“Corrupt and traitors” .. a third Brotherhood entity attacks the fronts of Mounir and Hussein

“Corrupt and traitors” … This is how leaders of the terrorist organization the Ibrahim Munir Front, the acting General Guide, who lives in London, and Mahmoud Hussein, the group’s former Secretary-General (Istanbul), fight over money , power and influence.

Together with the unprecedented splintering of the terrorist organization, and its division between two fronts, a “third entity” emerged from the organization, which attacked Mahmoud Hussein and Ibrahim Munir and called the group’s youth to a third path. , away from those he described. as “corrupt and traitors”.

In a new development of the war raging at the top of the Brotherhood’s head, a number of the organization’s leaders – in a simultaneous attack – launched a sharp attack on the fronts of Munir, who lives in London, and Hussein (Istanbul camp) launched. which, according to observers, reflects the state of “self-destruction” experienced by the organization.

Ashraf Abdel Ghaffar, the Brotherhood leader who fled to Turkey for years, today launched an attack on the leaders of the two fronts and said on his official Facebook page: “You (Munir and Hussein) are essential elements around the group to destroy. You are fighting (now) over the remains of it. ”

And he added in his attack: “You have lost the feeling and sincerity for anything, and you are fighting over the remnants of the group to finish it completely.”

He explained: “I have become aware, and many others, that you are essential elements for the destruction of Egypt and the group … and there is no consolation for the missing.”

attack platform

Since the outbreak of the Brotherhood crisis, Abdel Ghaffar’s Facebook page has turned into a platform to attack the leaders of both fronts. He said in a previous post that “the correct ship is Safina al-Banna (the founder of the group), and if we are forced to rebuild some of the youth, away from those who have polluted … it is unreasonable to choose between corrupt “, referring to the current leaders of the organization.

Abdul Ghaffar added, “If the class can cross the stage of Mahmoud Hussein and his companions and complete the stage of Ibrahim Munir and his companions, and cross, hope will be renewed and there will be a real revolution that drives the entity out. will bring. its obstacle. “

Issam Talima, in turn, accused the Brotherhood leader, and the former director of the office of Youssef Al-Qaradawi (one of the historical leaders of the Brotherhood), of corruption and treason, through his official Facebook account. said: “Imagine the number of statements that came out of the leaders of the group, and the number of meetings that were held to prove that the leadership (This or that) is right and not separated, how much planning around institutions , control money and channels. “

And he added: “You are upset when we say corruption and betrayal.”

Talima said in a previous article published on one of the Broederbond’s websites that “the events revealed a myth that is falling into the bone of the organization. We have previously written about it, that any collective or organizational action is absent from it: institutional, transparency in decision-making, in the financial aspect, and in The aspect of entering or leaving this organization are factors that undoubtedly lead to its end. ”

Ahmed Abdel Aziz, a Brotherhood leader and member of the presidential team of ousted and late President Mohamed Morsi, previously said on his Twitter account: “The two competing teams for the leadership of the Brotherhood were one team eight years ago , and both are partners in what happened to him, so neither of them has the right (today).) To bring charges against the other .. Both are required to be held accountable before the Broederbond and the Broederbond’s bases. “

divide group

Hisham Al-Najjar, an expert in the affairs of political Islam movements, said in an exclusive interview with “Al-Ain Al-Akhbar” that Abdul Ghaffar, Talima and others represent an entity that is not the size of ‘ a front is not. and a camp like Munir or Hussein’s camp, and this entity does not own the papers and tools of the two fronts.

However, he added, “But it is an entity that has something to play with and maneuver with, especially files related to corruption, impotence and failure of the Munir and Hussein camps, which could create confusion to land, followers and followers to win. “

Al-Najjar believed that “the group is not only divided into two fronts, but falls under this large bilateral division into smaller divisions that divide the group into about four fronts or more.”

And he explained: “With the fronts of Munir and Hussein, there is also the Egyptian Brotherhood front, which stands in a quiet, waiting position, and is eager not to take sides because of its confusion and special circumstances, as well as the General Office Group which includes Ashraf Abdel Ghaffar and others, the Change Movement and the Chemists, and a group of leaders and decisive elements, as well as the Front of Independents and Rejectors. ” For the group to continue as an organization and advocate for its dissolution. . ”

Regarding this proposal, Al-Najjar continues, “This is the general scene, and it reflects the extent of the division and slackness of the organization, and also confirms the inability of one of its wings to gather its diaspora and it to unite, so the effort is limited to trying to prove presence in the scene in order to make a profit. “

He added, “Among the gains are ensuring the continuity of funding, providing refuge, gaining the sympathy and trust of some bases, and making money from an effort to play a role in the current conflict. “either by joining them on one of the two conflicting fronts, or by launching an attack on both and crystallizing a third path that attracts many dissatisfied and dissatisfied with the current situation as a whole.” .

escalation of conflict

The conflict broke out between the “London Front” led by Ibrahim Munir, and the Istanbul Front, on the other hand, led by Mahmoud Hussein, after the latter recently set up a “committee to carry out the work of the guide. announced and the election of the leader, Mustafa Tolba, as his representative, as the group’s guide for a period of 6 months.

In its response, the Muslim Brotherhood (Munir’s Front) issued a statement entitled “They are not of us and we are not of them”, in which it announced the dismissal of Mustafa Tolba, in addition to the dismissal of the leaders of the former Secretary-General’s Front, including Medhat Al-Haddad, Mohamed Abdel-Wahhab, Hammam Ali Youssef, Rajab Al-Banna, and Mamdouh.

A statement by Munir’s Front, recently published by the group’s “Brotherhood Sight” website, said: “He is not of us and we are not of him, everyone who got out of line, and everyone which contributed to dividing the group, and repeating false slander. ”

With the establishment of the Istanbul Front a “committee to carry out the work of the guide”, the group wrote the last chapter of its end, as two official organizations are inaugurated for the first time, each with an official spokesperson, and a Shura office, the first in London and the other in Istanbul.

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