Ismail Yassin .. He entered the insane hospital on royal command and died due to a telephone malfunction!

Under the air of the city of Suez was born 109 years old, specifically on September 15, 1912 (Abu Dhakah Jinan), the most famous comedian in the history of Egyptian film, the late artist Ismail Yassin in childhood. Ismail Yassin’s mother died, to complete his life with his father, the famous gold merchant In the brave city, which he attached to one of the Suez battalions, and then entered primary school.

(Abu Dhakah Janan) Ismail Yassin’s life was in stark contrast to his ridiculous comedy personality that we know in all his artwork. He led a miserable life after his father declared bankruptcy, was expelled from school, and caller in the market for a fabric store.

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At the age of 17, artist Ismail Yassin decided to live in Cairo to professionalize art, which gave him more than 166 films, in addition to the plays and monologues he was known for presenting the famous “casinos” of Egypt in the forties of the 20th century.

There are people who do not know that Ismail Yassin had a journalistic experience in the early fifties of the last century by founding a newspaper bearing the name “Ismail Yassin Newspaper”. It is true that the experience did not achieve success and fame. owner, but it was a light shade like him, this is what was indicated by “Leadership The first issue, in which it is written:“ This newspaper is an independent weekly, the mouthpiece of Al-Farfasha and laughter, and its editor- principal is You and I in Al-Hawa, and the issue number is in color. ”

One of the issues of the newspaper Ismail Yassin, “Lebanese in the University” and “Bint Al Balad.” Yassin’s most obscure works are the rare films of (Abu Dhakah Jinan) more than his famous works. In 1947, Ismail Yassin was one of the heroes of the movie “Lebanese in the University,” about a young man A university girl has a love affair, but there is another girl who loves this young man and tries to to seize him, so she manages to separate him from the one he loves, so she sends his father, who lives in Lebanon, a message that distorts the behavior of the boy and those with whom he is associated. The film was written by Hassan Tawfiq, directed by Hussein Fawzy, with Sabah, Muhammad Salman, Bishara Wakim, Zozo Nabil and Soraya Fakhri.

The movie “Bint Al Balad”, one of the works on the list of (unknown movies) by Ismail Yassin, was produced in 1954. Its events begin with the appearance of Ibn Kabir Al-Rahimiya, the character embodied by Ismail Yassin, who is sent to Paris by his father Abdel Rahim to study, a deceiver meets him and puts him in a window. ‘ A dancer extorts his money and asks him to marry, so Ismail sends his father to demand a large sum of money to complete his marriage. The father revolts and travels to France, accompanied by his cousin who loves Ismail.

Screenwriter and author Abu Al-Saud Al-Ibiari, a prominent name and station in the life of the most famous monologue in Egypt, you can not monitor the life of Ismail Yassin without addressing Al-Ibiari, who works with Ismail Yassin a theater group in 1954.

The decision of Ismail Yassin and Al-Ebiari to form a theater group came after the theater movement weakened, and the cinema swallowed all artistic endeavors. , because the cinema at that time was filled with the roles of Ismail Yassin, where he participated in 75% of the film production, in addition to his work as a monologue in concerts and theaters, and he did not need a new field to add new success to his credit with the audience.

After 12 years (Abu Dhakah Janan) decided to close his theater group, due to his financial losses, especially after the appearance of the television theater, and the increase in the salaries of actors, it was announced by Mrs. Ismail Yassin did not die in debt, as rumors have it.

It is noteworthy, as reported by several technical press reports, that Ismail Yassin’s orchestra achieved great success, and the audience accepted it in great demand, and the theater was filled with the audience every night, and Ismail’s happiness increased, especially after being able to lure the audience to the theater after they left, especially after One of the magazines published statistics indicating that the number of spectators going to theaters does not exceed 1,000 spectators in one year, while the number of audience for the theater performances of Ismail Yassin group increased to more than 1,000 spectators in one year.

The wife of late artist Ismail Yassin’s son, not only denied the rumor that he died poor, but also indicated that her father-in-law lived and died under cover in his large apartment in the Zamalek neighborhood and did not prevent any meat do not have. eater due to gout, or depression after the death of a friend of his age, director Fatin Abdel Wahab.

Ismail Yassin was never the first screen boy, or under the list of “demons”, but he is the only actor in the history of Egyptian films to present a series of works that reached 10 films bearing his name, especially ” Ismail Yassin in the army, in the navy, the police and aviation. ” .

Ismail Yassin enters the mental hospital by royal decree. “Reputation” is the pampering title given to him by those close to him. In 1950, he entered the mental hospital on a royal order from King Farouk I, King of Egypt at The deceased artist was performing a monologue before the king, and he said: “Once there was an insane person like yours. ” The king became angry and replied angrily, “What are you saying, mad person?” So, Samaa tried to get out of the situation by pretending to faint, to escape the king’s wrath.

King Farouk sent his own doctor to examine Ismail, and the doctor understood what had happened, so he wrote a report to the king in which he confirmed that the comedian was exposed to a bad nervous condition that spurred him on. to say it, and that this condition temporarily made him lose consciousness, the doctor’s report, and if he tried to save Ismail, but it caused him to be thrown in Spirit Hospital for 10 days for treatment on royal command to receive.

Al-Ahram newspaper reported in its May 26, 1972 issue that the cause of Ismail Yassin’s death was a serious heart attack, after his return from Alexandria on the evening of May 24, and that the deceased was sitting on his bed and a cigarette lit and felt pain in his chest, and his son Yassin tried to contact his doctor, but he did not. .

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