The hero of the series “Money and Children” .. turned into Shahat after the artistic community abandoned him, and Suhair Ramzy paid millions for his treatment

The late artist, Mohamed Abu Al-Hassan, was one of the most prominent stars of the seventies and eighties, and was characterized by his lightness and ability to present dramas at the same time.

Muhammad Abu al-Hassan was born in Cairo in July 1937 and graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture in 1960. Before entering the field of acting, he worked as an agricultural engineer in the Tahrir Directorate, then he was employed at Egyptian Television, specializing in directing children’s programs.

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Muhammad Abu al-Hassan’s acting began when the artist Najwa Salem presented him in the play “Hajeh Takhbat” in 1971, and later presented many famous theater works, including the married, a state of emergency, Jinan in Jinan, but his most prominent role was in the play “Sk on your daughters.” With the famous Hanafi character.

The late artist George Sidhom nominated him and awarded him the role of “Ismat Al-Balabishi”, in the play “The Married” with the artist Samir Ghanem, and he embodied the role for a while and presented more than one performance , but in the end he apologized and was replaced by the artist Muhammad Al-Taji, and unfortunately for Abu Al-Hassan, the play was recorded after he left and shown on TV, he was not on the staff.

After their success together in “Sk on Your Banat”, Mohamed Abu Al-Hassan participated in many plays and films with the late Fouad Al-Muhandis, and they played leading roles in the history of cinema, and some of her most prominent films are The Dictator, The Scream of an Ant, In Misr Station, Keep in Mind from Azzouz, Shawish Noss Al-Layl, and others.

His dramatic heritage has also witnessed many important stations and series, especially Money and Children, Al-Wasiya, Egyptian Papers, Eyes, Welcome Jeddu Al-Aziz, Al-Zahir Baybars and Fawazeer Fattuta, while presenting a number to the radio has. of famous works, including “Aware of your mind” and “Who is not a Min?” and others.

I am the artist Mohamed Abu Al-Hassan.. a former artist and currently a beggar

After that incident, in December 2009, comedian Abu Al-Hassan sent a message to journalist Moataz Al-Demerdash, saying: “I am the artist Muhammad Abu Al-Hassan… a former artist and a beggar now,” so Al-Demerdash presented himself on the “90 Minutes” program.

In the episode, Abu Al-Hassan talked about how after his illness he was no longer on the artistic scene, and none of the artists and directors asked for him, as features of sadness and pain appeared on him, because he was not used. in the artwork, despite the many roles the Egyptians enjoyed.

And he said: “I am really a beggar of art and not of money. All glory to God, our Lord forgets no one. I beg art, because it is life, and it makes people happy and happy. Laugh and smiling is charity, as the prophet taught us.”

The late artist continued: “People eat three meals a day, and I eat one meal from the hand of my faithful wife, and I am very satisfied, and may God put the blessing in the small bite, because I do not have the three not. meals.”

The late artist presented many works to television, such as the series “Al-Mal and Al-Bunoon”, on the sidelines of the biography, “Ayoun”, “The respected heirs”, “Welcome to my dear grandfather”.

Muhammad Abu al-Hassan was exposed to many crises during his life, and he did not receive the financial and technical appreciation equal to his talent, and he had a serious heart attack that led to the need for an operation perform to change 7 arteries in the heart, which was something that needed financial liquidity and did not have enough money to treat it. The artist Suheir decided Ramzy to take care of his treatment.

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