Tamer Hosny plays the role of writer, director and hero in the movie “Bahebak”

The search for the keys to love in any relationship is one of the axioms that writers of movies and dramas seek, and no two agree that romantic and emotional relationships take up much of the viewer’s attention and passion, leading to the cinema flees to live what he dreams of actually achieving.
The audience has been accustomed to several love stories presented by star Tamer Hosni since the beginning of his artistic career, proving his presence on the scene as a window star, and his films have gained a high number of viewers because they are romantic stories include what is related to comics. situations and enjoyable songs There is this combination that made him a successful artist who does not dust for his stars.
In his last experience, the movie “I Love You”, Tamer Hosni was not only happy with the lead role, but he was the owner of the idea, the writer and the director, he wore more than one dress in one moment, and presented himself as a film writer and director, in an effort to add something to his artistic record, enhancing his diversity and uniqueness in the presentation of Everything is New and Extraordinary. He passed in the eyes of some and failed in the eyes of others, and whatever the outcome, there is no doubt that Tamer Hosni made his first step and no one knows when to stop? Will it be an orphan step or the beginning of a new journey in directing and writing, as well as acting and singing ?!
Story and heroes
The special promotion of the movie “I Love You” garnered millions of views on the YouTube channel, and took up a large area of ​​discussion for several reasons, most notably the story, which Tamer Hosni ventured and wrote and directed, for his first experiences in writing and directing, and it’s a romantic movie that revolves around an old love story that comes back to the forefront of New, after Ali, who embodies his role Tamer Hosni, proposes to marry Habiba, who plays her role here Zahid , after getting to know her during a vacation, he spends time with his friends, to return and show Yasmine his old love, and he falls into a state of scattering and loss, and is unable to between the two girls. The story revolves around the framework of a romantic comedy that transports the viewer to a world of exciting romance and makes him wait with enthusiasm and suspense for what will happen to the events and who will decide who will decide in the end.
The film is produced by Synergy Art Production, Tech Production and Sky Limit. Along with Tamer Hosni and Hana Al-Zahid, a group of young and new faces took part in the tournament: Hamad Al-Marghani, Hoda Al-Mufti, Medhat Tikha, Amr Sahsah, Shahd Al-Shater, Alia Rashid, and a group of young stars.
Controversy over movie revenue
The movie “I Love You” by star Tamer Hosni sparked widespread controversy over his income, and although some felt that what covered newspapers, magazines and social networking sites were just rumors that went beyond reasonable, especially after describing it as the legendary movie. since it achieved a record at the box office, others thought it was in The Case is an Exaggeration, which prompted star Tamer Hosni to explain the reality of the numbers recorded by the film, days after it displayed during the blessed Eid al-Adha. period. Hosni issued a statement in which he resolved the issue of numbers, emphasizing that the movie “I Love You”, like the rest of his films, will be released and distributed in all Egyptian and Arab theaters as well as in America and Canada. He pointed out that the demand for his last film was much more than he had known in the past, so the income raised by the film is classified as international income, while the domestic income that the film achieves is only within Egypt has.
Hosni dealt in numbers with what the film achieved until the fourth day of its show, as it reached only 19 and a half million pounds in Egypt, while the number in the rest of the Arab and foreign theaters was 156 million pounds. exceeded, which means that what the film achieved in the first days of its screening reached 173 Two and a half million, which is the highest revenue a Tamer Hosny movie has achieved since its debut.
Critics’ opinion
This is not the first time that love stories have been dealt with in film works, and Tamer Hosni’s films have generally been distinguished by dealing with different forms of love stories. Hosni played the role of a young lover and a lover, but this time he decided to turn the events of the film in a romantic and dramatic way mixed with some unknown comedy. , or by breaking the B, meaning from the young man to the girl, who opened the door for interpretation on many of the analyzes and possibilities the film carried before its screening. Among those who supported Hosni’s first experience in writing and directing, as the film presents good film material, and presents the love story in a new, atypical way, and among those who consider it a poor experience that does not do justice. does not lead. a passing idea that has degenerated into a movie that does not deserve all this praise. The critics’ opinion differed on social networking sites, Twitter and Facebook, between fans and opponents, lover and hater, which made the film more successful, as the difference of opinion drives the viewer’s insectism to follow up to know who is in the queue is. of standing, and determines his position at work.
Critic Tariq El-Shennawy promised that Tamer Hosni’s attempt to be Charlie Chaplin the Arab failed, and that the high income earned through the work due to the large audience of Tamer Hosni, eager to follow everything what he offers, regardless of content and level, and El-Shenawy advised him to focus on singing and acting and not There is a need to enter the fields of writing and directing as he is weak in this field and his presence is unreliable.
Celebrations and reactions
With tears and affection, star Tamer Hosni expressed his joy at the audience’s rise to cinemas to follow his new movie “Bahebak”, which he wrote and directed, in addition to the role of Ali, the hero of the work around which the events turn.
Tamer Hosni took advantage of the space of opinion and freedom that social media has given him to express his joy and pride in the audience, proving his loyalty to him day after day, and his standing with him in this new and brave step he took. . Hosni thanked everyone who believed in him and his talent, saying: “Praise be to God, the movie” I Love You “was at the top of the charts, and was an unexpected success, and I was very pleased with the large audience. “Admiration for the story and the feelings that surrounded it, and your praise of the power and ingenuity of the film’s actors. Attempt as a director to make actors appear at their strongest.”

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