News and reports – 7 years since the dismantling of the Iranian Houthi project in the south

Seven years have passed since an Iranian gang “the terrorist Houthi militia”, with pure Iranian support, took control of the capital, Aden

The nightmare of the occupation of the capital, Aden, did not last long, as groups of people from the south formed under the banner of the south, and it was called the southern resistance to the land invasion of the capital, Aden, to confront, with the support of the brothers in the Arab coalition.To reverse the field equation and control the operational theater through a well-thought-out military plan that cut the militias apart and hastened the collapse of their ranks.

The Houthis took control of Aden through the military units present in it and affiliated with the Yemeni army at the time. They numbered about 9 brigades and 3 security forces brigades, in addition to Houthi groups from Sanaa and military vehicles arriving from Taiz. .

While Houthi militia groups arrived at the presidential palace in Ma’ashiq aboard armored vehicles and tankers, the southern resistance resisted with its capabilities.

Analysts said the victory achieved by the southern resistance in the liberation of Aden after 5 months of war in the face of the Houthi militia, was supported and backed by the Arab coalition forces, specifically the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

keys to victory:
Military researchers have confirmed that the key to all victories over the Houthi militia are the boys from the south who forced the Houthi militia’s noses with dust and made them taste bad. We learned their lessons in courage, courage, patriotism and loyalty to the pure land of the south, which will not defile a group of Persian mercenaries.
The Deputy Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council, member of the Presidency of the Presidency, Fadl Al-Jaadi, confirmed the ceremony commemorating the liberation of the capital, Aden of the Houthi militia, and what it represents as a reminder of the heroic epics of the southern resistance to liberate land and people.
Al-Jaadi wrote in a tweet to him on his Twitter account: “Every ceremony marks the seventh anniversary of the liberation of the capital, Aden from the tools of Iran, the Houthis, and it reminds us of the heroic emails that “The brave southern resistance inflicted in the paths of the liberation of the land and people, and the values ​​of eternal sacrifices and meanings of victory, may God have mercy on all the martyrs who have bowed down. They have our missions at all times.”

distinguishing point:
The Southern Academic – Dr. Rizk Al-Jabri – for the “Independent Aden” channel. “The struggle to liberate Aden is a turning point in Arab national security because this struggle has undergone a very great transformation and stopped one of the most dangerous projects targeting the Arab region, this project that wants to control Aden and put it in.” to carry out problems to the other world, the project that wants to separate the Arab Mashreq from the Arab Maghreb failed, and to control this region means to control the waterways and therefore the Bab al-Mandab the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden will be a completely unstable region, but the heroes of the southern resistance and we took pity on them for their martyrs They could spoil this project, which they spoiled by their cohesion with the Arab alliance, and the interdependence achieved in the three circles of the southern national circle represented from the Bab al-Mandab region to al-Mahra.To the region of the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, the world is daa rvan dependent on the global economy, the process of liberation of Aden was stability for this region and a breakthrough for the liberation of the rest of the other regions, and The liberation process has national, political, economic and military messages and a message for created world peace. ”

Dr. Fahd al-Shulaimi, head of the Gulf Peace and Security Forum, said: “If Aden falls, the Iranian pinch project will be completed. If Aden falls, Bab al-Mandab and other coastal areas will be exposed to Iran. mine laid by the Houthis. Aden is of great importance, and the day of liberation was a remarkable day without Aden’s steadfastness, and Iran’s project would not have been broken. ” And after the activities of the golden arrow appeared the activities of the golden spear, in which it was expanded to liberate the southern lands until the south became complete liberation, and unfortunately we did not see in Aden interest in administrative and living terms , although Aden is a golden city that exports gold as a port and capabilities and we wish successive governments to take care of electricity, What matters to us after liberation is to improve the economic situation We call on the Gulf states and European countries to pay attention to the city of Aden because it is an ancient historical city and a commercial city known on all sea maps of the world Aden Airport is the oldest airport in the region We appeal to the brothers in the Gulf countries to pay attention and invest and mobilize officials and the responsible government Over the city of Aden, paving the way for investment.

He continued: “Al-Houthi has rejected the decisions of the Jeddah summit on Yemen, and the Iranians have accepted it, and for this there is international interest in Yemen and full support from the Gulf. The language of negotiations, because he will he never lost humanitarian negotiating cards. ”

Alliance Role
The martyrs of the UAE army did a lot. They were in the front with their southern brothers, and we proudly remember the martyrs of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Bahrain, and the intervention of the coalition was inevitable. Either Iran would take over the whole of Yemen or break the fierce Iranian attack that a Houthi face has on a rock Yemen, which was achieved by the failure of this project on the rocks of Aden. The Emirati role was huge in providing artillery and aviation, and if it were not for the rule of coalition officials to break the Iranian project starting from Aden.

Southern Resolution Consolidation:
The southern decision must be one, and it is good that the Southern Transitional Council has appeared and the leader Aidarous Qassem al-Zubaidi as a leader around whom the southerners have gathered, and the people of the south must forget their differences, because most important is the geographical place full of courage, dignity, natural and industrial wealth and manpower.The southern decision must be one and do not let anyone The decision climbs, now you are targeted while the other parties fought, but their agenda to the south Is one.

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