A report shedding light on the wealth and property of Al-Mashat, according to parliamentary sources and local media reports in Houthi controlled areas!

A myth is an idea, a behavior and a phenomenon that is not believed or understood by the logic of the mind and does not correspond to reality.. Under this myth as a mental and behavioral phenomenon expressed and represented by Field Marshal Muhammad Mahdi Al -Mashat, head of the so-called Houthi coup political council. It is a myth that expresses an integral part of the myth of the state and the Houthi mythical divine right.

In this report, we will shed light on the wealth and property of Al-Mashat, according to parliamentary sources and local media reports in Houthi-controlled areas.

Al-Mashat is the corner of the mythical lie

On the 4th of July 2022 AD, he gave a long televised speech, in which he announced the transfer of the authority of the Houthi revolutionaries from the Gregorian date to the Hijri date, a new state with Houthi content, which he emphasizes said when he said, “Let’s build our state,” and he didn’t say, “Let’s build Yemen.” The Yemenis and the Yemeni people are not affected by anything.. a state free of guardianship, as he said, “The time of guardianship is over.” He means the transition from the guardianship of the Yemenis and the Yemeni people after they have completed their trampling, looting of their property and robbery of their legitimate human rights and the transition to Iranian-Persian guardianship.

In his speech, he said: “The ministers who have not submitted the financial disclosure statement should submit it as soon as possible, and I am sorry that I personally have not submitted it yet, but why? Because I have nothing.” It is not the ministers who run the ministries, but the supervisors. He also did not say the officials, because the supervisors, the political council, and the leaders of the security, military and revenue institutions are responsible, and of course Houthi officials How do they submit a financial clearance and the state is their state…and of course Al-Mashat doesn’t have to submit it because, as he said, “I have nothing.” It means a poor, industrious Houthi leader who is a liar because he said, “I don’t own anything,” and came back to say, “I only own a ruined house on a land equal to only twenty meters .” He confirmed this by saying: “Nothing has changed from then until today.” Except for one car, and the rest I have nothing.” And he came back and said, “I’m still in a rented house, I don’t own a house, and I don’t own a car, and all I own is public property, I don’t own personal property.” The citizen is suffering, and we simply live as any Yemeni citizen lives.” He confidently said and declared: “Any citizen or official who has any information other than what I have provided to you must submit it to the Corruption Commission and it will be confiscated by the state.”

Weak simple main crest

The poor Mujahid Al-Mashat called him Al-Mashat, and he is truly the crest of the whole country. In separate discussions of parliamentary figures and media sources in the Houthi-controlled areas.. I mentioned that Al-Mashat is a poor Houthis are. Mujahid.. He owns a house in the Daris area which was looted from one of the citizens under the pretext of being with the aggression. And a house in Bani Al-Harith. And a huge palace in Faj Attan alone, which he bought in July 2021 for $6 million. A villa behind the former house of Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh, a villa in Beit Boss, Al-Harith, and a luxury villa built in the middle of the largest looted farm in Hodeidah, and a piece of land twice bigger than Al-Thawra Stadium. In Sanaa, a villa in the Hamra neighborhood in Lebanon, and a partner in a commercial market in the Karami neighborhood in Lebanon.. and 3 Janabis, the value of which exceeds twenty million riyals, and a Pike Flip- watch worth more than one million US dollars His fictitious monthly salary is 250 thousand Yemeni riyals, while the monthly salary is The one who receives it and transfers it to his bank account per month is 100,000 US dollars.. And his monthly petty cash is 50 million riyals.. And his monthly guard’s petty cash is 200 million riyals.. He eats, drinks, clothes and calls for free. and hundreds of times The masked men armed with various weapons, bombs and ammunition..Actually a simple president and a poor person who owns looted houses and villas but he doesn’t really live in them but he and other leaders live in basements and caves under mosques, schools, universities, prisons, central markets, ministries and service institutions to escape the bombing and for fear of death..

