Today… the anniversary of the passing of “Cairo of the Impossible”… Dr. Souad Kafafi, pioneer in educational work and founder of Misr University of Science and Technology

• It succeeded in establishing major scientific buildings, including the Misr University of Science and Technology, the Higher Institute of Tourism and Hotels, and the Higher Institute of Architecture

• The first to introduce private education in Egypt.. and received a number of awards, grants and academic certificates of appreciation from various foreign countries.

• Khaled Al-Toukhi succeeds in implementing the will of the late doctor to the fullest extent to expand charity work and meet the considerations of social responsibility

• Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Misr University of Science and Technology achieved a great leap in the university according to international quality standards in education systems and teaching methods

Today, Wednesday, is the 18th anniversary of the departure of Dr. Souad Kafafi, nicknamed “Cairo of the impossible” and the icon of educational work, when she left our world on this day in 2004. She also founded two institutions of higher education. in the Sixth October City, the Higher Institute of Tourism and Hotels, and the Higher Institute of Architecture and Business Administration. She chaired the Board of Trustees of the University of Egypt from its establishment until her death. College of Medicine and its Teaching Hospital, College of Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing, College of Oral and Dental Surgery, College of Physiotherapy, College of Applied Medical Sciences, College of Biotechnology, College of Engineering and Technology, College of Information Technology, College of Economics and Business Administration , College of Media and Communication Technology, College of Languages ​​and Translation, Faculty of Archeology and Tourist Guidance, and was eager to provide the Misr University of Science and Technology with the largest modern central library in Egypt with a unique design and equipped with the highest scientific references It aims to support the academic community by providing all means to facilitate scientific research through collaboration with members of the university community..

Dr. Souad Kafafi, next to the Misr University of Science and Technology, founded the Souad Kafafi University Hospital, which is one of the most important and prominent hospitals in the performance of medical and community services. And her zeal to fulfill social responsibility has also become a national institution, as the hospital has participated in many community activities aimed primarily at providing free medical services to those who are unable, so that the fingerprints of Dr. It is a great cultural and artistic building and one of the tools of soft power, and it is the only cultural and artistic beacon in 6th of October City, which has had no artistic activity. She is promising and ambitious for new courses and educational methods, and has received a number of awards, grants and academic appreciation certificates from various foreign countries. . Awarded a doctorate from the United States of America and an honorary doctorate from Europe.

The late Dr. Souad Kafafi was able to make a leap and a qualitative leap in education, as she raised the slogan: “Education is the only way for the advancement of any nation,” and was eager to support future generations of specialists , teachers and high-level trainers within the framework of a vision of a great deal of care and awareness, as well as She was eager to present new educational environments and innovative teaching curricula in all her educational theses, and the deceased woman had visions to reveal radical solutions to problems and difficulties in her field of interest, in addition to her excellence in communication and characterized by a spirit of innovation and creativity..

Khaled El-Toukhy, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Misr University of Science and Technology, follows in the footsteps of his mother, Souad Kafafi, to become the best successor of the best predecessor through great achievements and leaps at the University of Egypt at the level of quantity and quality in accordance with the commitment to international quality standards in education systems and teaching methods, as well as openness to the outside world, By signing cooperation protocols with major universities in the world, especially universities of the European Union, to the University of making Egypt the first university linked to that global system, and the humanitarian and charitable role of Cairo is completed by directing medical convoys to the governorates to treat those who are unable, according to the highest quality standards in health services. Consider the real contribution to community service and commitment to the considerations of social responsibility.

Khaled Al-Toukhi’s plans succeeded in defeating the will of the late Dr. Suad Kafafi to fully implement, but it came to the development and implementation of what goes beyond the wills, by expanding the charitable and medical works of the hospital, to achieve the difficult achievement. compared to a university, medical, recreational and cultural building to complete the human building plan developed by the late Suad Kafafi..











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