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AMMAN – The Ministry of Water and Irrigation/Water Authority/Department of Information and Communications Affairs held an awareness lecture today, Wednesday 20/7/2022, to introduce the dangers of waste and nepotism to society within the awareness campaign of the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission (Enough wasta and nepotism), delivered by Mr. Firas Momani, chief investigator in the commission’s integrity and anti-corruption, in the presence of the Assistant for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Mr. Imad Al-Qatawneh, on behalf of the Secretary General of the Water Authority, Eng. Bashar Al-Bataineh, researchers in the Directorate of Prevention and Integrity, Ruwaidah Al-Nabulsi, Bushra Abu Fayyad, and a number of directors, department heads and sector employees.

The Assistant for Media and Awareness Affairs, Mr. Omar Salameh, emphasized that all religious and ideological teachings urge the fight against corruption, and it needs a national and popular effort to combat this scourge, noting that the Ministry of Water and Irrigation / Water Authority is making intense efforts in this in cooperation and coordination with the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission.

Mr. Firas Al-Momani, the chief investigator of the Anti-Corruption Commission, said that there is no specific percentage in which corruption is measured, and according to international indicators, Jordan is considered to be in an advanced position in terms of the decrease in the crime of corruption. 2016 when it became the legal successor of the Anti-Corruption Commission in 2006 and the Board of Grievances in 2008, and the fight against corruption is considered the most important of the main objectives of the entity of the Jordan. states.

Al-Momani presented several definitions of corruption, including the definition of the World Bank, which defines corruption as activities that fall under the names of exploitation or abuse of power and position for the purposes of private gain. In its comprehensive sense, it is the prevention of a right or a wrong fulfillment.

Al-Momani provided examples of crimes involved in the fight against corruption, such as crimes against public work duties within the framework of the Penal Code, crimes of illegal gain within the Economic Crimes Act, crimes of waste of public money, abuse of power, nepotism and nepotism. This and this is considered progress in the fight against corruption. He also pointed out that using the information available to the employee by virtue of the job to use it for their personal benefits to deliver it to a party required information is considered an anti-corruption crime because it is confidential information that prevents its leakage.

The chief investigator of the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission referred to some of the files that were investigated and sums of money worth 35 million Jordanian dinars were recovered, including issues related to tax evasion, issues related to the evasion of the payment of fees, government import stamps, issues related to obtaining private information, tampering with accounts and other issues and zakat Conditional cases and models of investigative files related to judicial execution, financial offenses in large institutions, embezzlement and waste of public funds.

Referring to the progress of the investigation file, where the commission receives complaints and news from whistleblowers and agencies related to corruption cases, which are sent to the registration and sorting department, which studies them and sends them to the relevant authority.

Al-Momani reviewed the organizational structure of the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission, the directorates, and the tasks entrusted to it, including the law enforcement directorates, which include the Investigation Directorate and the Operational Unit and its tasks are to strengthen the Jordanian anti- to enforce corruption. -corruption legislation Preparation of technical or engineering reports according to the nature of the file relating to investors and monitoring of all provocations to which they may be exposed Anti-corruption awareness.

The chief investigator of the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission took note of the updated National Integrity Strategy 2025, which is based on strengthening integrity, enforcing the law, activating the national integrity system and developing human capabilities in government institutions, citing integrity standards, including the rule of law, accountability, transparency, social justice, equality and good governance.

He concluded his speech by reviewing the consequences of the crime of corruption, including social consequences, the spread of class differences, the spread of crime, the spread of greed and avarice, the weakness of the economy, waste of public money, waste and loss. of state prestige, political corruption, monopolization of positions among officials and corruption of the Jordanian state.

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