Al-Mashat, supervisor of funds and bodies

Poor Mahdi Al-Hatash, sorry, Al-Mashat himself knows very well that he is a liar with the rank of field marshal, because the sources of his wealth are known to close people and loved ones to enemies and opponents. And the bodies and their balances revealed by local and international reports..and estimate for yourselves Al-Mashat’s percentage of these balances as a supervisor, including the balances of (retirees amounting to one trillion and 200 billion rial), (investment funds 300 billion Yemeni riyals) ), (the Endowment Authority 500 billion riyals) and (the Zakat Authority 600 billion Yemeni riyals, (Social Welfare Fund 2 billion and 600 million Yemeni riyals), (Youth, Youth and Sports Welfare Fund 6 billion Yemeni riyals), (Electricity Fund) 7 billion Yemeni riyals) and (Tourist Promotion Council Fund 390 billion Yemeni riyals) And (Social Fund for Development 4 billion and 200 million Yemeni riyals), (Road Maintenance Fund and its head Anis Al-Samawi, 5 billion Yemeni rials), and (National Authority for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Response and its head, Dr. Qasim Abbas 8 AD Yemeni rials) and (the balances v to the fictitious associations of the living and the dead amounting to 50 billion Yemeni riyals) and (the assets of private companies frozen or confiscated under the name of the judicial guard 37 billion and 114 million riyals and 200 million dollars just for mtn, Spa Phone and Saba Islamic Bank) ..and the balance of (the looted salaries of the poor employees 400 billion Yemeni riyals)..

Miscellaneous Income Comb

There are several monthly income bodies supervised by Al-Mashat and he obtains his share through the heads of these bodies, such as (Kamaran Tobacco and Sulfur Company 3 billion riyals per month), (telecommunications, with income of 95 billion riyals per month ) , (oil, with revenue of 482 billion Yemeni rial) and (black market). Its income amounts to 318 billion riyals, and non-tax income of 600 billion riyals, royalties and charges from traders about 27 billion riyals per month, and (taxes, real estate and land 260 billion riyals).

Al-Mashat and facilities commissions

Ratios and quotas, as well as commissions from many official and unofficial bodies, which are obtained by the director of his office, Ahmed Hamed, who is responsible for their collection monthly and annually, as well as according to the circumstances and time of facilitation, including , but not limited to (exchange rate commissions), (commissions for expatriate transfers) and (commissions deducted). of amounts on the employees’ salaries upon receipt of the text) … as well as commissions from oil smuggling companies, such as (Salam Road Companies for Trade and Import), (Abakar for Oil Services), (Al-Faqih International for Trade, Industry and Oil Services Ltd.) and (Saba International Tobacco Ltd.) And (Oil Primer) , (Yemen Abbott Trading Co., Ltd.), (Yemen Towers Company), (Black Gold Company), (Fuel Oil Company for Importing Oil Derivatives ), (Sahari Exchange and Remittances) and (Al-Zahraa Corporation for Trade and Agencies) …. And other commissions of 16 private banks, 120 exchange companies, 95 commercial companies, 214 shopping centers and commercial centers, 23 hospitals, 11 universities and institutes, 120 restaurants, 383 small shops, 120 bakeries, 14 private power stations, 400 large and medium shops, and 117 private institutions. This is not his supervisory role in the security and military establishment.

And as for the mercy of your Lord, lie

Honestly, Al-Mashat is a myth in lies, and his wealth is superstitious with the rank of a superstitious marshal, and because he is not shy, he dared to say what he said of lies and open contradiction.

All these lies, and you have forgotten that you are a true Muslim man, you have forgotten that you are one of the men of the Koran procession, you have forgotten that you are from the family of the house, you have forgotten that your grandfather Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and you forgot that your grandfather was Ali bin Abi Talib, may God be pleased with him, and you forgot your grandmother Fatima al-Zahra, may God be pleased with her .. God help Yamashat. All these are the sources of your wealth.. You forgot that you are one of God’s supporters, and God says (And as for the mercy of your Lord, then it happened) and you say: As for the mercy of your Lord concerned, he lied (with the silence of the sufficient).

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