Ministers Information receives a delegation from Sohag University

The Information and Decision Support Center in the Council of Ministers, led by Osama El-Gohary, Assistant to the Prime Minister and Head of the Center, met this morning, Wednesday, 20 July, with a delegation from Sohag University led by Prof. Students for Egypt at the university, at the headquarters of the Information Center.

At the beginning of his speech, El-Gohari welcomed the presence of leaders and students of Sohag University in the corridors of the information center, and played the important role that the university played at the academic, research and societal level, and the exceptional educational services within the framework of an integrated and comprehensive vision.

Al-Jawhari added that the center is constantly eager to hold and organize periodic meetings with various Egyptian universities, and believes in the importance of strengthening and supporting communication channels with academic and research institutions – given the importance of their role – in ‘ a framework of partnership and integration to serve the desired development goals of the Egyptian state in general.One of the center’s areas of interest is that it is the Egyptian government’s think tank.

El-Gohari explained that the visit to Sohag University today comes within the framework of the center’s permanent belief in the importance of consolidating and strengthening mechanisms of integration and collaboration, opening channels of continuous communication with the academic and research community. , and the building and activation of real partnerships with it to serve primarily the Egyptian state’s development plans and priorities during the coming period.

Prof. Dr. Mostafa Abdel-Khaleq, President of Sohag University, in turn thanked the leaders of the information center for the warm welcome, and emphasized the university’s zeal to choose the center due to the importance of its crucial role in intellectual and research matters. of being part of a series of tours and field visits that the university periodically arranges for its students within the devices And various state institutions in order to learn about the mechanisms and strategies of work within them and to students carefully and in a practical way.

In his speech, Abdel-Khaleq reviewed the role of Sohag University, the history of its establishment, its most prominent achievements and activities during the past period in many academic and research fields, community service and development, and its effective contribution to the state’s development. . projects, looks forward to continuing and expanding the scope of cooperation and coordination with the Information Center during the coming period in many One of the areas of common interest, welcomed by the leaders of the Information Center.

The meeting, which included the delegations from the two sides, gave the university delegation a complete and detailed presentation on the vision of the Information and Decision Support Center, its strategic objectives, its main axes and workflows, the key departments, units, centers. and committees affiliated with it, their fields of work, and the capabilities and experiences they enjoy in the field of support The decision, availability of information and community communication with various institutions and bodies, as well as its latest activities and various publications, and its role in the decision-making support system in Egypt.

The visit also witnessed a presentation by the delegation on the crisis and disaster management sector at the center, during which they listened to a detailed explanation of the sector’s role and tasks in dealing with crises and disasters. through its confidence in an integrated national system at national level based on an integrated institutional framework, and a central operating room It includes representatives of the relevant state agencies and bodies, and allows direct contact with all ministries and governors at to the Republic through the (videoconferencing) network For early warning of crises before them occur, as well as raising social awareness to build a healthy culture to deal with it.

After that, the university delegation was accompanied on a launch tour inside the center, during which it inspected its various entities and sectors. I started by visiting the center’s library to find out more about the latest holdings in it and the services it provides. , as well as its activities in the field of the development of specialized human frameworks and young graduates in the field of libraries and research support, and its role in providing services. Consultancy for the development of Egyptian libraries using information technology, as well as its role in the enriching the information infrastructure and making it available to the community of beneficiaries.

The delegation concluded its tour by visiting the Center for Public Opinion Surveys and Research at the Center to learn more about its key activities, the nature of its work, its objectives, its history and its role in measuring and studying citizens’ attitudes towards. various situations and issues on the internal scene to paint an integrated picture of the Egyptian decision-maker on the pulse of public opinion.

At the end of the meeting, and after rich and reciprocal discussions between the leaders of the Information Center and the leaders and students of the university, the university delegation expressed their joy at the visit of the center, appreciating its important role in the support of the decision maker. in Egypt and the work and tasks he performs in various fields to support the development efforts of the Egyptian state at all levels. .

It is noteworthy that since its inception, Sohag University has played an important role in supporting the development process and participation in national issues with all its human and technical capabilities and various experiences, through the contributions of its centers and units of a special nature in the community. service and environmental development, with its services in the fields The university also provides leading educational services to ensure the preparation of qualified graduates expertly, scientifically and professionally to compete in the labor market at local, regional and international level.

On the other hand, the mission of the Information and Decision Support Center in the Council of Ministers, which is the Egyptian Government’s think tank, is to support decision-making on comprehensive development issues, interacting with social issues affecting development. performance process, and adopts an ambitious vision for Egypt, through working mechanisms based on solid scientific methodologies and strategic partnerships with many local, regional and international institutions to serve the development decision-making process and the formulation of public policies for the state.

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