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Darren: A character who believes she is “the center of the universe”. Darren Al-Khumssy, an expert in the psychological field and a certified trainer of the American Management Association, points out that some scholars have said that man is selfish by nature for his need to survive and satisfy desires, but environmental factors and their influence overlaps, education, religious and moral teachings and community controls, thus supporting the aspect of giving, compassion and love Good for others, so balance takes place in the person’s personality, and he moves away from self-centeredness and thinks of others. She said the egotistical personality usually has difficulty expressing her ideas or exchanging information with others. In most cases, it is preferable to work alone. But this selfishness works against him. So be careful if you have someone you know who is selfish, he may keep a lot of information to himself but in the future he can use this information against you and the selfish character hates dealing with the team team and keeps the information for himself. The meanings of share, give, become rare words in his dictionary. She explained that if you’re dealing with this character who believes she’s the “axe of the universe,” you first have to protect yourself and set the boundaries that protect you from comparisons, because you’re dealing with a person who just thinking of herself and her. desires, so don’t set yourself up in any way to compare and raise the ceiling of your expectations, because you simply cannot change others, but you can protect yourself from them and handle them with care. The real change comes from within the person. In case of a selfish personality, you will inevitably change by following the good steps for change. And she said that treatment has good steps to overcome selfishness, and there is no mistake to change, but the mistake is not to change and continue to focus on the self, so that you don’t get frustrated to change, since there is always room for everything and there is no late time to achieve anything. In daily life, whether in the work or study environment, he encounters narcissistic personalities, who take selfishness and arrogance.. She makes no sacrifice for the sake of others, puts herself in priorities without completely caring for those around her, she hates the word “thank you” for those who render good services to him and may turn upside down. On the heels of the end of his interest in him, the selfish one is eager to ignore everyone around him and appears condescending even when the jewel is empty, and does not accept constructive criticism, often turning to anger and annoyance when opposed against his ideas of others, but wants those around him to say “well done” to him, claiming that he is the only one who thinks, plans, succeeds and is eager to appear among people by suggesting that he ‘ is a “unique personality, a writer, a poet and a thinker, and he has dozens of unique studies and books in different fields of culture, poetry, history, economics, psychiatry, and maybe space sciences, physics and chemistry! Al- Madina discussed the phenomenon of the “narcissistic personality”, that being who loves himself and does not care about those around him, and always seeks to achieve his desires, even if it is at the expense of other people, and does not take into account with the feelings or need tes of others. And the causes of this phenomenon, and how to treat it, considering that what it commits is a mental illness that requires treatment, and how to protect society from this selfish trait? In the beginning, many psychological studies focused on the character of selfishness in people, which led to many results, including what was done by the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, with a study that proved that people who strive for continuous success to achieve and looking for the best means and methods that help them to achieve success quickly More prone to selfishness and lack of cooperation with others, and Dr. Peter Berg indicated that the study is based on a group of people through their interaction with groups, and researchers at the University of Zurich in Switzerland conducted a study on the ratio of people prone to selfishness among men compared to women, which proved that women are more likely to be exposed to selfishness, and in another study published in the (jpsp) magazine, which was carried out on about 6000 people in Europe and the United States of America, which relied on the measurement of the positive in people and their impact on their selfishness, it indicated that those who enjoy positivity and feel with happiness, they are less prone to selfishness than others. In a meeting with some young people who suffer from dealing with narcissistic personalities, Mohammed Rashid expressed his great sadness that he has a friend and cherishes him, and unfortunately he sees self-love and always talks about himself and does not want to hear anyone not, but instead interrupts the words of the person in front of him to talk about his achievements and dreams Nobody cares about “me and me”, even if he is the least talented. Ahmed Abdel Samad indicates that he feels psychological pain when he sees these qualities in the people closest to him, especially when people want to listen to him in his words and the lights are cast on him and he feels happy, while Ali Yasser says that it character just wants the situation to come to his mood and tries to get away from some To show himself and when no one wants to hear him, or to say I don’t agree with you, he becomes arrogant. Saud Abdullah picks up the conversation and says: “A sick person who likes to show herself and goes from one place to another to show that she is the only one who is influential, the best and the one with talents . Mona Seif believes that this type of personality is considered mentally ill because he just wants to be the only educated one who has the ability, while Mahmoud Abdullah points out that the presence of such a personality in the family is unfortunately “destructive”. Young people: We feel sad and sad when we deal with it. The most prominent characteristics of a narcissist: He attaches his bad qualities to others. He is self-centered. He always thinks that he deserves special treatment. Very kind and friendly on the surface. Laziness, isolation, and the need for attention and pampering. Full willingness to use others. He rarely says thank you. A false personality, especially when talking to others. Tries to confuse you Manipulates your feelings and makes you think you are not doing enough for him Dislikes teamwork Has a tendency to cover up for others Always thinks of himself Feels angry when others do not meet his demands. Zero: Arrogant, arrogant and OCD Al-Harthi: Parents They may plant “selfishness” by pampering the child The educational expert, Faisal Al-Harthy, points out that the one who cultivates the selfish personality, the parents are the ones who this personality implanted in the child, starting by distinguishing him from his brothers and glorifying his actions in a way that excludes and glorifies others around him, then the surrounding community and it is difficult to deal with him, but if we understand theories ​​Human behavior can find ways to deal with it and gradually change the course of his narcissistic orientation. It is also difficult to change this personality, but it is not impossible and usually This character initially appears in adolescence, and family problems undoubtedly play a role a role, but the main role revolves around the veneration of the family for this person and letting him practice his narcissism and that he is the center of the universe without even g to give to the danger of this to his future. Faisal said that the symptoms of the narcissistic personality revolve around age and that he is the center of the universe and that he makes a unilateral decision and attributes every achievement to himself and does not care about the feelings of others and exceeds all norms to his goal This person believes that everyone has skills that can surpass him and that he needs to expand his mind to accept that result.

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