Sherine and Hassan Abu Al-Saud

Singer Sherine Abdel Wahab made a sensation when she made a phone call to the announcer, Lamis El Hadidy, to talk endlessly about the echoes of her divorce with singer Hossam Habib.

From the folds of the call we can see that Sherine at least was not psychologically balanced, and launched a fierce attack on her ex-husband, inflicting several fatal blows on him, in which she tried to appear as a sincere, sacrificial stump . country girl, then began to deviate from taste and decency by talking as if she were talking to a friend in a sauna and not Living in front of millions of viewers.

All this absurdity and all those scandals that Sherine said can be overlooked as it is ultimately secrets related to her personal life, and she agreed to tell her details in public but who has no patience or can be overlooked is her insult to an artist the size and value of “Hassan Abu Al-Saud”, where she said with all Foolishness – I was like a full moon, and after learning Hossam Habib know, I looked like Hassan Abu Al-Saud –

The unfortunate thing is that the broadcaster also drifted behind Sherine’s free tongue without even stopping her for a moment, and she also handled her ridiculous sense with irony, and it turns out that she’s taking her program from a cultural news platform to converted a platform. of a famous woman against her famous ex-husband.

If Lamees Al-Hadidi is ignorant of Hassan Abu Al-Saud’s artistic value, I know Sherine understands her well. ‘s career ahead of them. which spans several articles and is equivalent to a hundred female singers such as Sherine Abdel Wahab.

Hassan Abu Al-Saud.

Hassan Abu Al-Saud comes from an artistic family, where his father, the great artist “Ali Abu Al-Saud”, was the most famous clarinet player in the entire Middle East, and the first to announce the three-quarters of the Oriental tune set. in all wind instruments, and he played in many famous songs like “Oh, You Hurt Me.” For the generation of musician, “Mohamed Abdel Wahab,” he played the famous solo clarinet in the movie “The Street of Love” by singer. Abdel Halim Hafez.

Hassan Abu Al-Saud first learned to play drums, then to the accordion and played in very large groups such as Al-Masiya and Salah Aram group.

But his biggest dream was to compose music, and the beginning was when the guest comedian Ahmed picked him up to play a piece of music composed by him and asked him to place the soundtrack and melodies for a play performed by he was directed with the theater trio. the beginning of a play “Everyone has a puck” Then he put on the most famous dance music tracks, the most famous of all, “Shake Shack Shock.”

Abu Al-Saud went to work as a musician and composer with the popular singer Ahmed Adawiya, where he placed the most famous Adawiya songs that are still present in the minds of the public, the most famous of which is “Bint Al-Sultan” . and“Besides that, O Azal” And the“By God, play fancy” “Umm Abdo Fein”. Then he started launching an important parade in the soundtrack, starting with the movie “A Woman Deceived Me” and then the famous trilogy. “Shame – How – Running Monsters” And the“Goodbye my friend” And the“The egg and the stone” and series “Captain Gouda” And the“We do not grow thorns.” And the“I will not live in the shadow of my father” Until he reached about 85 works between cinema and television.

Hassan Abu Al-Saud’s start in Egyptian pop market with his friend the singer “Mohamed El Helou” Where he wrote and composed a song “Sabrine” Released in the first sweet band “Arraf” and then worked with the stars of Arabic singing, where he was his most famous tune

“Sorry my love- I live for you – ok” Ragheb Alama “The night is over – the world – my friend.” Ehab Tawfik There are people – the hardest love – the closest friend – they sell they buy Khaled Agag“Baleh Abrim – by chance and by chance – when the breeze – empty heart” Mohamed Mounir “I accused you – me and you” authenticity “Oh my fear” Hassan al-Asmar“Balakia in my time” Nawal al-zughby “In the depths of what I was unfaithful to – if you loved – if you knew” Hani Shaker “Yally Walker – Less Duty” Bahaa Sultan “My love, you are far” conspiracy Hosni

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It was a simple look at Hassan Abu Al-Saud, who is still highly regarded in the singing community, whether artistic or human, and only ungratefully or ignorantly denies its importance.

In the end, Sherine bullied Hassan Abu Al-Saud. He was not the first, as she had previously accused him of bribery during her famous crisis with the producer “Nasr Mahrous”, where Abu Al-Saud was the captain. of musicians, and the case ended with her apology on the air, and Abu Al-Saud himself intervened thereafter to resolve the crisis and was the reason she returned to me.

A final word for the girl from the castle, who is trying to convince us of her generosity and her stubbornness that what you said about the great musician does not belong to the majesty or chivalry in anything, but rather a lack of origin and a major offense for which you should immediately apologize, and even you should consult your psychiatrist before reopening your mouth because what You said the length of the call is impossible for a healthy, balanced person around the understand meaning of what he says.

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