Minister of Solidarity: Provide treatment services to 72 000 addiction patients

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Nevin Al-Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity and Chairman of the Board of the Fund for Combating and Treating Addiction and Abuse, reviewed a report on the efforts of the fund’s hotline “16023” in which treatment services during the first half of 2022 to 72,500 new “addiction” patients and a follow-up “who visited the treatment centers regularly.” So far, affiliated with the Fund and partner with the hotline, which so far counts 28 centers in 17 governorships, including 6,000 patients from the developed areas “Al-Alawat Al-Ashwarat, Al-Asmarat, Al-Mahrousa, Establ Antar, Bashayer Al-Khair, October Gardens, Al-Dawahi area in Port Said. “

The services ranged from calls for follow-up, advice, treatment, rehabilitation and community integration, and that treatment services were provided to patients free of charge and in accordance with international standards, and the percentage of men of these services reached 94%, while the percentage of women 6 %, indicating that the growing confidence among women in the hotline to receive addiction treatment is strictly confidential, and therefore a number of beds in partner centers have been allocated with the fund’s hotline to provide treatment services for female addiction. patients.

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It comes at a time when the new phase of the campaign “Drugs are a short journey, do not travel, you are stronger than drugs”, launched last Ramadan with the voluntary participation of international star Mohamed Salah, national team goal scorer and Liverpool FC, has greatly contributed to motivating my patients Addiction to apply for treatment, and that all treatment services are provided free of charge and in strict confidentiality.

In her statements today, Al-Kabbaj added that the Cairo governor is in first position according to the most incoming calls to the hotline, with a rate of 33.74%, followed by the Giza governor with 13.13%, due to the high population census, ease of communication and the spatial proximity of hospitals cooperating with the hotline for those seeking treatment, while the most common way of getting acquainted came on the “16023” hotline for the treatment of internet addiction, through awareness efforts through the official page of the Anti-Addiction Fund, especially after the launch of the announcement of the new phase of the campaign “Drugs are a short journey. You are stronger than drugs,” followed by Television because the campaign was also broadcast on many television channels, then news sites and various media.

Dr. Amr Othman, Assistant Minister of Solidarity – Director of the Fund for the Combat and Treatment of Addiction and Abuse, in turn explained that the data of callers to the hotline during the first half of 2022 revealed that the abuse on was an early age. , as 40% of them started using from the age of 15 to 20. It reaffirms the importance of targeting the age group as a primary priority in preventive programs and the development of sustainable interventions provided to young people and adolescents that support their protection against the dangers of addiction, and that most marijuana substances used, as it ranked first according to most drug types in relation to the results of the hotline with 32%, While heroin abuse came in second place with 31.6%, followed by tramadol with 18.6%, and multiple abuse “with more than one drug “, while synthetic drugs” estrox, voodoo, powder and shabu “came in at 18%, indicating that the sources of communication were the patient. The same percentage, followed by the mother and then the siblings, leading to increased confidence in the hotline services by patients, which increases the recovery rate and reduces relapses, as well as the mother, indicating a high family awareness in the early detection of Reduce addiction and create motivation in children for treatment.

As for the practical situation of the callers, according to the results of the hotline, 59.79% of the callers do not work during the first 6 months of 2022, and 40.21% work in the private and public sectors, and that the hotline of the Addiction Control Fund “16023” continues to receive calls from any employee dealing with narcotics, where treatment services are provided free of charge and in secret as long as he provides voluntary treatment, without any legal liability before the detection campaigns to his workplace and he is subject to an analysis to detect abuse, without which he will be fired if drug abuse is proven.

Amr Othman added that the factors that motivate drug abuse, according to the results of the hotline, emerged: bad friends, love of curiosity, family problems, family disintegration, the illusion of treating health problems, as well as the illusion of increasing sexual ability, as well as the illusion of seeking pleasure, such as the driving factors to treatment, loss of health and family problems Fear of children, death of a family member, financial inability, problems at work, parental pressure, and exposure to an accident due to drugs, which indicate that calls are received and data is recorded through an integrated electronic form that includes data for callers that helps direct the hotline management to open treatment centers in the most requested governance rates. For treatment, as well as identifying the most common type of drug among the callers, with the knowledge of the age of onset of use, and lots of data that makes it possible to draw a special information card for addiction patients that contributes to the development of confrontation policies.

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