized a number. of related initiatives, such as the awarding of cultural tours in Arabic and English sign languages, and to provide them with the opportunity to apply their skills and talents in the field of photography. By taking photos at the mosque and participating in the “Spaces of Nour Photography” award, which is organized by the center on a regular basis.
It embodied the center’s collaboration with higher education institutions to develop students’ skills, refine their talents and direct them in various fields, such as accepting the abilities of female students in the field of design in collaboration with Zayed University around the university develop library furniture, where a number of these designs have been approved and applied, and collaborate with the College of Fine Arts at Zayed University and female students The Higher College of Technology in the exhibitions organized by the center, such as the exhibition “An Inspiring Leader” and the exhibition “Artistic Features – Elegant Fonts and Inspirational Landmarks”, in which they participated with a set of images emphasizing Islamic art manifested in the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, and paintings in Arabic calligraphy, in addition to the organization of workshops different work; To invest the talents and energy of university and college students.


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