The summer season.. Concerts for the big stars of the Arab world.. Get to know them

Written by: Heba El Khouly

The summer of 2022 will witness a bouquet of concerts presented by the great stars of music in the Arab world. End” in the North Coast, the Red Sea, October 6, Cairo and New Alamein, in the first summer season of 2022.

The new city of El Alamein witnessed the presence of the star Amr diabAnd he revived a party attended by thousands of fans of the plateau, gathered around him and enjoying his latest songs, in the absence of almost any colors except white, and the tattoo “tattoo” on the shoulders of the audience, bloggers craftsman Amr Diab, in a fun and different atmosphere with the presence of a large number of famous art And the media, in a scene approaching the paintings.

On the other hand, the great artist enlightened Mohamed MounirHis concert, which he revived in Sidi Gaber in Alexandria, after a ten-year absence from partying with the bride of the Mediterranean, was heard in the midst of a large crowd united by nothing but their love for King, and in a very touching scene, Mounir could not hold back his tears, which rained on the stage.

Meanwhile, the artist prepares Tamer Hosny To revive a concert on the North Coast, scheduled to see a large audience, where the star of the generation presents a group of his most beautiful old and new songs, the latest of which is the song “Hadalani” from the movie ” Bahebak”. And the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, also announced the revival of a concert on the North Coast.

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Salah Al-Sharnoubi, a critic of the summer concerts, says: “Regardless of the inability of many audiences to attend the concerts due to the high prices, but that amount also has a positive role, as Egypt benefits from the income of these concerts from many aspects, the most important of which are taxes, for example, because it is considered Revenue and income for Egypt, and there are parties suitable for all age groups, such as the King Mohamed Mounir concert, since he values ​​in his art and represents Egypt largely as an artist of Nubia.”

As for Magdy El-Shafei, he adds: “Concerts help a lot to revive tourism, as they are not found in any other country. Because they are well done, organized and appropriate for a large country as big as Egypt , and appear in the appropriate way that our country should appear, despite the high prices, the number of audiences constantly in concerts increases significantly and attendance and interaction are always in an excellent condition, due to the state of love that exists between the audience and the performers exist.

On the other hand, art critic Ahmed Ashour says: “It is well known in the summer period that parties are constantly increasing and appear very dramatically in the coastal cities, which shows density at that time of the year, and we have a good example in the new city Alamein, which is always looking to stimulate Tourism in that region, in addition to holding concerts by the artist Ruby and the artist Hamada Helal on a continuous and large basis, and we always see important parties, but I see that this year is much less than previous years, especially after the return of the spread of the Corona virus again, and these parties must continue to see social distancing again and well organized and very large, in addition to paying great attention to details and trying to preserve the life of the audience that is present and returns again to regularly wear the muzzle, and also on a related context. He loves artists and is ready to attend their concerts anywhere, and this is art and these are the fans of art.”

Music critic Ahmed Al-Samahi continues: “What happens to parties this year is something normal and usual in these days of the summer months every year, but this year the parties’ glow increased after the end of the new Corona virus, and the end of this virus has made many party contractors in Egypt and the world El-Araby start concerts in coastal cities full of vacationers, so we saw a wonderful and distinguished concert for the plateau Amr Diab in the new city of El Alamein, another concert for king Mohamed Mounir in Alexandria and a concert for the artist Angham at the opera, and in the coming days we will enjoy a concert by the creative musician Omar Khairat, a concert by the star Ruby, and another with Ramy Gamal .

Al-Samahi added: “What has happened in the concert scene has made the happiest lovers of singing and music, and we hope that it continues throughout the year and is not only limited to the summer months, because through concerts everywhere and throughout the months of the year we can eliminate the black terrorism that is active in the nights. The pitch black in which the moonlight, represented by concerts, is absent.

The music critic concludes his speech by sending a message to those responsible for culture in Egypt, saying: “Through “Akhbar Al-Nujoum,” I appeal to those responsible for culture in El-Mahrousa Egypt to return the city’s light concerts and TV nights in a new and modern way and in line with what has happened in the field of technology, and to take over the management of these parties. A group of lovers of music and singing, and concerts are not only limited to Egyptian singers, but parties are like an Arab university from all Arab countries, so we can confirm that Egypt is still the Hollywood of the East.”

Musical arranger Hamada El-Baili continues: “In the summer season, Egypt always witnesses a great state of activity in parties, as these are considered highly successful parties and have a positive impact on Egypt’s economy. Concerts are organized by the year continuously present, not only in the summer, but also parties increase like many Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, we must be a country that competes with them in the field of art, and the phenomenon of festivals must significantly disappear, because its spread negatively affects them As far as art in Egypt is concerned, they are representatives of Egypt, and throughout our ancient history we have never been associated with festivals.”

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