I fell into a “black hole” after getting the Arab gold

The Arab, Emirates and Asian bronze medalist Safia Al Sayegh has confirmed that her cycling career has almost ended after winning the gold in the Arab U-23 Championship, held in Egypt last November, and noted that she is at the UAE -professional team and was selected last January.In addition to winning the Asian bronze, they brought her back to life.

Safia Al Sayegh, the UAE and Arabian U-23 champion, has joined the Emirates Professional Team to become the first player in the history of UAE cycling to join a professional team and lead the team with the team of the Emirati bikes be an individual race against the clock in its external championships, in the championship held in Tajikistan last March, and she never dreamed of it, because she was a player and a lover of swimming to at the age of 12.

And about the suffering that Safia Al-Sayegh experienced before joining the Emirates team, she told «Emirates Today»: “I traveled with the national team last November to attend the combined Arab championships in Egypt “and I skipped studies for a while. I certainly could not combine attending the tournament and conducting special projects at the university.” For a long time I was a student at the American University in Dubai, and during this period a lot of important academic matters accumulated, so after I returned, I stopped practicing for almost a week, which is very difficult for ‘ a player who competes in cycling to be away for only two days and not a week.

And she added: “After this week (Corona) hit me, which left me at home for another week, and here I felt like I had fallen into a (black hole) because of ‘ a very big drop in my level, and I lost my passion for the game, which made me very sad, and it got me very emotional, until the news of my choice to represent the UAE girls in the professional team came last January, which made me go back and start focusing on training to recover the same level. ”

Regarding the Asian bronze, Safia said: “I did not think I would get a medal due to the lack of good preparation for the tournament, and the presence among champions with a great history on the continent, but luckily a played with me a bit because of the small distance of the individual race against the clock, in which I achieved a third place. And my level helped me complete the race, and the surprise was to win and get a third place. As for the road race, it was 110km, in addition to the presence of hills, and I was basically not ready to take part, so I tried with the constellation and I was with them until the 40th kilometer before I had my chance at one lost some of the hills and missed the opportunity to compete a lot. “

As for her career in sports, Safia continued: “I did not think I would play a match of bicycles, especially since I was a champion at school level and in the Olympic Games until the age of 12, in swimming, but then I discovered that there are no competitions for an age older than 12, apart from my dad’s fear of joining another team or academy that affects my level, that made me leave the game and go to athletics switched, and then I saw the interest and invitation to join the cycling team, so I have played this sport since 2016 until now. ”

And about her feeling after winning the Asian medal, she said: “I do not have this love and joy from all the members of the mission, my family and friends, and everyone around me that I have seen talk about the achievement I was really proud of it and I can not describe my feeling, apart from being the first Emirati to join the professional team, and this case definitely makes things harder now, but the ambition is definitely different and there is a great desire to continue the journey and professionalism and achieve a world title with the professional team, and it will definitely be easier after I have completed my studies at the university. ”

Safia Al Sayegh confirmed the great role played by Emirati hero Youssef Mirza, who said: “He never left us and I practiced with him and under his guidance for a long time. The history of Emirati cycling.

Regarding the completion of the Golf Games in Kuwait and the acquisition of the full mark for the UAE girls, the Arab champion said: “We got the full mark and four golds for four races for girls, in addition to the general individual race in which we have got the first three places. During the race I worked to get my girlfriend, Sheikha Issa, to take first place and protect her back, and I was very scared at the last speed that someone would come from behind, and the goal was to just to get the gold medal, but I was surprised to get second place, and I also found the emerging champion Huda Hussain Khalfi, let’s get the top three places in the race. ”

Attendance at Camp Italy

Safia Al Sayegh has confirmed that she would prefer to join the Emirates Professional Team, and attend the Italian camp with him for three months, to join the Asian Track Championship, which the UAE recently participated in India , due to the lack of good preparation for the track championship, and the absence of a track currently in the Emirates, as That there are no close rights to the track championships, other than the road championship in which it will participate in the coming period by two championships attending, namely “Islamic Solidarity” in Turkey, and the World Championships in Australia, which chose to prepare for the upcoming championships in the European atmosphere.

Safiya Al Sayegh:

“Winning the Asian bronze medal and joining the Emirates team brought me back to life.”

“Youssef Mirza is a leader and a model for the best cyclist in the history of the Emirates, and I try to follow in his footsteps.”

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