Al-Ahram Gate witnesses the launch of the first business platform to accelerate digital transformation in industry, buildings, transport and energy networks

The world economy faces serious challenges warning against signs of stagflation, especially in the face of the continuing effects of the war in Ukraine and the Corona pandemic, and traditional solutions are no longer capable of solving these challenges and crises alone. do not overcome.

Therefore, the innovations and outputs of information and communication technology, with its integrated systems that include virtual reality, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and cloud computing, have become the refuge and refuge to save the industrial and transportation sectors, and open new horizons make. in the building and construction sector to increase value added, save energy consumption and use smart security and management systems.

Leading companies in industrial technology and smart solution systems are racing against time to design integrated packages to accelerate digital transformation in industry, transportation and buildings to take advantage of these systems and achieve the highest added value, leading to an accelerated development of “digitization” “represents. revolution to move the global economy to a new historical stage.

Al-Ahram Gate attended an international press conference in Munich, Germany, to launch the first integrated open business platform to accelerate comprehensive digital transformation in industry, transportation, smart buildings and energy transfer and distribution networks, which offers promising opportunities for small and large companies, developers, programmers, engineers and even consumers in all these sectors to increase value Additive and continuous development of production processes.

This digital platform was introduced by the German giant Siemens, a leader in industrial automation solutions, software, infrastructure solutions, transport technology and buildings to facilitate and accelerate digital transformation and make it easier, faster, scalable and continuous development.

In order to make a historic qualitative leap in the sectors of industry, transport and modern buildings, thereby adding value, saving and controlling energy consumption, providing security and smart management systems in the building and construction sector, where the new platform facilitates digital transformation and makes it easier, faster and expandable.

The Siemens Xcelerator platform includes an integrated system of digital services, hardware and software based on IoT technology selected from Siemens integrated solutions and third-party solutions approved by the company, which includes an extensive network of partners and is capable to expand globally, which makes this platform a sophisticated marketplace to facilitate interaction and interaction between customers, partners and developers.

Mr. Roland Bosch, Managing Director and CEO of Siemens, explains the benefits of the new platform and says: “The new digital platform will enable companies in all their operations to make digital transformation faster and on a large scale and easier than ever before, because by integrating the real and digital worlds at all stages and applications Operational and Information Technology, Siemens enables its customers and partners to increase productivity and competitiveness, and is a favorable opportunity to stimulate innovation. All of them are solutions and products that can be continuously updated and developed at any stage and at any time. This platform will also strengthen partnerships through the development and growth of the global partnership system. ”

Regarding the benefit of the new platform for the participating companies, Siemens CEO says: It will enable its participants to create new added values ​​by facilitating interaction and supporting innovations between all parties – including customers, partners, developers and others, and to ensure that all parties meet the highest performance standards and achieve the best added values ​​Based on principles of technology and business management.

Giants meet to digitize the economy
As part of its quest to increase the efficiency of Siemens’ D, conomy revolution by launching its new open digital business platform to accelerate digital transformation in the industrial sector and meet new challenges, the company decided to expand its partnership with another giant in the field of artificial intelligence and graphics solutions. 3D Accelerator for Business, an Nvidia company, to provide solutions for “industrial metaverse” – the use of 3D virtual reality internet technology with augmented reality in industrial processes – and to increase confidence in digital twin technology artificial intelligence applications, to level of automation solutions in the industrial sector to new heights that increase the productivity and competitiveness of companies.

In the first of these collaborations between the two giants, the two companies aim to merge the two platforms: the Siemens open digital business platform, with the 3D design platform and collaboration of Nevadia, and this collaboration will lead to a new giant generator that combines all the innovations of the internet of the future based on integration and integration between virtual reality, augmented reality and the internet objects and cloud computers; This allows the deployment of industrial metaverse solutions based on digital models based on Siemens physics theories, and real-time artificial intelligence solutions from Nvidia. Its stages are to maximize the utilization of production assets and address engineering challenges with advanced rapid solutions.

Smart buildings without carbon emissions
Buildings of the future are carbon neutral and smart. To achieve this goal, Siemens Smart Infrastructure has introduced a range of open, interoperable smart building solutions that rely entirely on cloud computing technology.

This package represents the new generation of futuristic smart building solutions based on the design principles of the open digital business platform launched and aims to address the challenges facing the construction sector, whether for construction users or investors in the real estate sector, including the head. as property developers, building managers and property projects.

The solution package provides standard applications based on artificial intelligence technology and equipped with cyber security solutions, and this package facilitates the possibility of joint innovation of solutions in collaboration with customers and partners to address the challenges they face more quickly.

Matthias Rebelius, Siemens board member and CEO, Smart Infrastructure Solutions, explains the importance of the smart building package: It serves as a panacea for optimizing the construction of data packages; This allows us to combine all the data resulting from smart building systems into a single and integrated data system, thus speeding up a massive development of smart buildings, and to a greater extent moving towards the self-operation of buildings without human intervention and without any carbon emissions.

The new range of solutions also provides accurate data-driven results to achieve the highest levels of operational efficiency and performance, as well as to transform the way we live in buildings. Whether for work or housing for the better.

Applications for this platform cover a number of key areas of building management, including energy, security and building operations.

Will Egyptian companies benefit from the opportunities offered by digitalisation to ensure competition and resilience in the face of the difficult challenges facing the world economy?

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