Elections are not the solution, and Hamas withdrawing from its step, followed by elections is the solution

Written by: Talal Al-Sharif

The time has come to be honest after all the confusion and tinkering in our Palestinian situation, the increasing suffering of our people, and the futility of solutions to the internal Palestinian situation, which others have given, the first of which is the occupation, which has gained and control over the course of our cause and our country in an unprecedented way and empowers the many who interfere in our miserable situation and manipulation in our political system and those who position themselves as leaders without legitimacy through political money and alliances that we divided people and served other projects at the expense of our national project, and honestly too, let us ask a big question, because the answer to it lays the foundation for all the merits and files of our situation in the face of the rest of the challenges, which begin with saving the occupation and do not end with prosperity and independence.

Does Hamas have the right to participate or demand the holding of legislative and presidential elections?

And because the coup and the separation of Gaza from the control of the central authority was the first step in all the complications and suffering that followed for the people of the Gaza Strip in particular, and the Palestinian cause in general.

The state of Palestinian weakness has continued until now, and perhaps the greatest and most dangerous complication of the division has been the rapid fragmentation of the Fatah movement, despite the emergence of signs of Fatah disputes within the movement and the security services of the Authority and the conflict of positions, paralysis and interests before the partition, and those first Fatah disputes were a decisive factor in encouraging Hamas to do this. absence of President Abbas will bring a solution to the Palestinian situation.

It is true that internal Fatah reconciliation could be a major pressure factor for Hamas’ withdrawal. This could, and may, result in national reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas, but Hamas’ withdrawal from control of Gaza as a first step would certainly restores the normal state and balance that preceded the division, and will lead to an exit from the national deadlock With the withdrawal of Hamas it is possible to hold elections, achieve better results for national unity, restore the democratic situation and the correct construction of the Palestinian political system. As for holding elections now or anytime without Hamas withdrawing from ruling Gaza, it’s as if you, Abu Zeid, didn’t invade and we’ll be headed for bigger complications than we’re in, especially since no one recognizes Him his mistakes, and the two sides expressed no remorse for the deterioration of the Palestinian situation, each according to his shortcomings and mistakes.

Logic recognizes that elections should not precede reconciliation, but on the contrary, reconciliation must precede elections if we want to build a stable future in the Palestinian political map and its path of struggle and save future generations, and to get out of the Palestinian impasse. , the cause of all its complications is the change of the rules of democracy and the exchange of power through a fund Elections to violence Hamas seized by violence from the Gaza Strip.

In principle and as a result, Hamas is not entitled to demand any upcoming general elections because it deviated from the democratic instruments that won on its rules and used violent, anti-democratic means to seize power in Gaza despite its right to form a government and despite the pitfalls and obstacles that Fatah and the government put in the way of making it possible. Especially that Hamas used the forces of the Hamas party and the weapons of the resistance to make it possible make and expel the central authority and elements of the Fatah movement from the Gaza Strip, in violation of the rules of peaceful democracy.

Rajoub’s talk about the mistake of postponing the elections is also one of the complications of the splintering of the Fatah movement that resulted from the national division itself. Rajoub’s words are not in the right direction to address the current Palestinian situation. save and transfer to the right. Rather, it is internal Fatah rivalry and a blindness to the dangers it poses in the future if the elections are preceded by reconciliation. This will not lead to the restoration of the natural state that preceded the Hamas coup, but is rather a short-sighted view of the future for those who support this view.
Hamas has no right to participate or to demand legislative and presidential elections as long as it controls half of the country without right. If it wins in any elections, the elections give the right to form a government and not the right to win. party to own power. The PLO and its Executive Committee is a body higher than the president, and it is the one that signed agreements to establish the government and signed before the world the establishment of this system to the establishment of the state. to have concluded the Oslo agreement and discuss elections and agree to the same law that resulted from this agreement. It did not reject it. Instead, it submitted its last list based on the same law, before President Abbas decided to cancel those elections by a dictator, of course.

It is true that the elections are important and the uniqueness of President Abbas and his dictatorship is unacceptable, but also all the confusion and uniqueness that happened is the result of the division and because everything that Abbas and the central government did not happen and he could not do before the partition, and here I am not justifying it to the president or the central authority his mistakes, because what is required, frankly, is based on a correct logic for what comes after, and not to repeat a make no mistake, holding the elections before reconciliation will certainly double the tragedy, and some may be intolerant of an opinion that appears as a solution that drags us into more serious and complex divisions than we are in, and our cause are in real danger of passing liquidation solutions that will certainly not be in Our favor.

The problem of the Palestinian people is in their leadership, who create the problem and cannot make the solution in the right direction, and look how the solution was not possible fifteen years ago because of short-sightedness, selfishness and lack of thinking about the people It is rather not political, and the evidence for this is the continuation of the Byzantine debate and the vengeful mind paralyzed by seeing that there is a people and a cause greater than Fatah and Hamas, those who subjecting them to foreign agendas and interventions that oppress the leaders of those parties and keep them in a state of nervousness that harms the interests of the Palestinian people and their national cause.

If those leaders, as a whole, who are divided and who stand by without action, knew or realized that division exhausts us, serves the occupation and threatens our national cause, they would have acted differently than they did fifteen years ago, and their faces would have turned red with shame at the wasted time and effort, the reason for all this suffering that befell our people and our cause. But this is the lost mind and political intelligence, and here we go round like a bull on his blindfolded water wheel so that he does not see the shameful truth that they fear for their parties, positions and alliances, and do not fear for the interests of their people and their cause, so what leaders are those who manipulate us and yet our destiny is determined by this ignorance, greed and lack of modesty.. Shame on all those who are tough against you, and whoever stiffens your hands and your positions, this political sterility that has lasted for fifteen years and continues and you see the profits of the occupation.

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